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April 17, 2012

Mandy asks…

Want to move Greenwich Village, NY. Can a teacher afford an apt. in the city?

I would love to rent a studio or small apt. in Greenwich Village, NY or Chelsea. I have 2 small dogs and would love to find a teaching job within the city. Is any of this even remotely possible and would I even be able to afford living there. At 37, I figure it’s now or never! Thanks for any advice!

Longing for NYC from Missouri

Administrator answers:

I did it. I taught for a year after college while living in the village. I had to share a VERY small 3 bedroom. I had no money for anything else, though. It was kind of rediculous actually how small it was. We had the refrigerator in the hallway and the TV was on top of it. By bed doubled as my desk chair. That was bad enough at 23. I’m 27 now and couldn’t imagine living like that, much less at 37.
I live in a much bigger place now in the Bronx and I far prefer it. But if you want to try it, yes, it is possible. Hard to find though.

Betty asks…

Help! How to compromise with my boyfriend?

I am a pretty regular sleeper, but have trouble getting back to sleep if woken up after six hours of sleep. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a very heavy sleeper, and sets his alarm for at least an hour and a half before he needs to wake up. The result is that his alarm starts going off at 6am, and then I’m up for the day, despite having only gone to bed at midnight. (I work until late, so going to bed earlier is not an option for me). My boyfriend, on the other hand, sleeps right through until 7:30, and usually later. The lack of sleep is really taking its toll on me, especially my relationship with him. It seems really silly for a little thing like an alarm to be causing so much trouble, but I’m working 25 hours/week, and going to school full time, so a little lost sleep is a really big deal for me.

Also, we live in a studio apt. in NYC, so there is no other room for me to sleep in.
Also, we have already talked about it. He knows its a problem for me.

Administrator answers:

And… You’ve talked to him about this?? And… He’s still SO inconsiderate that he lets his alarm go off for an hour and a half before getting up? I don’t think there should be any “compromising”… He’s just being an ass.

Tell him to set his alarm for when he needs to get up, and when the alarm goes off and wakes YOU up, you can kick him. You get 1.5 more hours of sleep, and he gets up on time.

Lisa asks…

school loans or assistance?

hello! I am a 26 yr old female looking into getting back to school , i am single no kids , but i really want to finish my education. I really want to go full time but the only prob is that i need to pay my rent , i know that with a part time job getting paid 10 dollars and hour i will not make my 1200 dollar rent ( i have thought about the option of getting a roommate but i live in a very small studio apt in nyc. I have already filled out my fafsa and from the estimated amount it looks like my tuition will be paid , but i need assistance with my expenses , like my rent , light bill , food , travel etc. i have tried to speak to current job to see if they would change my schedule so that i could go to school and the basically told me that it was my choice whether i work or go to school but that my schedule will not be change. I have heard about loans that you could get to get money for expenses . but how do i look for them also do they go by credit , because my credit is not the greatest. any assistance is appreciated , i am just trying to finish my education and start of my career. THanks in advance for your suggestions…

Administrator answers:

You can get student loans, HOWEVER, the money isn’t refunded to you until your tuition and fees are paid AND is it not sent to you till later in the semester or quarter.

Basically, your going to have to find a way to pay that kind of stuff until you do get your refund. Of course, even then, your refund is not going to be enough to live off off. So you better start looking for another job.

Charles asks…

Cost of living in NYC?

One of my elder brothers is moving to NYC next month and he was wondering what the costs of living are in the city. He’s from Durham, NC, so he pretty much knows he’s in for a shock. His job pays about 70K a year and he’s single, so he wants to know whether it’ll be enough or what ways of spending he might seek to make sure that he saves a bit.

He’s most concerned about housing (a studio apt, maybe?), food costs, a car (insane parking, right?), stuff like internet and tv and all else. What kind of monthly cost of living is he looking at?

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

Can a kitty hate where they live?

I recently adopted a kitty I say kitty because when I first got her I thought she was 2 years old. Come to find out after she was spayed she is only 7 months old! I currently live in a NYC studio apartment. It has a seperate kitchen and bath so it’s not all “one” room. There is a Huge window that she can see that over looks trees and a court yard (we are only on the 2nd floor). There are tons of toys to keep her occupied during the day. I love my apt I just hope she isn’t bored or hates living there because it’s so small. I know it’s not really a question but I am just looking for suggestions to make sure she doesn’t get depressed and is okay living in a small space. Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Please understand that cats sleep about 20 hours a day. Yes, 20 hours!!! The time she is awake and with you is all she really needs to be happy. The toys you have for her are fine and a window is a cat’s idea of a really great time.
You sound like a great cat mom, don’t worry so much, just enjoy her.
Hope this helps.

Carol asks…

New apt. — worried about budgeting for my ConEd bill?

I have rented a modest apt, (a studio, 16′ x 13′ plus kitchenette and bath) will be home about 12 hr/day, have a small flat screen tv, laptop computer, printer, fridge. (The AC is central and is gas, not electric, and I do have a budget for this). Will use energy saver bulbs and take all measures I can to keep the bill down, but would like to have a sense of how much I might be paying. The apt. hasn’t been occupied for more than a year, and the electric bills have jumped in the past year. ConEd can’t give me an estimate. Do any of you have a similar living space in NYC, with sort of similar usage? I really want to begin to set a budget with a range of my basic expenses. Please help me out with this one. I haven’t had to pay utilities for quite a while, and I really am concerned. Thanks in advance for any help.

Administrator answers:

Can’t imagine it would be more than $80/month.

Donald asks…

Rent in LA or Stay near NYC?

I’m looking at jobs in the LA area (salaries from $40,000-$50,000 per year). I’ve never been to CA but I do live in NJ about an hour from NYC. I know what the rents are like in NYC and also how good the pub. trans. is — is LA similiar? what is the rent like for a one bedroom apt. or studio in a nice, safe, area? How is the public trans – can you live there w/o a car and still get around like you can in NYC? thanks…

Administrator answers:

I knew someone who moved from NY to L.A. She moved into a one bedroom or studio in Studio City. The rent was $1100? They are similar to rents on the east coast. I agree with other answerers that you definitely need a car in L.A.

$40,000-$50,000 is not much for L.A., but that goes the same for NY/NJ. Try If you go with a private landlord, you will find good quality apartments with lower rents. People there are always looking for roommates – Actors, artists, musicians and other societal deviants.

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