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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

February 5, 2013

David asks…

where do pace students in new york usually live ?

Im looking for a studio apartment because i plan on moving to new york … what area is best i look in ?

Administrator answers:

It’s in Lower Manhattan, so I’d recommend looking in Brooklyn. Areas like Park Slope and Carroll Gardens would be good if you can afford them. If not, you can look in Bay Ridge, along the (R) train. If you don’t mind an area that’s a little rough (not outright dangerous, but not the best), you can try Sunset Park or Crown Heights. Prospect Heights would be towards the better side, though not quite as safe as Bay Ridge.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Donna asks…

where to get a room or studio apartment between $100 and $125 per month in NEW YORK?

Administrator answers:

Prison. That’s about it.
Even the Mexican boarding houses that cram 20 people into a 4 bedroom house cost $400 per month.

Jenny asks…

Has anyone rented an apartment in New York for a short time?

I am lookin to rent a one bedroom apartment or studio for 10 days! suggestions??

Administrator answers:

Sometimes there ARE people willing to sublet their apartments for just a short time, usually when they are out of town.

Try Craigslist. There might be someone like that posting a sublet.

Lizzie asks…

In Suffolk County, New York, does Fairfield apartment rates go up?

My boyfriend and I are looking for a studio apartment. We found a apartment complex called Fairfield, it has decent rates and near his job. Does anyone know that if Fairfield rates go up after a period of time?

Administrator answers:

Of course they do. Cost of maintenance, salaries, insurance and property taxes increase so more rent is needed

Mary asks…

Apartments For Rent In The Troy, New York Area?

I am looking for a fairly decent apartment for rent in the Troy/Albany New York areas. My price range goes from $100 to $500 a month. One bedroom, it could even be a studio, a kitchen would be a plus, along with laundry facilities. I would need it for a little over a year.
My move in date would be around August 20th, 2007

Administrator answers:

Mandy asks…

Where is the best place to live in New York?

Im moving out of my mother’s house, and New York is the state im really thinking about moving to. Im from California, im living in Georgia, and i want to try something new. And i think New York would be perfect, since i want to work in fashion. So what city in New York would be best for me to live in? Oh yeah, and I would also like to know how much a studio apartment would generally cost,so that i can start saving. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

I live right by. If you’re thinking about Manhattan, the lower you go in the borough, the nicer it gets. But that’s just my opinion. Trust me on this, though, NY is so expensive, it’s not even funny. If price gets the best of you, you could try New Jersey or Conn. I’ve never really been to Conn., but I’m from NJ and not that it’s the worst place ever, it’s just pretty boring and people aren’t the friendliest ones around. If you want to, you could try Staten Island. I heard it’s nice. And another really nice section in Manhattan is Battery Park. Over there, you got a view of Jersey City, Staten Island, Statue of Liberty, and you got the rest of the skyscrapers towering over you. It’s really nice.

Helen asks…

How much money is needed to move to New York?

I plan on moving to New York in a couple of months. I want to get a roommate or a studio apartment. Also I plan on traveling my train to cut the cost. I don’t go out, smoke or drink so that cost wont matter much. I also plan on living in the Bronx or Brooklyn. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Since rents average 1200 a month plus another 300 for utilities, you need at least 10k in savings.
Two months rent plus security deposit, deposits for utility companies average 300 each. Renter’s insurance, food, laundry, transportation and personal care. Hopefully you find a job in two months otherwise you are now broke

Linda asks…

Is SoHo a nice place to live in New York?

Hey guys!
Im moving to New York City pretty soon and I need help deciding where to live. As of right now I found a nice studio apartment close to the Lower east side. It’s definitely in my price range and I really like it. But my question is this, is SoHo a nice place to live? Is it safe for a 20 year old girl to live there?
My second option is in the upper east side, but its a little out of my price range.

Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

Yeah it’s nice. It’s chic & hip & whatnot. The Village is nice. I used to live on the Lower East Side. Since I’ve been gone from NY,..I heard they renovated the (north)Little Italy area & even gave it a little nickname, ‘Nolita’.

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