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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

December 20, 2012

Nancy asks…

Looking for an apartment in New York?

I am looking for a studio in New York, Manhattan area , if you know of a good deal please send me an email , thanks .

Administrator answers:

You could try asking a manhattan real estate agent. This directory is really helpful and i know a bunch of them specialize in rentals:
good luck ;)

Linda asks…

i am disabled. I am looking for a studio apartment in Mount vernon, New York for $550-$750 per month. Do you?

know anyone who is renting an apartment in this area-Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Yonkers, tuckahoe, eastchester, bronxville,new York with a private bathroom and I do not habve to share anything with a man? If so, email me.

Administrator answers:

Please ignore ‘Coconut’. Obviously has issues.
I wish I could help you, but the only thing I can suggest is to contact the various municipalities and see if you can get subsidized rent. You should qualify.

Susan asks…

How much are apartments in new york?

a studio, 2 bedroom
to move in
to live there :) sorry

Administrator answers:

Depends on where you want to move to. If you mean the outer boro’s(Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens) your looking at anywhere from 600-900 for a studio and a 2 bedroom could be easly over 1000 a month.

In Manhattan, a studio can easily be 1,200 to 2,500 a month depending on what area you want to love in. And a two bedroom, wells lets just say you better get a really great job or a roommate.

Hope this helps

Thomas asks…

I need to rent an apartment in New York for six weeks- can you recommend any reputable websites for this?

I’m going from the end of August to the beginning of October. I’m looking for a studio apartment and can spend up to $2500 a month for rent. There are so many really expensive apartments- I just need a decent one that doesn’t require a massive deposit. Any help will be most appreciated – many thanks ;)

Administrator answers:

There are two ways go to about doing this.. or an apartment broker. I would recommend the craigslist route.. Since the broker fees tend to be very high. Be careful since apartments go very very quickly off of cragislist.

Paul asks…

What areas of New york City would be best for 1 person studio?

what areas are good for a studio apartment. I liked Brooklyn Heights, and some other neighborhoods in Manhattan like Greenwich Village and Chelsea. A lot of these are expensive, and i looked into it and found ones i can afford. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Well, if you’ve found studio apartments that you can afford in Manhattan, get one of those, because you’ll be spending most of your time in Manhattan anyway for both work and entertainment, so that way you won’t have to commute by subway so much.

As to the choice between Greenwich Village vs. Chelsea, it’s a toss-up, really, they’re both great neighborhoods (see links, below).

Good luck!… :-D

Carol asks…

Should Minimum Wage go up in New York, since it cost so much to live there?

A studio apartment in New York cost the same as a 2 bedroom apartment in LA, why is that?
I mean it doesint make since for a place that is so expensive to live in has the minimum wage so low, how do people survive there??


Administrator answers:

You have to consider the cause and effects of doing that.

We are in a RECESSION where MANY businesses are struggling. If that were too happen then MANY businesses will collapse leading to severe job loss and the ones that are still left in business will lay-off people to cut costs so there will be MASSIVE layoffs leading to a FAR greater unemployment rate.

More people on unemployment/welfare equals higher taxes for the people who are lucky enough to still have jobs (money just doesn’t come from nowhere). Since there will less people working then there will be less tax dollars for the government for essential services like education, health care, roads, etc, etc.

It would devastate the lower and working class; hell, the whole entire economy!

Lisa asks…

Hi. I would like to transfer me to New York. How much would cost a studio apartment or a room in lease?

Administrator answers:

A studio in Manhattan would start at about $1500 a month.
In the outer boros, you could probably get one below a thousand.

Steven asks…

How much (generally) are apartments in New York City?

How much are:
One Bedroom:
Two Bedrooms:

Generally speaking… like how much do you pay?
uptown, downtown, midtown, village
not brooklyn or queens

Administrator answers:

If your talking about the city, prepare to pay more than 2,000 dollars, in a borough like brooklyn or queens, its more like 1,400 dollars, maybe a little less.

Ken asks…

Manhattan New York Apartments??

I want to live in manhattan chinatown, I’m on a strict budget. How much is a studio or 1 bedroom apartment? I just visited it, I loved it.
a cheap one

Administrator answers:

Around 1.800$ a month. A cheap one? That’s a cheap one.

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