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September 9, 2012

Ruth asks…

Can a landlord hold me responsible for an airconditioner that breaks?

we have been telling our landlord for months that thea/c does not work right. It broke the other day and he came to fix it. It was a fuse, he replaced it. It worked but still not right. 2 days later the same thing happened. This time it flipped the circuit breaker. He is now accusing us of purposly messing up the a/c and says if anything happens to it he is holding us responsible. The unit does not cool the house properly and it runs non stop 24/7 trying to do so. Can he hold us responsible even though we have been telling him for months. He says nothing is wrong with it. He may be right. It might work in a 1 bedroom studio apt., but in this big 3 bedroom house it does not. please tell me what I can do .

Administrator answers:

Whenever a tenant wonders whether they can be held responsible for anything, the first step is to look at the lease. If you have a written lease it will tell you whether you are responsible to replace things that break or even if you are liable for wear and tear.

As to the unit itself – I’m no mechanic and I can’t tell from what you are saying if the unit is breaking down because you are abusing it, because its defective or because its working too hard to try to cool an area that is too large.

The last answer seems to be the least likely – we have an AC unit that takes for ever to catch up because its undersized for the room and it has not (bih) broken down yet. If the cause is the unit itself and you are not abusing it you need to look to your lease for the answer.

John asks…

Does rentel income count as EARNED income if it is your ONLYsource?

I am disabled and have a studio apt in my house to help with bills.

Administrator answers:

If the reason you are asking is to see whether you have to pay taxes or not the answer would be Yes. It doesn’t matter how you “earn” that income, it will show up in the total income line which is what counts when calculating taxes.

William asks…

How do I find good accomodation near Royal Adelaide Hospital?

Something like Studio apt or shared apt would be preferable.

Administrator answers:

Sorry you have asked this in Victorian section,you need the South Australian section..

Lizzie asks…

How can I stop my cat from urinating in my bed?

We are staying in a tiny studio apt. for a month until we can close on our new house. My 8 year old cat is very stressed, and has been urinating on my bed. No defecation yet, she will use the litter box for that. We’ve used Cat Deodorizing spray, we’ve washed our sheets. What else can we do?

Administrator answers:

First make sure she doesn’t have a bladder infection. If not, you can purchase something called SSSCAT from Petco or Petsmart. What it does is have a motion detector on it and when it detects motion, sprays air in the direction of it. I use it for my cats to keep them off my dining room table. It really works great! Good luck!

Mandy asks…

what is a studio apartment?

i’ve been looking for apartments and such lately.
and this “studio” thing keeps popping up.
so what the hell is the difference of a normal apartment & a apt studio ?


Administrator answers:

A studio is an apartment that doesn’t have a separate bedroom.

The kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom are all in one space. The only separate space is the bathroom and closets.

For that reason studios are normally a lot cheaper than other types of apartments.

Paul asks…

Co-signer on an apt’s rights?

I co-signed on a studio apt. with my friend and I was wondering do I have the same rights as the main signer? He filled out a whole lot more information than me and I only filled out a couple questions about my job and signed my name. Is there a differance in our rights?

Administrator answers:

You have the right to get sued for unpaid rent. You have the right to be sued for damage to the unit. You get all the crappy rights.

Mark asks…

Where can i find a cheap but nice dinning room table?

i just moved into a studio apt and am in need of a small table to put in the kitchen. i don’t have a ton of money but i would like some quality!

Administrator answers:

1. (find your city) *Everything offered is Free*
2. Consignment Shop’s
3. Yard/Garage Sale
5. Classifieds *local paper*
6. Thrift Store
7. Storage or Home Auction’s

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