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July 10, 2012

Thomas asks…

studio apts?!?! chicago?!?!?

hi im trying to find a studio apt in chicago (jefferson park, logan square, cicero, anything off of harlem) that is decent price (up to 700) and HOPEFULLy doesnt have a security deposit or very low one / low rent. Is there any sites that can help me with this?

Administrator answers:

A valuable tool for me has been CL,check it out.

My Best

Richard asks…

cheapest studio apts in Cali?

Me and my boyfriend are poor and want to move. What areas have the lowest rent? If anyone knows of any places id be very thankfulll. : )

Administrator answers:

Most Californians consider the word “Cali” insulting. The people that do use it, usually those in their 20′s and younger, don’t understand where that term came from, and why it is insulting. “Grown up” Californians abbreviate our state “Cal”.

If you’re asking about the greater Los Angeles area a studio apartment usually starts in the $1100 a month and up range. To actually move in is roughly three times that amount (first, last, & security). California is one of the most expensive, and highly taxed states to live in. EVERYTHING you need to live will be about 50% higher than in most other states.

Add to that that we also have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Only Michigan is worse off. Finding work here is nearly impossible. Jobs are practically non existent.

You will see some tell you how great it is here, and to come on out. These people are probably still living at home with mom & dad paying the bills. They don’t have to make it on their own. If, as you say, you’re poor you would probably be better off either staying where you are, or looking elsewhere. You wouldn’t be able to afford to live in California. Sorry.

Donald asks…

does anyone knows of a website where i can look for 1 bedroom apts and studio apts in manhattan new york?

Administrator answers:

Many of the apartments at this website show pictures of what they’re renting.

Nancy asks…

Are there any studio/one bedroom furnished apts near in hartford,CT for short term flexible leasing?

near to bloomfield,CT

Administrator answers:

The possibility that there is a studio apartment near hartford is high go check it out at craigslist.

Donna asks…

Oakcrest Towers Highrise Apts in Forestville, MD…?

I wanted to know some information about these apts:

How much is a studio/1bedroom? What is an ‘appropriation’ (sp??) fee?

How are the tenants, on average?

Are the studio apts (which I’m leaning towards) spacious?

Any personal experiences? Would you recommend these apts. for a single person?

Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

Hmm. It sounds like you need to give them a call to find out more information. Apartment complexes are usually listed in the phone book. As far as the neighbors go, I recommend you visit them around dinner time so that you can bend the ear of one of your potential neighbors. Often they can give you more information than the leasing agent.

Chris asks…

Any cheap one bedroom apts or studios in west palm beach less than $700 ?

Administrator answers:

You might manage to rent a bedroom for that, plus a share of the bills. Even that would be lucky.

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