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May 21, 2012

Paul asks…

Utility bills for 500 sq ft studio apt?

What would the cost of electric and heat/cooking gas be for a 500 sq ft. studio apartment in PA? Note: The avg temp here in winter is around 30-35 and summer 85-95. The cost of utilities will make all the difference in my choice for an apartment, so your help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Sorry, however the answer is not something that can be pulled out of a hat. You need to consider what kind of appliances, Stove, refrigerator, etc. And the monthly power usage for each. Is the apt heated by gas or electric? How energy efficient the air conditioner and heater are and how energy efficient the apt is,ie: how much insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling?

Also the amount of time you will be there and how much cooking, TV watching, computer surfing, and laundry you do will also be a considering factor.

Probably the easiest way to discover the usage is to talk to the neighbors. Be nosy ask pertinent questions. Be aware their usage might differ from yours based on the answers to the personal usage questions above. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

does anyone know of a mazatlan studio apt located in el centro?

Administrator answers:

I live in Mazatlán centro, there are several aparments for rent in thise area, just need to know the date because march and april there’s no vacancy.

John asks…

i want to add a guarge and studio apt to my home in central phoenix, how much per sq ft sould it cost?

wood frame and stucco tile roof

Administrator answers:

I would say the apartment if it has a kitchen and a bathroom will be about $135 – 150 a square foot. The garage will be about $80 a square foot.

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