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September 12, 2012

Maria asks…

Can you help me on the budget residential areas close to Safa Park?

Hi, My work location will be Emarat Atrium Building opposite to Safa Park in E11- S.Zyed Road. I would like to know which residential places will be closest to this location so that i can commute daily without spending much money on public transport like taxi till i get my own vehicle.

If you can get me the km , it will be an added advantage. My yearly budget for studio apt would be maximum 30000 AED p.a.
Sharjah is preferred!

Administrator answers:

Sorry buddy, for 30,000 pa, you won’t find a decent place. And when you say 30K, you’ll end up paying 34K or 35K. You’ve to pay some deposits plus property dealer commission, and water & electricity.

Studio in Bur Dubai is like 55k. Diera around 40K (bad condition). Closest to Emirat Atrium Bldg will be Satwa, and now a decent studio in Satwa is like 70K.

Talking about Sharjah. You’ll have to travel around 25-35 kms, one way. Distance is not that much, but it takes time. Your daily travel time will be 2-3.5 hrs to and fro. You’ll be stuck in morning traffic, atleast 45 mins from Sharjah to reach Dubai.

What will it cost in Sharjah? If you take a studio in newly developed Al Nahda, Sharjah, its gonna cost you around 36-40K per year. Al Nahda is on Sharjah-Dubai border. The far you go from Dubai, the cheaper rent is.

Edit: Check out the rent:

James asks…

How can I set up my web cam to record?

I know someone is coming into my apartment when I am out. I need proof. How can I set up my webcam to record it to my computer? I am in a studio apt. so I thought I could just have it pointed at the front door. If it could activate when it detects motion that would be great. Any reasonable way to do this?

Administrator answers:

You should be able to get all you need from here….


Robert asks…

What items help make a house a home…like pillows candles? etc?

live in a studio apt. and want to make it look as homey as possible

Administrator answers:

Throw, pillows, scented candles, long curtains, warm colors, flower arrangements and green plants, area rugs, pictures of family and friends. Anything you really enjoy or makes you happy when you see it. Decorating is all about personal expression- have fun with it.

Mark asks…

about studio apartments?

how does living in a studio apt work. When it says a three bedroom studio, does that mean all three bedrooms are for my family or is it like a room mate thing where someone else lives there too. I have never been in a studio apt or lived in one, so its not like sharing with other people but your family right?

Administrator answers:

A studio is only a one room apartment and a bathroom. There must be a error in the wording of the apartment listing.

Sandra asks…

Im moving to Los Angeles what should i be cautious about?

Im 20 moving to LA by myself in a couple of months to work on some projects, im going down there by myself. Wheres the safest place to live, im thinking a studio apartment. I was hoping to live in North Hollywood, where could i find some cheep and safe studio apt?

Administrator answers:

Cheap does not exist in LA.

Safety isn’t real. Crime can happen anywhere and nobody knows when they’re going to leave.

As of right now, because of the economy, a job opening in Los Angeles is almost non existent. With the closings of Shoe Pavilion, Linens-N-Things, Mervyns, Circuit City, and Gottschalks (soon to be), it’s going to be EVEN MORE difficult. Just recently the unemployment rate went from 9.4% to 10.1%!!

You will also need about $10,000 to start off.

Decent prices start at $1000 mo. For either an extremely small studio or a 1bd/1ba apartment if you’re lucky. There is no such thing as $550 mo. Here. A minimum waged job alone will barely pay the rent. Remember, you need to eat, you need water, gas, electric, personal hygiene, etc.

Bottom Line: Look elsewhere. In 3 months, you’ll be back in your hometown with no improvement whatsoever.

Donna asks…

the tubes in my bathroom stink, please help?

i have well water. Every time I open the door to my bathroom I throw up (I’m pregnant and use the bathroom often!) It smells like rotting eggs in there and it’s comming from the pipes. If I leave the widow open it gets very humid in there, if I leave the door open it helps but then my entire studio apt will stink!!!! What can I do? Any product I can purchase? Any home remedies?
the smell only comes from the tub, when I run water it goes away

Administrator answers:

If the smell is only coming from the one bathroom and no other sink than it’s most likely coming from either the sink, tub or commode drain. Most likely wont be the well water itself since the problem is only located in one area and nowhere else like the kitchen sink.

You did mention that it’s a studio apartment. Call the landlord to fix.

You should have a ‘ U ‘ shaped drain ( ‘P’ trap) under the sink that’s visible. This piece should always have water standing in it to prevent the gases from escaping the drain pipe and also to help prevent something like a ring from being lost forever if accidentally dropped in the sink ;) This goes for the shower/ tub as well however you most likely wont see this as it sits under the floor.

It could also be coming from the commode; it has a wax ring that the bottom part sits on that fills the gap between the toilet drain and the main drain line. This also could need replacing as over time it can leak.

Last possible cause would be a clogged vent pipe usually located on the roof. Sometimes leaves are an animal can enter it and cause a blockage that will result in the gases not venting properly.

Again call the landlord to have them find the source and fix.

Steven asks…

Which air purifier should i buy and why?

I need to buy an air purifier for my apartment because my cat has asmatha and has difficulty breathing. i have done some research and there is a lot of conflicting info out there. which type of system is good for my 700 sq ft studio apt?
which air purifier is best for people?

Administrator answers:

I think the best air purifier is Oreck.

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