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March 17, 2012

James asks…

How do I soundproof a door in my small studio apt in a house? ?

I rented a small studio and its located in the back of a 3 story house. There is a door that im assuming connected this part of the house with the front. I can hear everything that goes on behind that door and im sure he can hear me. The door is sealed but hollow. I want to get something to put over the door. I have heard of acoustical foam but where do I buy that? Any ideas on how I can fix this issue. Fyi…im not changing the door! Thanks a bunch :)

Administrator answers:

You should be able to get acoustical foam at any home improvement store, but if not then buy a large sheet of Styrofoam. Large enough to cover the whole door or you may need to put several together to get the door covered and at least an inch and a half to two inches thick. Is there still a door handle or has that been removed? I believe you would need to remove it at least from your side if it is still there. Cover the foam with some sort of fabric that you find pleasing to the eye and buy colored duck tape (found at craft stores) that will match or contrast with your fabric to attach the foam to the wall around the door. You might get way with spray adhesive if you need to sandwich the foam but try a small area first as most paints and adhesives melt this type of foam. When you move to another apartment leave this behind, the next tenant will appreciate it.

Ruth asks…

i’m looking for short term apt, studio, or a roommate in morris county (within reasonable prices)?

just for about a month or two untill i move out of state, checked every web site, any ideas… help!!!

Administrator answers:

Do a google search by putting up your sought details. Good luck

Robert asks…

I need ideas on how to divide a studio apartment?

I have no clue on how to separate living/dinning/bedroom in such a small place. Budget friendly ideas please!! =)

Heres a floor plan for the apt:

Administrator answers:

Sorry your idea is not really realistic….Not cheap , an additional room could be added on the exterior wall.

Mark asks…

Am I being mean? My brother has been staying in my studio apt for 2 weeks. He does nothing. He says he has?

no money for food. I am on the edge too, ( I work for a non-profit organization) Tonight in the blizzard he asked me to go get groceries, he said he did not “really want to go with me unless I needed him?” It took me 30 minutes to drive 3 blocks. My car has 230,000 miles on it. He makes only a little less than me about $40,000) but is sleeping in his car to try and save his 2 houses that are “underwater” He does nothing but lie on the bed and watch football. I feel like I’m going crazy. I need my privacy and my time to relax alone, to talk to my friends in my pj’s or what ever . I feel like he is taking advantage of me and I have no idea when he’s leaving, he said maybe March?!? I’ll be insane by then. What would you do. Any help would be appreciated. He has been sleeping in his car before this and we have not really been close. I think that he could go down south for the winter? I want to be a good person but I have to get up at 6:30 and he’s always there wanting food etc. Thank you
He says he doesn’t want to work. He stopped 2 years ago except for 2 days a week. He “can’t stand work anymore” He has two rental houses that the mortgage is more than the rent and he is paying his money for that and staying with me because he is hoping they will go back up again in price. PS I have a daughter and she depends on me too.

Administrator answers:

Tell your brother to go shack up with someone else.

Honestly if he’s this lazy and he can’t get his butt off the bed and down the street for groceries, then he’s worthless.

Sorry but he’s spoiled. I’m guessing he’s treating you like your mother. Not good.

Look just tell him you are not his mother, you’re his sister, and he needs to start to man up for his own problems and go get food and do his bit. And …. Move out of your studio because you like to roam around naked under your PJ’s and invite your friends over.

John asks…

Hi,can any of u suggest a good room freshener for my room?

whenever i get back home ,i find my room s a bit stuffy…and smells of foodstuff..even if havent cooked anything that day..mine s a studio apt..plz tell me some ideas to keep my room fresh..thaks a lot..

Administrator answers:

Boil plain old Vanilla flavoring added to water or cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves in water, for a short time nd let it sit.


in a spray bottle put 1/3 to 1/4 cups of white alcohol, several drops of your favorite scent, and 2 -3 tablespoons of water. Shake lighty, and spray around the house.

Daniel asks…

Baby on the way, Yet not ready to move out of our 1br apt….?

I am 4 months pregnant. We have a rather large 1br apt. My hubby and I got married June 10th 2006 and we did run out of room in our kitchen for all of our “wedding crap”. So we put that in our storage above our closets. I have many ideas of what we can do in our bedroom to fit a baby crib, changing table and whatever else our baby will need in the forst year. After i have our baby i plan to quit work and then we will be more open to where we can move to be closer to my hubbys work and where he works there is more affordable living. None of this Studio apt for $950 per month crap! More like Super Cute Townhouse for $550! We are doing this to finish paying off debt and to save whatever we can for whatever we want. So since this is my first what do we really need in our bedroom for our baby the first 6 months??????? We plan on moving next spring since I am due in october. Not good moving whether when u live in the poconos lol

Administrator answers:

Been there!!! For the first 4-6 months, the baby only really needs a basinet. Our kids stayed in a portable crib (like a bassinet) due to lack of space, and it fits nicely beside your bed. Also, when it comes to storage, think VERTICAL, not horizontal!! Go crazy with shelves, nets, bins, and be creative.

Sharon asks…

What should I get my brother for christmas?

He is a 26-year-old single guy who lives in a studio apt. He is a computer geek, so he probably has anything you would ever need for a computer. He likes to read and likes football.. any ideas???

Administrator answers:

Get him a gift basket you can make one. Put candy coolies snacks in it . He will like it.

Charles asks…

new apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?

ok well i am moving into a new apt by nov 1 st and its a studio i wanted to know a kinda cheap effective way to make a bedroom and a living room seperated.. since its one huge room.. i thought of shoji screens, but their expensive and dont do the trick.. so any ideas thanks in advance ?

Administrator answers:

Well you could simply divide the space by the seperartion of furniture. My favorite solution is to make your bed appear like a day bed or a piece of seating placed near other chairs.
But if ur looking for an actual visual divider u could go with room screans found at thriftstores, or simply get creative and hang beads or cut outs from the ceiling to serve as a visual barrier,
A more elegant way may be to use fabric use it as a way to be pulled back or to be let down to serve as the separation. It can be shear or thick depending on how seethru u want it good luck
U can find dividers like the ones listed by the one above very cheap at thrift stores garage sales, or walmar and kmart

Mandy asks…

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?

New apt help plz? ways to seperate a huge room?
ok well i am moving into a new apt by nov 1 st and its a studio i wanted to know a kinda cheap effective way to make a bedroom and a living room seperated.. since its one huge room.. i thought of shoji screens, but their expensive and dont do the trick.. so any ideas thanks in advance ?

Administrator answers:

I saw a very cool, very cheap solution for this once. Buy two cheap 12″ wide shelf units from a Target or Wal-mart type place. They are usually about 6 1/2 feet tall and come in white, black or woodtone. Then mount a curtain rod between them. Storage and wall divider in one shot for under 100 dollars (if you make your own curtain).

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