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April 26, 2012

William asks…

f you sign a 1 year lease, can you still stay a whole year again after the year is up?

My fiance and I are looking for a studio apt, close to his College (Purdue) and I believe I have found the perfect one, It has everything we were looking for, the rent is perfect $500 and they have a pool, fitness center, they allow pets. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about leases. it says, “Lease terms 1 year” and honestly I have no Idea what that means. We would need to live there for a couple of years, so if anyone has any answer that would help Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You contract it for one year at a time at that rate. After the one year they send you renewal info with any changes in rates, terms, etc, and only typically won;t let you live there if you had issues your first year making timely payments.

Lizzie asks…

I have two unit apt building in San Francisco , can i make a another unit on top?

hello i have 2 unit building in San Francisco in sunset area is it possible if i can build a dining room on top of the roof , so this will be another unit on top , what i am trying to do is just adding another studio size room on top of the roof because from there i have view of the beach , this will be just room with dining set , anybody have any idea how much this will cost and if city will approve it .

Administrator answers:

That sounds like an amazing idea for a dinning room. You need to check with the city to see if there is a restriction on height of a building and if there are other codes that would interfere with adding this extra space. I like the idea of having a roof top dining area with the great view you described. Having the right dining chairs and table to go with the roof top dining room will create the perfect place to entertain family and friends. Good luck I hope it works out.

Nancy asks…

studio apartments in Montreal for under 500 bucks/month?

Hey everyone,
I have been in montreal for a year. My current lease expires July 1st and I want to move. Currently I live in the mcgill ghetto, in a studio (1 1/2). I pay 670 everything included. The place is pretty small but the area is nice and the apartment is very good.

I want to move to a new place. My current apt is too expensive for me so I was hoping to look around for something cheaper. Something around 450 bucks with everything would be awesome. I don’t want to share, so I am looking for a studio. My question is, can I find a good place for that price in a decent area? If so, where should I look? The closer to downtown, the better and close by to the metro.
Any ideas??

Administrator answers:

Hi from Montreal,

If it so expensive then you should check and check to rent only a room.
You could have it for $400 all included.

Under 500 it wont be a good place so better to share a nicer one.

Linda asks…

I am having trouble finding the right roomate, I live a pretty quiet life, and have a small, well behaved dog?

I have looked on the net, but haven’t had much luck. Anyone have any ideas? I would like to share a small home or condo, with a little yard. No drugs or heavy drinkers. I also, want to find something in Sunnyvale, or possibly Mountain View, calif.
I’m starting to give up on the roomate idea, and just starting to think about getting a studio apt. for under one thousand dollars. HELP….(I know it can be done, a friend of mine just found a nice place in Sunnyvale.) All of your suggestions are greatly appreciated, because I have to move fairly soon.

Administrator answers:

My advice… Don’t have a roommate. If you can afford it.. Get a 1 bdrm or studio. Most people searching for a person to share a livin space with would not want to deal with a pet. Check out I found a lot of places under $1000.00 there. Best of luck to you!

John asks…

renting house/apt in Chicago question?

My friends and me are looking to rent a house or apt in Chicago. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how much the gas/electric bills are going to be? Also is it worth it to get renters INS? What the hell does it mean when it says Studio 4 or studio 3? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Renters insurance is often required by the landlord, but sometimes not–i would suggest getting it either way–it’s fairly inexpensive. That said, i don’t know what a studio4/3 is. Utilities are a tough call, since things like A/C will affect your cost, but i would guess $100/month per person should cover everything (just a wild guess). At any place you consider, the agent/owner will be able to give you a utility cost estimate. Good luck and go cubbies!

Daniel asks…

What can I live in outside the house away from noisy alcoholic mother?

Mom is an alcoholic, she plays music all night long from 9pm until early morning, it is now 3:16am and she’s playing loud oldies. I have to sleep in order to work in order to get money in order to move out.

I have asked her to be quiet but she refuses, she’s a stubborn unreasonable dysfunctional drunk and I can do nothing about it, what can I live in outside away from the house in order to get decent sleep?

Any ideas are welcome, thanks!

