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May 7, 2012

Ruth asks…

Is it a good idea to use a HDTV Lcd montior 19″ samsung as a Pc Montior?

A friend lives in a studio apt.
a tv and a pc montior would cramp up the small apt. space.
He’ll use the HDTC lcd mainly as a pc montior, will the image burn in?

Administrator answers:

Yes, LCDs can have image retention (especially when they start age), but there a few simple ways to avoid it

a) Turn the Monitor off at night or when not in use, helps to reduce ion contamination in the Liquid crystals.
B) Use a screen saver

Sandy asks…

Seeking info on Shaolin Kung Fu studio that was in Chatsworth on Topanga Canyon Blvd. near Devonshire.?

It was on Topanga Canyon Blvd., on the east side of the street. I think it was just a bit south of Devonshire, but I could be a little off. They billed themselves as “Shaolin” kung fu, and took periodic class trips back to Asia (I want to say Thailand), where they supposedly had a sister school (or maybe parent school would be more apt). I have no idea if this was hype, to play into the popularity of the TV show “Kung Fu” as I never went on any of these field trips. I recall they claimed other schools called themselves “Shaolin” but were not legitimate, but for all I know this school was doing the same thing. Regardless whether it was hype or not, I enjoyed the classes quite a lot. Anyway, I have moved back to the area and was hoping to pick up at the school, but cannot find any listing for it. If it closed down, I guess I’m out of luck, but if it has relocated, or the teacher has opened a new school in the area, I’d like to find out and go there. In case it helps, I recall the insructor was white, had long hair (pony tail) and lived in Simi Valley. As a back up question, does anyone know of any other good Kung Fu or Judo school in the West San Fernando Valley (I’m in West Hills). I specify Kung Fu or Judo because my impression is they are more spiritual, holistic practices, less about fighting, but I guess I might be open to other practices if they have that same kind of Eastern spiritual vibe (I’m Taoist).

Administrator answers:

There was a Burbank Studio that offered Wing-chun style Kung-Fu and Tai Chi that I attended breifly and really enjoyed quite a lot(I think it was called California Academy of Martial Arts) but your description sounds more like my friend Jeremy who teaches authentic style Shaolin (white dude with ponytail) although he has just recently set up his new place further south near Long Beach called Lion’s Pride Martial Arts. Actually, Sifu Tei at the Burbank place (I think his name was Todd, it was more than a decade ago, so I’m not sure) also was a white dude with a ponytail, though his was much shorter than Jeremy’s, and they did have more than one location… But you can check out his place if you want, as he has some good deals going now to draw new business. I do know that his style specialty is authentic Shaolin, and sounds like the atmosphere is what you are looking for, very spiritual and focus on healing and mastering energy /chi at the core rather than “fight-club” concept:

And here is the CAMA link – I rembemer liking the Wing Chun style because it was designed for women and I am tiny even for a girl, but it says the also do Shaolin as well:

Mandy asks…

Couple who lives in a studio, next to you..states “ONE” person in lease.?

There’s a lady next door to me, I coincidentally never even met..(nor do i want to, but paths nvr cross,)who’s lived there about 5 mos. She has her boyfriend basically living in there with her, (meaning he comes in late, about 10-’11pm to sleep, and basically weekends all day, and really %90 of the time when she’s home.) However I told the landlord just after she moved in about how there is thin walls and the girl’s boyfriend was talking late into the night, and how our beds are close to each other, (that thin wall separating the rooms.) and his voice was deep and annoying..and so I cldn’t sleep, so he told me he talked to her and after that it’s stopped a lot. However 11pm-ish, he continues to come (our doors are right next to each other, as is my head by the fricken door.) ..and when he does they move stuff around (kitchen chairs, loudly, etc., at the time when I’m getting to sleep.)again-thin walls. So a couple wks. later landlord told me he was putting up a sort of “double-wall”, so that it’d be almost sound-proof. Btw the nieghbor on the other side of me was quick to inform me of the thin walls when he introduced himself to me, (let me know in a casual way that my heels were a little noisy walking through sometimes. Ever since then I am super quiet.) Anyway now tht the wall to that neighbor’s side, it wasn’t done to the other other side of my room-(old neighbor’s side,) so I am the lady/couple’s only neighbor. She probably loves it that she thinks she lives in a “sound-proof” place, (now I hear muffled TV a little louder on Sunday mornings,) and they’re getting away w/ still having her boyfriend live w/ her. (The landlord said when i askd how mny ppl he thought were living there, he said “just one.) but they also seem to “rotate” for a couple months w/ another lady. I informed him of this, I seemed a bit shocked that he had no idea and he said “well I don’t live there,” but he was he was glad I told him, yet, no change in the guy staying over like he lives there too. My main problm is the disrespectfulness when first off she knows/has been informed of the thin walls and they stil make the obvious noise, 2.she knws that the lease says abt ONE person being meant to live there and doesn’t care. 3. There are a lot of single, renters who wld love the extremely low rent, (it’s the cheapest studio in the area that cld be found right now.) be respectful and quiet like myself, and not need to be told to be considerate more than twice. Shld I maintain to the landlor again, abt how it does say ONE person on the lease, (nthere’s not even an option for guests stay over though I’m sure sometimes that’d be fine,) and she’s abusing it? and talk abt the noise again? or just find something else and ask him if I can get out of the lease? mny thx ahead. (Btw if you’re going to try to defend the obnoxious couple don’t bother responding. When I have a bf, I wld go to his place, not sleep every night in a 400 sq. ft. thin-walld apt every night. That or they need to splurge n a f’in one bedrm. Thy are pathetic.)
Oh so, if it states “one” person (it is rented to, on the lease,) for each unit, as he thinks is the case, it’s actually OK for there to actually be 2 people living in it, “Landlord?”
Everyone I’ve told abt this says it’s not alright that if it says ONE, on our leases, it shld mean, ONE. Wthell are u talking about rude and disrespetful?? I havent said anything to them..and I’m not “bullying anybody incompetent tool..then it just shldnt say that on lease if it’s not the case!
what “rights” ignoramus. Not following the lease? that’s a right? stfu.

Administrator answers:

The landlord is getting his rent, so he does not really care what is going on. I suggest that for the present you should buy some ear plugs. At the end of your lease, look for another apartment. Sorry to hear about your bad situation.

Michael asks…

How do I make my apt Cooler? Please HELP, I am baking!!?

I moved to LA 2 months ago and live in a studio apartment that has no ac unit, no ceiling fans and the window has bars on it so that I cannot get a window ac unit.

What can I do? I live on the top floor and I literally can’t sleep or move when I am in my apartment because I feel so lethargic, hot, tired, sticky, sweaty. I am starting to get really bad headaches, dry throat and just feel bad.

I can’t afford a portable ac unit as they are $400 plus. I already have an oscillating fan and 2 other small fans and they aren’t doing much. This heat is so bad that it is also too hot in the night for me as well.

Any ideas and advice on what I can do would be really really helpful!

Administrator answers:

If you have two windows, put one fan facing the window tho push the heat out. Keeping the windows covered helps a great deal. Roxanne

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