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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In San Francisco

October 12, 2012

Sandra asks…

What is the average monthly cost of electricity for a studio apartment in San Francisco?

Administrator answers:

I would guess around $30 – $35. I have a four bedroom house in the area, and we run about $500, but it is much more expensive to deal with this much space and a lot of people (teenage girls too, need I say more about how much the hot showers may cost….)

My mom and sister have bills that are less than 50 a month, and they have places with bedrooms.

Betty asks…

Where is the best place to live (apartment or studio) in San Francisco?

I’m moving from Central Florida to San Francisco. However, I haven’t decided on a certain location or complex. I’d like to know the best place with low crime and close to fun activities and people. Don’t really mind the pricing but anything under $2,000/month would be nice. Thanks for your time.

Administrator answers:

The Sunset & the Richmond (which are virtually the same, just on opposite sides of GG park) are really nice and close to good stuff. Especially the Richmond as you’re close to the park, and Geary which has TONS of great food, shopping, movie theater & bars

Sharon asks…

Apartments near the university of san francisco?

Hi, can anyone please help me regarding my search for an affordable apartment in San Francisco?

I am an international student who will be enrolling at the university of san francisco that needs an apartment which has easy access to public transportation. Also, My budget for apartment is around $700 – 800

I do not need parking spaces and rooms for pets. A studio type apartment with nearby laundry shops would also be preferable.

Can anyone please give my a list of apartments that would match my preferences?

Thank you very much in advance!

Administrator answers:

You will have to contact a rental service or look in Craigslist in the neighborhood of USF. Look at a map of San Francisco and the bus routes for MUNI. You can figure out where to live. You won’t find an apartment for $700-800. It costs $1500 for a studio apartment. Public transportation is all around the university area. You should arrange through the campus housing service for a room in the same neighborhood.

Donna asks…

How much a month would you pay to rent a beautiful studio apartment in downtown San Francisco?

With a gorgeous view of the financial district, plus parking? Just curious.

Administrator answers:

I have lived in downtown San Francisco for 2 years. I paid around $825 a month which I shared. A studio can run anywhere from $600 to $900+. Just stay out of the Tenderloin area, not safe. Good luck! Great city!

Thomas asks…

Best apartments in San Francisco, preferably in the Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, SOMA, or N. Beach areas?

My Mother is relocating to San Francisco and is looking for a great, safe studio apartment between $1500-$1800. She is in her forties, single, and is a very active and fun individual. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Her best bet to find rentals will be craig’s list. She can limit her search by neighborhood and amount.


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