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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Portland Oregon

November 27, 2012

Mark asks…

Whats the typical price for a studio apartment ?

in the portland area of Oregon
In the non ghetto area of portland

Administrator answers:

Portland has a lot of ghetto and a lot of nice, it all depends on what life style you are talking about.

Susan asks…

Where (in the United States) should I move?

I live in Portland (Oregon), but I would prefer to live in another city by early next year. I am not going to say that Portland is a bad city, but I am a bit tired of the gray skies and rain from October to early June and the lack of restaurants/businesses open on Sundays and after 9 pm.

My requirements: more than 125,000 people; wide variety of restaurants and shopping centers; selection of things to do (other than bars) after 10 pm; affordable (no more than $800/month for a studio apartment); and accessible locations (not having to drive twenty miles to the nearest supermarket or restaurant).

I can handle snow, but I would prefer to live where it does not threaten to rain every day during the fall and winter. I can tolerate warm weather, but I prefer dry heat instead of humidity.

I am not that interested in living in the South (except for perhaps Texas), and I cannot afford NYC or San Francisco. If I could, I would easily pick San Francisco.

Where should I move?

Administrator answers:

Well San Francisco is out is over a $1000.00 per month for a room alone.
I would move to Dallas, I have lived there it is great! There’s plenty to do, lots of great restaurants and its very affordable, much cheaper than Portland.
I have lived in a lot of places Dallas has been the best yet. Houston has good areas next to bad ones (neighborhoods) Dallas is segregated by social-economic class (your neighbors homes cost about the same as yours, LESS CRIME)

Lisa asks…

A roommate who mistreats her dog?

I have a room mate who got a [male] dog back in October. Now, my other room mate had a [female] dog already, that moved in with us. One of the conditions that was agreed upon in order for her to bring in a second dog was that she get him neutered. The second was that she pay her pet deposit.

Well, it’s been nearly 9 months, she hasn’t paid it, he was never neutered, and even more so, she hardly feeds him. He is nearly a year old and isn’t even remotely house trained, because she *literally* never walks him. He has fleas and scabees (she gave him scabees that she herself had), and he literally sleeps in his on urine and feces. When she is home, she’s asleep (which she’ll be away from home for days at a time, without feeding him, giving him water, or socializing with him). Because of the fact that she’s not around, he’s completely unsocial, afraid of everything, and my other room mate and I have to consistently clean up after him.

It’s not his fault in any way shape or form, it’s her. She’s completely irresponsible, and doesn’t deserve to have a dog. She spends most of her free money on going out to drink, or things for herself, and never buys him food. My other room mate has to feed him her dog’s food, and give him water. He sits in the living room in the dark at night and yelps because he’s completely alone. She’s such a pathetic person, and she shouldn’t have an animal.

Basically, our lease is up june 1st, and I am planning to move to Portland, Oregon. And I’m planning to take the dog with me. I know, for a fact, that she a: will not be able to afford to move anywhere that will allow her to have her dog, not without a hefty pet deposit, and b: that she would completely do something like abandon him at an animal shelter.

Now, I don’t plan to sneak off with him, or steal him. I plan to approach her, when I’m ready to leave, and tell her that she doesn’t deserve a dog, he should be in a better home, and that I am taking him with me. My question is simply one of how I go about doing this. *Can* I even do this? I mean, the dog is blatantly mistreated, and I don’t want to see him put in a situation that even worse than his current. She’s even spoken of moving in with her boyfriend (who lives in a studio apartment, with 4 other people), so obviously a dog is not an option. I KNOW that I can take better care of him, but I’m just wondering if I’m breaking any laws, or if I should talk to the police first and foremost about this, before I do anything. I’ve got the better part of 2 months to research this, so it’s nothing major now, and any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
In response to the second answer, I do have another room mate as a witness, and who supports the decision. And also, simply threatening to report her won’t do anything. She’s not going to change, I’m just going to take him. She *can’t* afford a dog, she’s hardly ever even around him, period. That’s basically the plan of action, I’m just looking for advice on if there are any specifics I need to know about beforehand.

Administrator answers:

Oh my god, this is totally inhumane for her to do that, making the dog unsocialised and living in so bad conditions.

Please, if it is me, I will report her to the authorities for the animals and take the animal from her. She DOES NOT deserve to own a furry friend.

Maybe, would you in the capacity to provide the dog a second chance to follow a loving owner?

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