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July 11, 2012

Nancy asks…

Any budget studio apt in Bangkok for 3 months from Nov 07 to Feb 08. Budget 5000-7000 baht / month?

Furnished with aircond, fridge. Water heater optional. 5 – 10 mins walk to BTS.

Administrator answers:

You should be able to find something for around that price, it won’t be much and may not be too close to the BTS or subway. If you were to increase your budget to around 10,000 baht I think your chances will be better. Also, the best prices will be on longer term rentals, for three months you won’t get the best price, but you should be able to find something within your budget or for a little more money. Try searching the web under Bangkok apartments or check the local papers when you get here. Good luck.

Chris asks…

would you make your child grow up in a 1 room studio apt 4 mths out of the year ?

divorce/custody battle.14 mth old son.Wife took him 1000 miles away.
I work from home and raised him the first 8 mths of his life.We drove 18 wheelers together and built a home before we were married and tthen married 3 mths after moving into the home.She had better credit than I did,so we always focused all of our income into building her credit.
Anyway,I am sure I will at least get joint custody,most likely getting my son during the summers.Our home is paid down enough that I can maintain it,but my credit is such that finding more than a studio apt is very unlikely.I have an inheritience that I will most likely recieve in the next 5 yrs or so that I can offer her to pay her her homes equity out of.
She refuses to talk about it,or the possibility of me ever seeing my son.I am trying to offer her a settlement of I keep the home,pay her her share of the equity when my father dies and me see my son during the summers and alternating holidays.She hangs up on me if I try to discuss this.I beleive I will get this sort of jont custody or possible me raising the child during the bulk of the year with her getting visitation if it goes to a judge,however I beleive long term it is in the best interst of all of us if we keep the home.She wants to raise my son in CT where her family is and wants me out of his life comletely.Not because I did anything,just she became very jealous ,he did not latch on breastfeeding,she spiraled mentally down and is just being completely psychotic,although I can get no state to intervene to access her and she even wrote ont he internet of being suicidal.
Regardless;assuming the child has two loving parents would you just take a home away from a child and make him be raised in a one room studio apt vs a house with a large fenced in yard to play in?

Administrator answers:

You should definitely take this to courts.
You sound like a good father who wants a part in his kids life, and she sounds like a suicidal lunatic. I’d rather have you for a parent, regardless of where we live.
So fight for custody, seriously.
Good luck.

Maria asks…

At how many weeks can my furry grandkittens start roaming our studio apt?

They made 3 weeks today.(There are only 2 because sadly we lost 4 of them due to the mother having complications at birth). However, both kittens are doing really well, and getting bigger and bigger each day…walking pretty well to only be 3 wks, and feeding wonderfully. I keep them in a drawer in the bathroom, and everyday they try to climb out….I was wondering how many weeks should they be before I allow them to roam free. Keep in mind I only have a small studio apt. Their mother will leave them for a few minutes/day to go thru the house, but never for too long. Also, can someone tell me how to decipher between a male and a female so the fiancee and I can finally decide on names….(and yes, the mother and kittens have been taken to the vet, but the kittens were too young and will soon have another visit)

Administrator answers:

I would let them have the bathroom as their nursery room. You can let them roam your apt once they are using a litterbox in the bathroom reliably. Right about at 3 wks is when kittens start to be able to pee / poop without help from their mother, and at first they’ll be doing it anytime and anywhere they have the urge.

This doesn’t mean you can’t bring them out for supervised play and cuddling. But for now , just keep them in the bathroom when you are not watching them, after making sure it is kitten proofed. Put away anything you don’t want them to knock over, put away any appliances with wires they might chew. You might have to put a childproof lock on any cabinet they can get into. Make sure to keep the toilet lid CLOSED.

Keep the queen with the kittens most of the time, but let her out in the rest of the apt sometimes for a break from the kids. Do NOT let her outdoors or anywhere she could come around tomcats. Cats can get pregnant while still nursing and it would be very hard on her and the kittens. And sounds like she already had a very hard time with this birth.

In the bathroom you will of course need food & water, a bed/ nest, some safe toys ( nothing like string they could swallow), and a good scratching post. If the mother uses a scratchng post that will be a good example to the kittens and they will soon have fun climbing it. 2 good ones are the Ultimate Scratching Post and the Purrfect Post. Or you might build your own. Http://

With the litterbox, they also learn partly by watching their mother. You’ll need to get a low sided box that the kittens will be able to easily use.
And if you currently use clumping litter you will need to temporarily switch to non-clumping litter. ( either the old kind of non-clumping clay litter that comes in the big bags, or a pellet type litter ). Little kittens ( like human babies) tend to explore everything with their mouth, and some kittens will actually eat litter which would be especially risky with clumping litter if they would eat very much. Eating litter is most likely to happen with quite young kittens around 3-6 wks but it’s better to keep using the non-clumping kind until at least 8 wks then if they are not showing signs of doing that, you could switch back . If at that point they need some extra help with training, try Kitten Attract litter by Dr Elsey’s. Http://

When they first go on the floor put some of it in the box so they will smell it there. Then clean very well where they went, using an enzyme based cleaner. Watch the kittens and get to know how they act when they need to go potty. If you see them in a corner sniffing and circling, pick them up and carry them to the litterbox. Don’t punish them if you find they made a mess, they will have no idea why you are being scary. . If you catch them in the act, calmly take them to the litter box. Don’t do that in an angry rough way or you will risk them associating your anger with the box.
Give them lots of praise when they DO use the box.

