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Your Questions About Studio Apt Layout

March 16, 2012

Robert asks…

free / open source CAD applications to draw apartment layout?

I’m looking at buying a single bed apt and want to change it to an open plan studio but I need to be able to draw and print it to scale. Is there any free / open source CAD applications?

Administrator answers:

CADE (2D) or maybe Google sketchup?

Check the list of free CAD apps at|platform=Windows&filterName=licenseName=Free|platform=Windows&tag=ltcol

Linda asks…

Can a landlord charge different amounts for rent on same size apartments in same complex?

I currently rent a studio apt w/ one bath, and I pay $490, my neighbor with exact same apt only the set up is opposite of mine. He pays $550. My neighbor below also live in same exact apt as mine even to the layout and she pays $350. The only difference between is myself and neighbor paying more than myself live upstairs to downstairs that pays $350. What gives and is this legal?
I get the ocean views and if they were different but we all look out our windows to see the same street, the only difference is the upstairs and downstairs thats it we have same appliances and everything down to the carpet and title
I live in Phoenix,AZ and the neighborhood is known by anyone who lives here as on the not so good side of town. plus we are located right off the freeway. & all you have to do to qualify to live here is a current job and one person to reference.
not only that but the guy next door him and myself moved in to ours the same month, and the guy below me 2 months prior to myself

Administrator answers:

Not only is this legal, but will exist in close to 100% of complexes.

Mary asks…

Does this mean they are living together? My ex and her bf…?

I’m her first love and I hurt her and disappeared. She’s got a boyfriend now. She gave me signs that she wants me back. I’m thinking about getting her back. But I need to know if she’s living with him so I can work out some details in my strategy.

She goes to the same school as him. I know they don’t live in the apartments provided by the university which are at least one bedroom. From some of her pics, she has a crappy single bed in her living room and from the layout, there seems to be no bedroom, like a studio. In that case, she’s living alone. But I’m not sure. There might be a bedroom where her bf sleeps.

I would think if she was living with him, then they would be getting a 2 bedroom apt rather than an one bedroom apartment where 1 person sleeps in the living room… Especially when they are students so distractions are undesirable…And the additional cost of 1 more bedroom isn’t that much greater…

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

I think you need to talk to her

You’re building a whole scenario based on your subjective analysis of what you think might possibly be going on………in other words…….Nothing

If you’re interested, talk to her, see how she responds


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