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March 30, 2012

Donna asks…

I am looking for a Studio Apt. but I also have an eviction from five years ago. will anyone rent to me?

I was evicted from an apartment complex five years ago and I am currently searching for a studio apartment within and/or nearby orange county. I feel as though establishing this is impossible now. Advice is greatly appriciated thank you….

Administrator answers:

All you can do is keep looking until you find a place that will accept you with the past eviction.

It is going to be hard, because most landlords/management companies will not accept an applicant with a previous eviction.

Sharon asks…

whats average rent for studio in San Diego in a OK area?and whats the easiest way to get an apt with a felon?

Administrator answers:

Hey Dude- I know the plight you’re in. I was born and raised all over Southern California for the last 46 years and housing is nar a pittance. In addition, my “significant other” happens to be a convicted felon a couple times over! (I had NO CLUE until after we had fallen deeply in love, I had moved in, and his P.O. Showed up unexpectedly one Sunday morning! And I’m a paralegal student and clean my whole life! Gee–that was fun! NOTTT!!!!!!!!) Anyway, I’d check out the City Heights area of San Diego—University & the 15 fwy. For 4 years, I lived off of Myrtle Street in a 1000 sq. Ft. Gated townhome complex. I was Vice-President of the H.O.A. (I sold it & made my ex- and myself 95K! Not bad for a “dumb blonde”, huh?!?! CA chics ROCK dude!) Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system…’re probably lookin’ at between $550.00-$800.00 a month. There are A LOT of convicted felons in and around the City Heights area. That being stated, we never had any problems except for a PAIN-IN-THE-*** neighbor that never seemed to get the drift of “Shut the **** up, woman!” LOL!!!!!
Well, happy hunting and do this Caligurl a favor — keep your nose clean, love & respect YOURSELF & OTHERS, and eat a big ole carne asada burrito from the Mexican restaurant on Fairmount Street (across from the tennis courts), for me! Peace out! “CaliModel”

David asks…

anybody know of any apts to rent in ocean grove nj asbury park vicinity, available for at least six months?

i need an apt studio to rent for at least six months to a year in the ocean grove asbury park area, please do not send real estate agencies,

Administrator answers:

Look here:

This is run by E-bay and has listings for apartments, part-time rentals, and even people looking for roomates.

Mandy asks…

Moving to Barcelona, need to find a inexpensive flat for rent?

Help, I will be moving to Barcelona for six months, Going to be for recreation and a few classes at a local School. I want to rent a studio or 1br apt for myself. Already tried craigslist, looking for something else?

Administrator answers:

Try this website:

It’s one of the most popular sites for posting apartments for rent, it’s like the craigslist for Spaniards. You can find a room in an apartment for as low as 300 euros!! Good luck!

Steven asks…

NYC V/S The Bay Area-Which is more expensive?

Forbes just released a list of the most expensive places in the USA.Obviosuly NYC is the most expensive and no.2 is San Francisco.I live in the middle of San Francisco and San Jose and let me tell you its really expesnvie and according the the numbers NY might be just SLIGHTLY expesnive if i move there.Ok here are the numbers let them speak for themselves

Bay Area
Studio Apt Rent-800(Craigslist)
Car Payaments-150
TV and Internet-50
Health Ins-65

Total(Including Misc)-$1500

New York
Bus Pass-75
TV and Internet-50
Health Ins-65

Total-$1800(Including Misc)

So NY is really not that expensive compared to the bay area-maybe someone moving from Kansas or some cheaper place might find it cheap but NY is really not that expensive compared to the bay area-What do you think

Administrator answers:

When you say NY I assume that you mean Manhattan, where you’d have difficulty finding an apartment for $1200. I think a Metrocard is more than $75 for a month, and I dont think that you can buy health insurance (unless it’s very heavily subsidized by your employer) for $65 per month

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