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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Nyc

July 16, 2012

Mary asks…

Are there any studio apartments under $900 in NYC that don’t require good credit?

I have searched around and yes there are studios under 900 in brooklyn. They just all require good credit.

Administrator answers:

No on both counts. The rent you plan to pay is way below market, and NYC landlords are very, very sharp and very, very demanding as far as good credit, employer references, prior landlord references, etc. They have all been shafted by bad tenants and must protect themselves.

Paul asks…

Where can I find a studio apartment in NYC for under $1000 monthly?

I know apartment rental in NYC is on high competition and demand. I know there are some deals somewhere, but how can you find them if you do not currently live there? I cannot afford anything over $1000, i’m hoping to find a nice realtor who can understand, or an area that is safe, yet very affordable for young woman looking for quiet place to live.
Somewhere cheap, yet not so cheap that it’s an ovious scam.

Administrator answers:

Forget safe. That will not happen for 1000 a month. Not even close. You are willing to pay ghetto slum prices, that is what you get.

There are places available in the Harlom area still, but not many. It will not be safe. It will not be quiet. But, it is all you are willing to pay for.

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