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May 3, 2012

Maria asks…

Where is the cheapest city to live in the United States?

Where can you live in the U.S., in a metro area where you can rent a studio apt for 500-600 a month? And where unemployment is low and has a college with a grad school nearby? Anyone? Anyone?

Administrator answers:

Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota.

Good luck to you.

Sharon asks…

How much should I charge a part time nanny who has here own seperate apt for rent?

I need someone to watch my 2 schoolage children afterschool, 3 hours a day and then possible take them to school 2 to 3 days a week. we have a upstairs studio apartment we currently rent out for $650 a month. She could live up there and I was wondering if I payed her $9 a hr, and have her pay the difference (working 15 to 18 hrs p/week and all utilities is included) Is this fair or good or bad?

Administrator answers:

Pay minumum wage and no rent at all

This way if you fire her she has to leave. If you charge her as much as a dime for rent she gets tenant status and you will have to evict her through the courts.

Mandy asks…

Can I rent out my home and file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

I filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy and I own a home that is worth less that what is owed but I wanted to keep it and was thinking that I could rent it out to a family as I am single and I could rent a studio apt for myself giving me enough to live on until I can get a better job hopefully in the future. I have to file bankruptcy but was hoping in the future I would have a job that pays enough for me to make the mortage payments on the house and still have enough money left over for living expenses, but right now I dont. Is it possbile to rent out the house and still declalre bankruptcy?

Administrator answers:

Depends upon your state laws. The home may be viewed as an investment vehicle and must be included in your assets. Any income you get from that rental must also be declared. You would be better off living in the home and claiming the homestead exemption from BK filing. You would still be liable for making the mortgage payments – you don’t get to keep the home free and clear. It’s called reaffirming the debt. Since the home is worth less than what is owed, there’s no point in liquidating the home (BK court may see it that way). See the site below. Your state may have different laws.


Chris asks…

How can I rent an apartment while unemployed?

I am currently looking to rent a studio apt for myself and my 3 yr old son. I am currently unemployed, yet still looking for work. I do side jobs to get extra money and I have a $2,000 savings account. My only source of income is public assistance. I so desperately want to get a cheaper apartment than the 1 bd im paying for now, which is $600/mo. I also have plans to go to school in june 2010. I hope I can use some of that money towards rent. What should I or could I do?

Administrator answers:

You should get a job. There is probably some programs for your son through the state for daycare. You can’t get an apartment while unemployed because you have no income. The other thing that I would recommend is applying for school and filling out your FAFSA on to apply for financial aid. Perhaps an apartment would accept financial aid as income. And, lastly, perhaps you can rent a room or condo from someone. But, the latter will probably be more expensive than what you are paying now. Check to see if you can find anyone you’d want to share a place with.

Helen asks…

Know any places in bay area to rent an apt at a good price?

I’m looking to rent an apartment for as cheap as possible. I’d prefer to be somewhere between SSF and Redwood City. But if it’s not around there it’s fine too.

I know sometimes places have deals where you don’t pay the first month rent, that would be great. Thanks so much.

My range is up to about 700 or so. I just need like a studio or something, not too fancy.

Administrator answers:

Check in and around castro valley. Usually decent prices, good neighborhoods, and easy access to BART

Ruth asks…

Apt. in Montevideo?

Will arr. in Monte. on May24. will be looking to rent an Apt./studio for 3-6 months. Need a SMALL place close to the center, and of course GOOD PRICE. Can any body in Monte. HELP ???

Administrator answers:…

Mary asks…

18 years old in studio apt…?

Hi, I hope you guys can help me with this one… Okay I am a full time college student, who has a part time job in which I make 7.25 a hour , minium wage in Alabama. I also have a work study job with my school which I get paid $8 when I not working my other job, and I manage both well with school.Hours based on job that pays 7.25 a hour ,ranges from 16 hours to 20 a week, ( I get paid every 2 wks). My work study job I can work up 24hrs a week and get paid once a month so that averages to about $800 a month, and my other job averages 400 plus a month. With all this being said I found a studio apt walking distance from my school, the studio is 500sq ft. The rent is orignally 350 a month but they have a student discount that takes $20 OFF a month making it 330 only thing is you are responsbile for all ulties , It is all electric apt( * can you tell me what all that may include also).* I will have to pay _water, electric and rent . I also pay my car isurance which is 103 a month. So do you guys think I can get this studio with my wages give a honest opinon and estimates on my ulties what will they cost, I also stay in Alabama if that will help with any answers…I plan to look at it tommorrow !! Thanks please inform me and yes their is money saved. Also last thing since Im 18 with no credit history do you think I could get this apt with no credit except them looking at my checking account , or that it is shown I pay my car isurance each month on time. I really do not want to have a cosigner and I will be 19 in April.. I have searched on craig list for rooms shared but I dont know these ppl, and I want to feel secure, all of my frnds are away in school so I dont know any one to room with. Sorry for the thousands of questions please help thanks!

Administrator answers:

Ok speaking from experience, i am 19 and i have my own appartment i live with my boyfriend. We dont live in the same state as you. I am also a full time college student and we both have jobs mine pays 7.50 and hour his is 8. Now you want to get an appartment and not have any roommates true? Being that the appartment is only $320 a month you can definetly handle that on your own. BUT the one thing i am going to warn you about you will have to pay all the utilities and when they say that everything is electric they mean it, this means that the stove will be electric the heat will be eletric everything will be electric. Coming from experience from when my family lived in an appartment it WILL get expensive. Everytime you cook you will be using more electric and with all the other things that run on electricity it will get very high. Honestly we pay $325 a month and everything is included everything, and sometimes even we have a hard time paying for rent. Another major thing to consider is laundry do they have it there? Is it free? If not can you sit at a laundromat for hours with work and everything? May not seem like a big deal at the time but trust me it will become one especieally if you have to keep putting quaters in the machine. Also you mostlikely will have to pay a security deposit which is usually the same as the rent if not more and you will have to have the security deposit and the first monthns rent up front before you even get the keys. Food may seem cheap but it adds up FAST so you will probally have to put aside at least 200 a month just for food unless you eat alot. Your car the insurance is kind of high plus the cost of gas with can really add up too put that in your spending for the month. Maybe 200 again. If you have a cell phone or plan to have cable or internet add another 200. Now im not trying to scare you but i was 18 when i got my own appartment and we got off easy as far as rent bc everything is included. What you need to do before you sign a lease sit down and write down everything that you buy in a month all the bills you pay and n e thing extra see how it comes out. Honestly you probaly could do it but you would mostlikely have no money to save. I really hope things work out for you and if do decide to go foward read the lease carefully.

William asks…

Question about renting a studio/apt: Do you pay additional electricity/water bills?

Do you also need to pay for electricity, water bills, or do you just pay a monthly rent of 670 or whatever the pricing is?

Do apartments take care of everything else?

I have never lived on my own before, so any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Depends on the owner of the property. I fthe add says includes all utilities then it would include water, trash, electric, gas. You still have to pay for phone, internet, cable, food etc.

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