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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In San Diego

October 18, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Can a couple live comfortably in a studio apartment?

Me and my girlfriend are making the move to San Diego. I don’t think I can afford a 1 BD.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think so. I lived alone in a studio apartment and was not comfortable.

You wouldn’t have enough room to put your things, and you would be “on top of” each other all the time. There would be no elbow room, and it could put a strain on your relationship.

Keep looking. Not all apartments cost the same. Looking at “mom and pop” apartments, where people rent out an apartment in their house, could be a solution. In a town where the average 1 bedroom is about $1,400 a month, my mother rented out the first floor of her house (a 1 bedroom apartment with laundry privileges) for $850 a month. She didn’t want to charge more than was honest. It was a really nice apartment! (She rented it out until 6 months ago, when she sold her house.)

Chris asks…

If I only make $12,000 a year…?

What are my options on finding a cheap studio apartment in San Diego, CA? I’m 21, have no disabilities, and am a full-time student. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

The landlord rule of thumb is, you can not afford an apartment with rent greater than 1/3 of your monthly gross income.

Jenny asks…

What are some legitimate websites for apartment/studio hunting?

I am located in San Diego if that matters.


Administrator answers:

Oh yes it does make a difference on where you are are located. So, here are are all kind of rental places for you to check out:

Mandy asks…

I wish that I can leave San Diego, how do I go about doing this?

I hate it here; this is probably the worse place to live. The people are flaky, shallow, and pretentious. One moment you think you have a friend here, they are all smiles, the next thing they are avoiding you and giving you the evil eye: that’s ridiculous. It’s like the people here are wearing masks and are just being friendly because they “have to”. There’s not much to do here either unless you’re a beach bum. Wages are ridiculously low compared to housing expenses; it’s like you have to work two jobs just to be able to afford a studio apartment. I’m bored all the time and I’m sick of feeling alienated. I moved here when I was 16 with some family. I am now 18 and I’m fed-up. I’ve never felt so alone in my life. What should I do? Moving out by myself is scary and I do not know where to go.
Grow up? Umm.. everyone on the east coast says the same thing about the west coast. Growing up has absolutely NOTHING to do with not liking a city. That is the dumbest answer that I have ever read in my damn life.

Administrator answers:

Yeah i agree with u i wouldnt really wanna live down there anyhow. I live in washougal wa which is right across from portland or
im 17
what i would do is i mean find somwhere where u can hvae friends or somwhere where u do have friends. Save money with a job or somthing . Up in washington and oregon area where i live its amazing how many jobs are available and its a wonderful more quiet place i mean find a place that isnt too quiet and see if it would interest u.
E mail me if u want to talk more


Sandra asks…

Should I move into a studio, 1 bedroom apartment, or 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate?

I will be a grad student in the fall at San Diego State University. Housing is very expensive in this area. Should I move into a studio, 1 bedroom apartment, or 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Move into a studio and get a bunk bed. Being a student, you will be broke, so you will want to save as much money as possible. That might suck for privacy, but you can get privacy once you graduate and start making good money.

Maria asks…

Can someone explain to me what the difference between a studio and a one bedroom apartment is like?

I am looking for a one bedroom in San Diego and I want to know the differences in the square footage would be? What is 425 square footage like as a one bedroom apartment that is set up like studio.

Administrator answers:

If someone is saying they have a one bedroom that is set up like a studio, it may mean that they have a studio apartment with a partitioned bedroom. That just means that it used to be four walls that contained everything but they added some “fake” walls to partition off a bedroom to give some privacy.
425 square feet generally feels much larger as a studio than it will as a one bedroom. If you don’t mind giving up some privacy when you have guests, it may seem roomier to have a studio.


Check out the above website for some ideas on decorating studios. You can also see exactly what you might be getting into.

425 sq. Ft. Is about 21×20 or 15 x 28 just to give you an idea.

Nancy asks…

i am moving to san diego?

my friend and i are planning to move to san diego area (oceanside/escondido area) from chicago in august. i have a few questions. we know its redic expensive and were willing to sacrifice anything for this. here are our questions:
how do we find jobs? were going in early june to look for jobs and apartments. should we go to a job agency? if so what are the good job agencies out there? we are both 20 years old so were just looking for a waitressing/receptionist/retail job nothing too career wise.
what are some good cheap apartment complexes around this area? i keep seeing things for seniors. we want a 1 bedroom (were willing to do a studio) no more than $950 a month

Administrator answers:

There are several cheap apartments under 1000. Looking through them almost all the one bedrooms were below your maximum price

I also found a website you could look at for jobs

You can also go to craigslist.


James asks…

Looking for studio or 1 bedroom apartment in La Jolla?

I’m looking for a furnished studio or one bedroom apartment for 1 month (or longer) in “La Jolla (San Diego)” starting from 12/29/08. I’m running out of time and haven’t found anything yet…

Administrator answers:


there are some there, or go the newspaper web site and look in the classifieds.

Steven asks…

is San Diego a Good Place to Start My Own Life?

Well, I Have Found a Studio (Most Likely) Apartment in The Gaslamp Neighborhood Really Affordable and Have Done a Lot of Research on The Area and Find It Would Be a Pretty Nice Place to Start Out/Begin My Life on My Own I am 19 Years Old, No Car, I Would Have to Transfer My Job To Have a Steady Income and Hope That I Would Get Enough Hours to Make Rent and Expences Otherwise I Have No Job, I Really Want To Begin My Life On My Own Now and I Want to Know The Pros and Cons of My Situation What I Should or Would Have to Do When I Arrive in SD and Also if I Should I Move on Down to Diego ?
I Heard its Pretty Nice in This Area and I Want To Live Center City and The Apartment I Found Sure Does Give Me That

Administrator answers:

I’ve lived in San Diego for 10 years (in SD county my whole life) and generally I love it! But, (here are you cons) in the gaslamp district there’s many homeless and if your not 21 it’s not a great environment for you because some days you literary up until dawn partying or having to listen to the party beneath you in your case. If you want to start a career this may be a challenge. There are also many clubs and bars in the gaslamp that every Friday night start a commotion in someway or another. Again generally i would recommend living there if you are a young adult but you also have to consider if you want to have children or not (if so do not even live near the gaslamp with kids!). The gaslamp is a nice place to start your life most people are a bit older but I’m sure you can manage in San Diego there are many jobs available.

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