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August 4, 2012

Michael asks…

how much to charge to clean 1 disgusting studio apt for 1 hr/week?

toilet and sink
alternate bathroom floor/kitchen floor
alternate dusting or other odd jobs

Administrator answers:

When giving a price for house cleaning, the best thing to do is have a standard per-hour rate (generally from $20-30) that you’d charge and multiply it by how long you think it’d take you to clean the place the first time.

Mandy asks…

Will be moving into a Studio apt with bf..any advice on how to keep private..and make it home-y??

We are just starting up..and will be going into a studio apartment. I want to make it home-y for us..and make sure it isn’t overwhelming. I’ve stayed with him many times where he I’m used to living with him..just not in a studio. I’d appreciate any suggestions for the place. Thanks!!
Also..we have a queen bed. and a vanity…how do we incorporate it?

Administrator answers:

Oh man, good luck. My girlfriend and I share a huge one bedroom apartment with a walk in closet, double sink and small extra room and we STILL get a little crowded now and then.

Your best bet is going to set up alone time, which sounds stupid but plan times when you will have the apartment to yourself and the other will go out and do something so you guys aren’t on top of each other all day every day.

Susan asks…

what does Studio/apt TYPE A B C D etc… mean in Japan?

Administrator answers:

Those Type A B C,, classifications are not applied to general apartments in Japan. It’s used only on a specific apartment. And it’s used to say like, Type A room is 60 sqm, Type B room is 70 sqm, etc.

So there is no general definitions of Type A B C,, apartments in Japan.

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