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September 14, 2012

Mandy asks…

I need someone to move my things from AZ to KY, suggestions?

I have a studio apt in Phoenix. I need my things moved to Louisville. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced mover?

Administrator answers:

PODS. You fill the storage container and they ship it to your destination and then you unload it in Louisville. By the way you will love Louisville. We live 40 miles away.

Richard asks…

How does a new yorker get help in the lady depo. without surgery?

My friend is 18 and we live in a studio apt in NY. We obliously dont have any money.So no surgery, pregnant or weight gain, she is a model. She enlisted me for help. How does she get bigger boobs without any big stuff

Administrator answers:

Eat lots of fatty food and do crunches after
and thanks for helping me out on my question but do the eyebrows grow back evenly?

Thomas asks…

Anyone know any good products for a curtain track/rail system for a ceiling?

Im moving into a studio apt and I have been brainstorming ways to divide my two spaces. Large partitions are really expensive so I figured this would be good. I want ceiling to floor. 9′ ceilings too. Any links etc would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I’ve seen them use hospital like tracks on at least one decorating program, but I didn’t see where they got it.

Donald asks…

is there a difference in power consumption between 1 big a/c and multiple smaller a/c’s?

for example, my studio apt is 70 square meters, loft style (meaning one big area). There are currently 2 a/c units, 12500 btu each. I turn on both during the daytime. Would I be paying less for electricity if I only turn on 1? Would I be better off replacing the two with one bigger one?

Administrator answers:

The highest cost of running the equipment is the start-up. That is when the units draw the most amps.

With this in mind two units drawing start-up power will easily cost more than one unit starting. Another advantage to one unit is the cost of installing and maintenance. With today’s low efficiency units your energy cost saving could pay for the equipment in just a few years. Of course this depends on the age of your existing equipment.

The final consideration is to calculate how the existing units are zoned. Another words is one unit conditioning upstairs and the other down stairs? If both units are conditioning the same area (Loft) then one unit would be much more economical.

George asks…

Can my landlord/management buy any size fridge they want?

I live in a rental and the superintendent for my building just got me a new fridge since my old one wasn’t working. I live in a small studio apt. The thing is, the new fridge happens to be smaller than the old one. Can management do that or should they have given me the same size fridge that I had before?

Administrator answers:

YES they can. The law simply requires that a fridge must be provided. There is no requirement on size. No they are not legally require to replace with the same size you had before. So long as you do have a working fridge they have not broken any laws.

Be happy they replaced it & with a new one. There are far too many landlords out there that refuse to replace appliances & replace with used when they do.

Maria asks…

I want to become a Animator can I live in the upper east side of mahattan with what pay they give me?

I want to know because I always wanted to make cartoons , ad’s, and I know I will one day !!! but when I start my salary will be at least 30,000 to 45,000 a year with this much in a year can I afford a studio apt in the upper east side ?

Administrator answers:

No. The cheap ones can go for more than $2 grand per month plus you have your utilities, food, fun, clothes, insurance, phone, internet……..30-45 grand a year is barely above the poverty level for most USA cities. Even many first year teachers start out making more than that.

William asks…

Furnishing a 500 sq. foot studio?

How cramped would it be if I put in a full sized bed and a small-medium sized couch in a 500 sq. foot studio apt.? Also, if I conserve, what is a reasonable estimate for the power bill?

Administrator answers:

My friend lives in a studio apartment & she has a futon in there which can get folded out as a full size bed and it fits fine. She also has another couch in her studio. Her electricity bill is about $30 per month and she doesn’t conserve much.

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