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July 30, 2012

Lizzie asks…

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?
New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?
ok well i am moving into a new apt by nov 1 st and its a studio i wanted to know a kinda cheap effective way to make a bedroom and a living room seperated.. since its one huge room.. i thought of shoji screens, but their expensive and dont do the trick.. also, i really want to use curtains, not sheer but a light fabric any ideas how to mount these things? so any ideas thanks in advance ?

Administrator answers:

I used curtains to separate a room once. They didn’t look bad. I used dowelling attached to the ceiling with C-hooks.

But you can get shoji screens for under $40 these days – curtains might be more expensive.

Maria asks…

Should you divorce your husband over in-law problems?

My husband wanted me to entertain his sister, husband & 2 kids in a studio apt (I pay bills). Keep in mind that his sister’s husband ripped my mom off $5,000 on her household repairs he partially/poorly started leaving incomplete & still wanting another $500 to complete his mess (he told her off on the phone). My mom demanded for them to not stay in my home. My husband told his sister they were denied access and now he is lashing out to me and his sisters about my mom(he lived with my mom rent free with cooked meals for 6yrs). It is funny because my mom had problems with her ex-husbands sister and things were never the same. My mom is now putting all types of ideas in my head encouraging me to leave him. Before this mess I didn’t have problems with his family or him since he has started working. What must I do? Still communicate to his in-laws when they visit? Stick around when he has a hissy fit about my mom and speaks badly? I told him I am leaving him – he’s been silent since
I set up the home repair deal and his sister later called me names and her husband told off my mom and we paid in advance for these services. My husband didn’t want to be caught in the middle but his attitude in defending his family and arguing about my mom – he believes she is causing us to break apart when his in-laws didn’t think twice about it. Am I making the right decision?
We are also in another state away from the family.

Administrator answers:

Outside influences shouldnt be tearing your marriage apart. You need to start from the center(your marriage) and work out problems within then turn away devisiveness from outside. I think you are allowing other things to have priority and not your love from each other.

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