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September 11, 2012

Mark asks…

Benefits and advantages of choosing to live in a LOFT?

why do people like living in lofts/studio apts?
list reasons thanks!

Administrator answers:

I can think of nothing. What is fun about climbing home?

Ruth asks…

Know of cheap extended-stay alternatives (or furnished apts) in Nashville, TN?

I may be going to Nashville, TN this month to stay for a 3-month job stint. I am looking for inexpensive alternatives involving a furnished studio, efficiency studio or apartment. Something cheaper, if possible, than $25/day. Any suggestions?
I would prefer furnished studios or apartments, since it’s just a 3-month stint. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Submit the price you are willing to pay on I use it all of the time. Since you are willing to stay for 3-months, you might get a good deal.
(If no one accepts your offer you will not lose anything)
Best Wishes!!!

Robert asks…

What are the advantages of living close to work?

There’s a luxury apt close to work, but it’s a studio and it is $1495 a month. The apts in west la is so expensive but my work and school is there. I know it is going to be so convenient to live close by work. It’s approximately only a mile from work so i can even go home for lunch. Do you think it’s worth paying that much for convenience?

Administrator answers:

Heck yeah. Walk to work and you wont have to pay for gas!!!

James asks…

i am movign to atlanta and dont knwo where cheep decent livign is ?

i need so ideas where it is safe

studio apts and affordible im a college student

Administrator answers:

If you have a car, I’d look at living outside the Perimeter. You might be able to find some deals in Midtown or by GA Tech’s or Georgia State’s Campus.

I’d buy a dictionary too.

Helen asks…

Radio City Apts in NYC?

I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Radio City Apts in NYC. The only type of room available for June is a studio with one double bed.

Administrator answers:

I also suggest you go to The hotels are reviewed and rated with candid pictures from people who have stayed there. Also go to the New York City forum and feel free to ask any questions you have. You’ll get tons of information from people who live there. And Radio City Apts. Gets great reviews there!

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