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December 27, 2012

Lisa asks…

What is a good apartment dog?

I’m almost 21 and currently live in New York with my parents. I plan on moving out to San Diego, California in a few months and would really like to have a dog. I had a yellow lab growing up. I will most likely have a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment without a yard. I’m unsure as to what breed of dog is well suited for living in a small apartment. I’m looking for a playful, protective, loyal dog who doesn’t mind being on the couch for a large portion of the day or being left alone for 6-8 hours a day while I’m at college and working full time. I will not have much time to walk my dog other than maybe 20-30 minutes a day and the short bathroom walks. Of course I will spend a lot of time with my dog, just mostly indoors or in the car with me while I’m at the supermarket or other errands. I prefer large dogs with relatively low monthly costs for food and such. I would really like a German Shepherd although I don’t know how they would do in such conditions. Can anyone help me figure out what breed of dog would be best for me please?

Administrator answers:

A cat.

Seriously, a large dog will destroy your house and be depressed within five minutes.
A smaller dog I think you don’t have enough time for. Perhaps a Chihuahua or something the size of a cat might work- a lot of people have cat-sized dogs in apartment.
Dogs need a lot of exercise and the majority wont be content to “lay on the couch for a large portion of the day”. Either consider a cat-sized dog, or another animal, or none at all. A large dog or one that needs a lot of attention and exercise like a Jack Russel is out of the question.

Donna asks…

How much money should I save to move out on my own?

I am 25 right now but I am going to school to become Respiratory Therapist. I have an internship that will start in Februrary of 2011 and will last for about 14 months so I will be done with it between April and June 2012. It is a long ways off, I know but I like to make sure that I have a plan for my life. Well anyways I moved back in with my parents because when I am in my internship year it is full time and it is a paid internship. I am going to work a job to survive but I won’t be able to live on my own during that time. I want to move out as soon as I am done with school and hopefully have a job offer.
My question though is how much should I save to start to live on my own in Los Angeles or San Diego California. I have about $5000.00 saved up right now but I don’t want to move out and be all poor and have no savings for rainy days. How much should I save for security, first month and last month, to have utilties turned on, needed appliances and most importantly furniture. I have been looking online at general prices and they vary so greatly.
I would like to live in either a studio or a 1 bedroom apartment. So any advice that you can give me on how much to save up and even what type of furniture and things I will need to move out on my own that would be great. The first time I moved out I went and volunteered at a facility that provided you with everything that you need and so I don’t have any experience of paying for the needed things.
I currently do live in the Los Angeles Area. I live in Glendale and do realize that it is very expensive to live. I have also considered moving to North Carolina but do not know how much Respiratory Therapist get paid out there. In California the starting pay for the field that I am going into is 25 an hour or about 52,000 a year.

Administrator answers:

About $5000 to $7000 should be enough to get you through 2 months or so, until you’re settled in.

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