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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

July 19, 2013

Linda asks…

What type of a dog should I get?

I live alone in a studio apartment in New York. I don’t have a backyard and wouldn’t have a lot of time to walk it everyday. What time of a dog would be good?
I meant type of dog sorry…. like specific breeds?

Administrator answers:

Maltese. They’re really obedient, kind, and calm. When they get 2-3 years of age, they’ll take car of you i.e. Stand by your bed when you’re sick, stay quiet when you’re studying, etc. Etc.

Mandy asks…

How to make a paramore themed bedroom?

I really want to theme my room with paramore. Its kind of small, and i really want it to have that new york artists studio apartment bedroom feel. I cant paint my room dark colors, and any bright colors have to be approved by my landlord. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I love paramore too. I guess it depends on which cd cover you are wanting to channel to get the paramore feeling into your room. Personally my favorite is the All We Know is Falling cover – it is really beautiful. Then there is the graffiti black and red type design for the Riot cover or the neutrals with the butterfly for the Brand New Eyes cover.

If you want to somehow mix all three very different looks you could try something bold such as a “night sky blue” comforter with a red chair (All We Know) and black accents (All We Know and Riot). You could then mix in butterflies (Brand New Eyes) and graffiti (Riot) in your art work for example as well as of course pics of the band themselves. :)

Good luck with everything!

Ruth asks…

would you be comfortable married and living in a small apartment?

We live in a big city , New York City, and rents are exhorbitant. We live in a large studio apartment but somehow I feel this apartment is too small and it is getting on top of each other. Like we harldy have privacy. We need to see each other even if we are mad at each other, no chance for a ‘break’.
Will moving to a bigger house help? The rent part of it freaks me out, Already, we pay$1400

Administrator answers:

If that’s all that can be afforded then just make the best of it. If u need ‘a break’, take a walk, especially if there’s a disagreement. Sometimes close quarters can bring marriage mates closer together and will allow your love/friendship to blossom (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Daniel asks…

Where should a young woman live during a summer internship in Manhattan, NY?

I am a student and do not have a lot of money to spend. The internship is for 3 months, safety is my upmost concern and priority aside from money. I have only visited New York once and do not know anyone in the city, so I definitely would be looking for a studio apartment. What is a good, affordable neighborhood to live in that is not far from Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Most neighborhoods in Manhattan are pretty safe (Obviously, there are risks living anywhere). Just use basic common sense and you’ll be fine. However, affordability in New York is a different matter. You will find it impossible to find what most people in other parts of the country consider affordable in the city. Check out these links:

You could also try finding a sublet on Craig’s list New York.

Good luck.

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