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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Nyc

January 5, 2013

Helen asks…

What is a typical price for a studio apartment in NYC?

In a safe enough neighborhood?
Not just in Manhattan by the way.

Administrator answers:

In general in Manhattan, studio with doorman equates to around 2K per month, not including utilities

If you go to Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken NJ, less, but it really depends how close the rental is to the subway station

Michael asks…

When is the best time to look for a small studio apartment in NYC ?

I live out of state 10 hours away from NYC. I know apartment search in NYC is almost like a race/competition. I just want to get a feel of when i should start looking if I plan on moving in Feb. 2012 in Queens.

Thank you guys! :)

Administrator answers:

Start checking now. That way you can compare and ask questions.
A warning. Since you have to do background checks, make sure
that you have credit monitoring so if someone takes your info, you
are alerted immediately and not six months after it happened.


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