One way it’s often explained is comparison to punctuation marks — that a male kitten’s anogenital area looks like a colon and a female kitten’s looks like an upside down exclamation mark.
In a male kitten there is a greater space between the anus, and the urethral opening … The space is of course for the testicles. And in fact, a cat’s testicles normally would be already descended at birth, so they’re there, but they are just very, very small and undeveloped . But you may even be able to feel the tiny bumps.
Here is a page with photos

The kittens should stay with their mother for 12 weeks. 8 wks is the minimum but 12 is better for their psychological & social development. Good breeders keep them until at least 12 wks, and your kittens deserve just as good a start.

You can get the mama cat spayed when the kittens are 8 wks or have stopped nursing

Female kittens usually first come in heat between 5 and 9 months , but they can start at 4 months. If you’ve got kittens of opposite sex and you keep them , it would be a very good idea to get them fixed by then. There are definitely male kittens who have sired litters at 5 months, so maybe they could do it even a bit before. But a kitten getting pregnant that young is not healthy & can even be very dangerous.
If you find other homes for them, it would be good to get them fixed first anyway , to make sure it gets done and they won’t be running off to find mates and maybe getting hurt, plus you would avoid them adding even more kittens to the population who may end up homeless or killed at a pound.

Steven asks…

Movers…Give me an estimate ..just rough range ..of how much it would cost to move small studio APT?

Movers…Give me an estimate ..just rough range ..of how much it would cost to move small studio APT from Denver, CO to Dayton OH (1100 miles) … I guess $1500-$2000 a fair deal ? what do you think ? and how much do I need to tip ? do I need to tip for both times upload and download ? do I tip the boss or each mover ?!

Administrator answers:

Can’t give you a specific answer. In general though, on long-distance (interstate) relocations, the price is calculated by the weight of the shipment and the distance you are moving. It will vary, sometimes by hundreds, depending on the company’s tariff, packing services, access, insurance coverage etc. Some companies will charge you extra for stairs, elevators or walking distance as well.

You can use one of the Movers Directories listed in the this link to receive several free quotes in one submission with no obligation:…

For tips on better understanding the quotes that you receive and the services that they include, read the following article:…

As for tips, there’s no general rule of amount or percentage. Most customers tend to order pizza or get donuts for the movers and normally do tip each anywhere around $10-$20 although some give them as much as $50-$100 each, depends on the size and type of move and on the customer’s budget. Make sure to offer water, although keep in mind you are in no way obligated to do so or to tip them. It’s up to your consideration, see how happy you are with their work.
Most likely you will not have the same crew at origin and destination, so you will need to tip twice. Give the tip to EACH WORKER as some supervisors are known to pocket the money rather than share.

Good luck with your move.

Daniel asks…

How much would my power bill be in a small 1 bedroom apt. in Florida?

I have been looking at apartments and have found one that is really cheap. Its a studio apt (meaning it is all one room, bedroom and kitchen connected, no living room, and a small bathroom). I would be gone all day, leaving the lights off for that time, only using the lights at night, charging my cell phone and laptop, having one tv, a microwave, and a stove. Can someone give me an estimate?

Administrator answers:

Look for specials where all utilities are paid. If you can’t find that, I’d say $70-$80 is about avg for a 1br moderate electricity usage.

Donald asks…

What is a “studio” apt?

I live in a 1 bdrm apt now. It’s being sold to a developer just curious what a studio is? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Apt without a separate bedroom.

Basically one room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Ruth asks…

Is 276 sq ft a decent sized studio apartment for one person just graduating college?

The apartment is $440 per month and in a great location. There is a 450 sqft studio apt that is $550 per month.

Administrator answers:

That’s about the size of the average living room, maybe a few feet bigger.
If you’re a person that doesn’t mind the “cooped up” feeling it would be ok as a starter place, till you get your career going and get on your feet.
But if you prefer room to breathe so to say, you’d be much more comfortable in the 450 sq ft place..

Mary asks…

Any one renting a studio apt. in Hollywood, CA or around that area? I need one by 2/01/08. Can pay 725. thanks

I dont smoke, or party. very low key.

Administrator answers:

How about trying following web sites:

1. Http://
2. Http://
3. Http://
4. Http://

Good Luck.

Linda asks…

How much (range) a studio apartment costs near georgetown uni?

Got a job in georgetown Uni in DC. Will be moving in July. Which place would you recommend to rent a studio apt? My preference is to stay close to uni.

Administrator answers:

Depends on how much you are willing to spend.

If you want to live right by Georgetown, you are looking to spend at least 2k a month on rent alone. There really aren’t that many studios in the DC area, majority of housing is 1 to 2 bedrooms. Georgetown is mostly made up of townhouses rather than apartments, that are 3 bedrooms.

So If you really want an apartment, I would recommend Dupoint circle area, if you wish to remain near Georgetown.

If you want to spend less than 1k a month on rent alone, you will have to get a roommate, and live in MD.

Use to find a place, but I warn you if it is a good deal in a great location, it won’t last more than an hour before its rented out!

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