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Your Questions About Studio Apartments

May 26, 2012

Mary asks…

Studio apartments?

What the pros and cons of getting a studio apartment. Will be living with my boyfriend. And he is leaving the choice up to me about getting a studio apartment or a 1 bedroom apartment. What the pros and cons of both of them.

Administrator answers:

Alone, a studio would be fine. Together, no, get a 1 bedroom. When people live together, they need “me” time to be alone. In a studio, you guys would constantly be on top of each other (and not in a good way).

Ruth asks…

Is studio apartments and regular apartments the same?

I don’t mean, room size or number. I mean the price. And by regular apartments I mean 2, 3 bedrooms. Do studio apartments cost less a month? Or more?

Administrator answers:

Studio apartments are considered to be small, inexpensive apartments that are frequently found in cities, but may be found anywhere. They are also referred to as efficiency apartments. Studio apartments feature one large room that will contain a kitchen area, a living area, and an area for sleeping. The bathroom is the only separate room, along with a few closets. Generally, studio apartments are much less expensive than traditional apartments, though they feature other benefits and drawbacks as well.


Carol asks…

Are there studio apartments in Bradenton florida?

I know there are regular apartments, condos and so forth. However are there any studio apartments?

Administrator answers:

Oh yea lots Clearwater too

Sharon asks…

I need two studio apartments or a 2-bedrm apartments in Beijing this coming December. Daily rental?

I’ll be travelling with 3 other friends to Beijing. Looking for studio service apartments or a 2-bedrm apartments at ????, if not ??? near ???. Staying for about 10 to 12 days. Any person or website to recommend for daily rental?

Administrator answers:

Though there are many estate agencies in Beijing,but the most recommended one is listed in the web page listed below,place an advertisement now.


Robert asks…

Looking for downtown Celveland studio apartments?

I have been looking into moving out, and I go to college downtown, so I was hoping to maybe find a studio apartment in or near downtown Cleveland. I don’t know the going rate in studio apartments, my knowledge of downtown other than Euclid and Broadway is virtually nonexistant, and I will be living by myself for the first time (I am 21 years old). Does anyone have any recommendations on what to look for, or perhaps places with decent studio apartments for a relatively low price (under $450)? It would be a great help.

Administrator answers:


Mark asks…

Do studio apartments actually work for a single person?

I’m a single 18 year old guy and I’m moving out, I have the money for a studio apartment, but have concerns based on size and comfort. Anyone who can speak from experience? Opinions? Or would a 1 BD work better? I would just have to get a better job, which is hard right now.

Administrator answers:

They would probably work for a single person.

Sandy asks…

Are there any affordable studio apartments in Hawaii, Kauai?

I’m looking for studio apartments on the island of Kauai. Preferably in Lihue. I’ve been googling and searching but can’t seem to find any info about them. Any body know if there any affordable studios in Kauai?

Administrator answers:

Ditto the guy on craig’s list. Your not going to find something cheap (unless 900-1200 is cheap to you). But craigs list is your best bet… Http://

I’m very jelous of you I was married in Poipu Kauai and for the past 3 years we’ve been trying to figure out a way to go back to stay… Beautiful quiet island :)
Lucky (<–add napoleon dynamite inflection there)

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