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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In San Francisco

December 26, 2012

Susan asks…

Cheapest San Francisco, CA apartments? Pls advice?

I will be moving to San Francisco, CA next week for my first job. I will not be earning that much and I was hoping I could rent a 1 bed room or studio apartment for around $1000 or less.

Is $1000 a realistic budget to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

Do you know any good apartments or any apartments at all for that budget in San Francisco?

I do not have any previous credit history. I want to be able to make a previous deposit to rent the apartment.


Administrator answers:

You can probably find some on Craigslist, but i dont know you can get rent anything, given that you have no previous credit history. You almost always need this in order to be able to rent. Avoid the Bayview, Tenderloin and Sunnydale areas, unless you want to live in “the projects” type of area.

John asks…

How much would rent be for a dumpy studio apartment in a sketchy neighborhood of San Francisco?

Would it be possible to find a place for $600 a month?

Administrator answers:

It’s almost impossible, SF is one of the most expensive cities in the nation. In 1989 I lived in a dumpy 1 room apartment in a sketchy part of the city and paid $675. That same dumpy apartment now 20 years older and the area even worse, rents for $950. The point being, check Oakland for a better value and ride into the city on BART rail or AC Transit Transbay buses. Good Luck!

Michael asks…

Does anyone know of any rent controlled apartments in San Francisco?

The rent is so expensive. I rented a studio for $895.00 and they went raised the rent to $910.20. I moved out when my one year lease was up. I love living in San Francisco and would like to move back.

Administrator answers:

Try contacing the Local Housing Authority for codes and there could be all kinds of things in that book that give you hints about how to tell if you are in a rent controlled area or at least offer ideas you can pose as questions that can help you identify a rent controlled place. One question that would help determine it is “who do you pay you water bill to?”

Donna asks…

Nob Hill Tower Apartments in San Francisco?

Okay I will be moving to Nob Hill Tower next month for a job. I am having difficulty deciding on the studio or 2 bedroom. Which should I get? And can I get some tips or reviews from ones who already live there?

Administrator answers:

The size of your apartment is dependent on your needs and your budget.

For reviews of the complex try yelp.

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