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August 12, 2012

Richard asks…

Microwave unhealthy?

I was doing some apartment hunting and I came across this place. It a place that have nothing but efficiencies and studio apts. The problem is, none of them have ovens. So my question is, since I would have to use a microwave majority of the time, isn’t that unhealthy?

Administrator answers:

I would advise staying away from the microwave-only option due to microwave radiation. All of my chemistry professors have told us to avoid it as much as possible due to the emission of rays. FDA does have standard regulations, but who actually checks up to see if a certain microwave meets the basic standards, especially if its not new. Also, from what I’ve heard, the microwave does cause foods to loose nutrients. Eat fresh as much as possible and try to get a place with a stove!


Robert asks…

Is there any decent hollywood studios?

in the hollywood 90028 zipcode are there any decent studio apts for under 800 a month including utils? cause I keep looking online and end up with out of date sites and little to no info.
that area,because its close to my job and internship so its the most convienent
also I make under a grand a month, so an 800+ a month apt would leave no money for anything else.

Administrator answers:

Probably not. The going rate for a decent studio apartment is about $900-$1000. That’s just the market. You can probably find some places for less, but will most likely have to give up something, like a desirable location, or safety.

Why Hollywood, anyway? That’s really not a great place to live. Kinda grungy.

Ken asks…

What do I look for in a new apartment?

Im looking into moving out in the near future. I found some nice studio and one bedroom apts, but I really dont know what to look for.

Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Roaches! Lol
No seriously, the best thing to do is look at security, mold, heat and A/C, water pressure, water temp. Neighborhood, cracks in the wall, doors closing properly, washer dryer hook ups, Location, Location, Location. It is always a good idea to take a day and drive by to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Is it what you would expect. Also drive by at night. Do you want to live on the top floor? Parking? Flush the toilet several times, check every inch of the place to make sure it’s safe and go to to make sure there are no sex offenders in the area. Go to the local police station and see if there has been any activity there, they will let you know. Good Luck!

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