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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In New York

May 25, 2012

Nancy asks…

Is is possible to find a decent studio apartment in New York for 1000$ a month?

And can I survive on 2500$ a month in New York? 1000$ for the apartment and 1500$ for daily spendings. I’m considering doing an internship in New York for a month, so I’m trying to figure up a budget. Thx for your help!

Administrator answers:

The outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens would be a good choice with Manhattan being one of the most expensive. If you do, make sure that you find a secure and good working class neighborhood. Lastly, if you do seek a studio do not use craigslist, they are well noted for scam artists. If you use a broker, they will surely require a fee. I use to seek apartments without brokers.

Ruth asks…

Studio Apartments in New York?

I’m going to college soon (still in high school..) I need to know if they’re safe, cheapest where 9in and out of NY,) not to small as well. I searched up some ideas online how I can make it seem bigger but they still look smaller then my room (my parents pay for it through, I share with my cousin and it seems SMALL to me so you get it. It’ two rooms through with an office, living room not to small, two bathrooms and a balcony. A LOT of money I know! I used to have my own room but my cousin moved in…) also where are they the CHEAPEST? I’m going to be studying computer designs and don’t want to worry about money and also studying other stuff that has to do with art. Any help? Please no B.S I have two more years of high school left and just want to make it. I’ve loved the arts all my life and my parents (even through they drive me CRAZY) for putting me through art classes on the weekends!
My cousins only 17 and her family went through something I shouldn’t say….shes been through a lot and needs help and the worse part it wasn’t even her fault! Shes not cheap or anything, shes working even harder then me to get a good college so no!
thanks but we’re not sharing the same apartment or going to the same colleges. She wants to be a cop but still study other stuff. I’m thinking of leaving the country because I have a lot of family in France plus my parents said they’re moving back there, good colleges.

Administrator answers:

Trust me, it’s not worth it to get an apartment right when you start college. I’m in college in nyc right now and I’m glad I dormed the first year. Plus, studio apartments are hardly livable for 2 people because it’s just a living/bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Tiny. And anything you can afford with be way too small- especially considering that you didn’t like sharing your room because of the space.

Sandy asks…

Average price of studio apartment in New York City?

Just out of curiousity, area isnt important although if you can break it down by area that would be great. Also, which areas should be avoided?

Administrator answers:

Which borough? NYC has 5 of them and rents vary among them. If you mean Manhattan, there is no average. A shoebox studio on the Upper East Side (below 2nd Ave) starts at around $1400/month but a studio in Chelsea is almost $2k/month. A studio in Queens could be as low as $700/month in someone’s basement in Flushing or as high as $1200 in a building in a nice area like Forest Hills. Same with Brooklyn. Typically, the further south or east (as in further from Manhattan), the lower the price. A place in a sketchy area is half the price of something in Park Slope or Billyburg. Then there’s Staten Island and the Bronx. Maybe if you elaborate on where in NYC you’ll get better answers. Specific questions get specific answers. It’s impossible to generalize NYC.

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