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May 15, 2012

Chris asks…

About to be parents, move to City or Suburbs?

My boyfriend and I are expecting our 1st baby within 3 weeks, or so. We are 35 & 34 and have known each other since high school.

We have a dilemma. Before we knew about the pregnancy, we both wanted to move to the city. We spent a lot of time finding an area we love that we wanted to move to.

I work in the city and will continue to after the baby is born.

In the meantime we live in a tiny studio apt where the lease is up in 2 months. The place is so small that most of my things, and a bunch of his are in a storage place. It’s also a bad neighborhood and staying here is not an option.

Now that the baby is almost here, the idea of moving back to the suburb we grew up in has come up. The reality is that we could get more apt for less money, it’s safer, we’ll be closer to parks, our families, and have a nice place to go for walks (which we both love to do daily).

We loved the idea of moving to the city and the lifestyle we imagined there. But the idea of spending more money for less space, and the reality that we probably won’t even be able to enjoy all the cool things about it is making us seriously reconsider this move.

But we don’t have a car and there are many reasons we mutually don’t want to live in the town we grew up in. We also feel that where ever we do move, it will be 2 or 3 years max because we want to head west.

So what is your recommendation? Should we go for the smaller apt in a neighborhood we might have more fun in (far from our families)?

Should we suck it up and move back where we can get a bigger place and although it will be less exciting, it will be nicer in some ways?

I am so afraid that we will move back only to feel trapped and miserable.

Anyone moved from the city to the suburbs have advice?

Administrator answers:

“We loved the idea of moving to the city and the lifestyle we imagined there.”

Well you were no longer going to have that lifestyle anyway since you are having a baby. That was how you imagined it when you were just two adults going out together.

No sophisticated clubbing, theater nights, elegant shoes and popping in to sandwich bars and stuff. It’s going to be spit-up and diapers and feeding schedules for a long time yet.

Forget the city, it wasn’t going to be how you imagined when you were just the two of you. Move to the suburbs and settle down and enjoy being a proper family :)

We lived in Houston, and after a while we moved back to England where we lived in a city. After we had our son though, we realized how crappy cities are for small children, so we moved back to the tiny town I grew up in. I don’t know anyone here any more, they all grew up and left back in the 80′s or early 90′s I guess, I wondered if I would keep meeting people from school and if all the old bad feelings would be there, would I see the school bully? Would I still not be “popular” but those kids had all long grown and gone and I was just another adult that lived here.

I was 36 when we moved back here, I had been gone since I was 20. It’s a bit different and a bit the same, but it’s a whole hell of a lot safer then living in the city was. I commute an hour and a half (each way) to work in the city still as small town wages are not good.

Mandy asks…

Is living together before marriage a mistake?

My boyfriend and I have been dating 8 months. We live seperately with roomates. Both of our leases are up in a month. Before we started dating, both of us were planning on moving out on our own. We live in the city so rent is expensive, even for a studio apt. We already spnend 4-5 days together as it is and are considering moving in together. Financially, we’ll save a ton of money. But I’m wondering…is this a bad idea?

We have an incredible bond and a connection like neither of us have felt before. We are compatible in so many ways, compliment one another’s personalities, and are able to meet eachother’s needs on every level thus far. We both feel like we’ve found our “other half” and plan on spending our lives with one another. I feel 100% sure I could/want to live with him and he feels the same. We’re just nervous bc it is soon….and things are so great, I don’t want moving in to change anything.

Any stories from personal experience? Is living together before marriage a bad idea?
I’m 25 and he is 26. Both mature, similar lifestyles, morals, etc.
Although it’s not just for financial reasons. We genuinely enjoy every minute together and are ready.
Our roommates are moving on, going their own ways as well. We’d save money bc instead of us each paying $1,000+ for a studio apartment, we could live somewhere nice and split the costs.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t have gotten married if I hadn’t lived with him first. I think if i’m going to promise to spend the rest of my life with someone I want to really know what I am in for, as the saying goes, you never really know a person till you live with them. I wanted to know his good habits and bad and decide then if I was willing to put up with him forever. That was my personal preference, everyone is different. Do what you think is best for you.

Robert asks…

what life in denmark.?


I am thinking of studying abroad in Copenhagen? It this a good idea? Please also answer the following questions:

- What is the cost of living/rent in Copenhagen? – for a studio apt.
- How much does a house cost in Copenhagen?
- Can a vegetarian survive here?
- Is it safe?
- What is the average family size?
- What % of people are educated? Is University education a norm?
- How hard is it to find a job? How much do architects make?
- Can I get around only speaking English?
- Are the people in Copenhagen friendly and accepting of Canadian?
- Will it be easy or hard to make danish friends?
- in whole euorpe using EURO currency ,so why not using in denmark?
- what is the pay scale in denmark?
-what is pay scale diffirence between denmark & germany?

Administrator answers:

Stop trolling

This question has been answered 2 days ago.

The only addition is the euro question.

A lot of European countries don’t use the Euro (actually more than 50% has kept their usual currency).

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