I’d simply rent a studio apt but currently I am unable to afford such a thing because of restless nights costing me my job and sanity. I am nearing the brink of suicide at some moments.
she has too much pride she doesnt want help

Administrator answers:

Well first I recommend you have a serious talk with you mom about her alcoholism, maybe an intervention with family and friends.

Second, I would honestly go into her room when she’s not there, take her stereo and throw it in the neighbor’s trash. There’s not really much she can do. She could call the cops but you can just claim it was stolen and they won’t find it in your room. Only you know how your mother would react this, so it’s your call.

You may try moving in with a friend just for a few weeks until you can afford a studio apt., or just sleeping in the yard or even the park. If you are feeling near suicide, call a suicide hotline, as they may be able to give you some ways to cope while you are stuck living with your mother.

Betty asks…

How do I calm My Cat Down at Night?

Me and my boyfriend have had our cat Mishu now for about 6 months and he refuses to sleep at night. At first we thought it was because he was a kitten and not use to our place, but its now been months later! He runs up and down our apartment from wall to wall. He plays with anything he can get his hands on that makes noise, bottle caps, plastic bags, hair pins, etc. He climbs on our counters and dresser and knocks anything loose off on purpose. He jumps in our window sills and tries to climb up the screens, so we close our windows and instead he’ll climb the blinds. As much as we try to “Kitty Proof” our apt. he finds a way to wake us up and annoy us.

We’ve tried everything: We give him a big play session before bedtime, we tried giving him double his food at night and feeding him in the middle of the night. Getting a cat calming plug in room deodorizer. We even resorted to locking him in the bathroom, which was way to noisy than before.

We have a large studio apt. that doesn’t give us room to lock him out of our sleeping area and I live on a busy street so putting him out at night isn’t an option.

Does any one out there have a solution to our Night Owl Cat! We love Mishu and don’t want to get rid of him so please respond to this with ideas other than getting rid of him or euthanizing him.

To: hey im a person

He is a very independent cat. When you try to pet him he bits and scatches, in a playfull way. He won’t let you hold him and pet him.

Also, I’ve tryed letting him sleep with me. He doesn’t like it, and I put his food and kitty box in the bathroom and all he does is meahow until the cows come home.

Great idea about another cat. That could work…

Administrator answers:

Well sometimes it helps to get him a friend. If not, then I pet my cat a lot before I go to bed to get him purring.
Or maybe you could get him a big dog cage, a small litter box (extra litter box), a food and water bowl(extra bowls), and a cat bed. Once he starts going to sleep at the same time every night you can let him out.
Also let him sleep w/ you! He may want attention!

Ken asks…

church question………..?

i have no relatives in the state in which i live. i am here for a job. i have been attending a church for 6 months. no one has ever invited me over for dinner or for a holiday such as Easter, etc. i spend alot of time alone. i do go to church activities when they have them. i am wondering how i can let people know i am all alone all the time. i would invite people to my place but i have a tiny studio apt with nothing but a pull out couch. i look normal and am very confused about this. am i expecting too much from the people at church? one lady asked me “what did you do for Easter” when i saw her after easter and I told her i spent the day alone because i have no family here. she didn’t say anything. i feel sad about this but am not sure what to do about it. any ideas? or am i expecting too much?

Administrator answers:

Hmmm obviously your church isn’t very social but one way to solve your problem is get out and don’t invite people to your house but maybe out for lunch or for dinner and have fun with them doing something out of the home then after a while maybe they will start inviting you to their homes

Mary asks…

How do you organize college notes after the semester?

I’m trying to organize my college coursework from last year before school starts; I live in a small studio apt. with someone else and the space is quite cramped. Should I keep my notes or throw them away? Is there a way to summarize them efficiently, or save just 10% of the original work? I keep finding that I need reference material from other courses.


P.S. I’m an English Linguistics major with a gen studies minor and a focus in cognitive science, if that makes any difference. (E.g. I’d like to save paper ideas for recycling.)

Administrator answers:

I used to add an index or table of contents to my course notes and then bind them together with some cheap method of binding. Throw them out eventually, but it is hard to do before you finish school. At least that was the case for me. In reality, I rarely went back to my prior course notes, but it only takes once to justify keeping them.

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