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March 27, 2012

Mary asks…

What can I expect the cost of living to be in NYC?

I’m planning to attend school in Manhattan next year and was curious what I can expect the cost of living to be, and tips to cut costs. I’m probably going to try and find someone to share an apartment with, or just get a studio apt., what could I expect rent to be, with utilities and such? Also, just general things that I’ll need for living in the city (i.e., subway passes) Are there any websites that would be helpful?
Would a commute from the Bronx be bad to the Upper West Side?

Administrator answers:

Even a studio is very expensive in Manhattan. Just look at the prices in NYC on See if you can get into student housing for your school. It will probably be the cheapest thing you can get.

Everything in NYC is expensive, but there are also tons of deals (just not on housing, lol). There is a magazine called Time-Out New York that has lots of bargains listed in it. You can also pick up the Village Voice for free to look at the cheap eats section.

Metrocards can be purchased as a monthly unlimited card, weekly, etc with a savings over an individual ride (currently $2).

Utilities (if you have your own place) really aren’t all that bad and you can use common sense in conserving electric and/or gas use.

Tons of places in the city have free wireless access.

What is available to you also depends on where you live. Each neighborhood has it’s own hidden gems and bargains.

Entertainment options are literally endless, and there are many free events and low or no cost things to do. They list an assortment of events on a weekly basis in most papers and you can google websites and message boards for these events also.

There are two tv shows on public access or NY1 channel that can give you great ideas. One is “Secrets of New York” (hokey presentation but a great show) and the other is “$9.99″. Secrets gives you cool ideas of places to explore and $9.99 shows you how to have a blast for 10 bucks or less.


Bronx to the UWS is no problem as long as both locations are along the same subway line or have an easy connection. Pinpoint both places on a subway map and check.

Nancy asks…

Will my cat stop crying at night once she gets fixed?

I adopted this female cat and she is adorable. She and I live in a studio apt in NYC. For the first 8 days she was great. For the past 2 days she has been driving me nuts! She waktes up at 3 in the morning and cry at the top of her lungs as she start ing out the window. She is getting fixed this Friday. My question is once she is spayed will the crying at night stop? I am SOoooooooooooo tired and I fear that she is keeping our neighbors up as well. I dont want to get evicted because she is annoying everyone else. My landlord is on vacation and does not know she’s here yet. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I can promise it will all end! She’s in heat. Once she goes to the vet for the operation, all your problems will be over! I speak from experience, I’m the crazy cat lady in the neighborhood,that feeds the six wild cats,I also caputered each one and paid to have it sterilized. You’re doing the right thing.You’ll have a loving and healthful companion for many years,

Donna asks…

Let me rephrase the question – I’ve found a great studio apt for $100 a night on (New York)..

was wondering whether to go ahead with it or not…? It kinda sounds too good to be true to me. its located in the midtown west area. I don’t know anything about the rental prices in NYC. Some help would be great.

Administrator answers:

That’s $3,000 a month – that’s high for a studio apartment. What are the amenities? Does it have a large balcony? A view? A swimming pool in the building?

A hotel has maid service and room service.

Also, some of the streets that are very far west are not even safe – Hell’s Kitchen – some of those walkups are fire traps. Can you post the block or address here?

Lisa asks…

Livin in NYC… Help with apt hunt.?

Good god, apartments are outrageously expensive…

Does anyone know where I can find local listings that aren’t through a broker?

I work in Midtown but am not a financial guru who makes $100k. I make about $55k and according to the NYC rental rule of 40x rent, I can only afford a place (studio or teeny 1 bed)for $1375 tops… no roomies or shares.

Long shot, I know… but hey…

Anyone know of any classified boards with real owner postings besides Craigslist and Backpage? The NY Times and, blah blah… they are all through brokers.

I ideally would like to live in Manhattan – even if I have to live in the UES or UWS under the 115′s… I am really trying to avoid Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Jersey, etc right now because i KNOW I can afford those places… but for Manhattan, I need to research as much as possible before I take the plunge.

Any ideas? I’ll help you with Boston if you help me with NY! ;)

Administrator answers:

I lived in NY for years, Brooklyn, never Manhattan, because the prices were outrageous, try Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope, they are a bit cheaper than Manhattan

Lizzie asks…

Best place to go for homless couple in nyc?

In dire need of apt 1bdrm or studio for 800$ in Astoria or Queens N.Y.C.

Administrator answers:

You will not find an apartment anywhere in New York for $800. You might in certain poor areas, but those are dangerous and usually unaccessible via the subway.

I pay $5,300 a month for a one bedroom. I used to live in Astoria and we paid $3,200…

Carol asks…

NYC Apartment help.?

Ive been scouting apartments in NYC, most have certain dates such as December 20th to Feb 2nd. Does this mean that that is the longest i can stay? Is it possible to find a studio apt that i can just rent out permenantly

Administrator answers:

Yes. There are apartments which the owners only lease for a few months, usually while they’re on vacation. You need to look for an apartment with a long-term lease (for renting, there are no “forever” leases), which is just under a different category search.

Are you looking for an apartment online? If so, I would recommend you first look for a short-term lease on a room. That way, you have a place to live while you’re looking for your permanent apartment. Also, it’s much better to look for a home while you’re actually in the city – that way you can get a better idea of what the area is like, what there is around it, how long the commute is, all of those things that are important in a living environment.

PS: Look at this one, isn’t it fabulous?

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