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October 6, 2012

Laura asks…

looking for apts within 20 miles of emeryville ca?

trying to find a studio or 1 bed room apartment going to be going to school in emery ville ca

Administrator answers:

Check the local newspapers websites.

Donald asks…

anyone know what N.Cherokee Avenue is like in Hollywood Ca?

im looking at studio apts online there, the bldg looks ok.
But I can’t see the street anywhere. anyone from Hollywood/los angeles that could tell me what N.Cherokee avenue is like? safe? decent looking? or?
it says 2 blocks from Hollywood Blvd.

Administrator answers:

Know it well. It’s the middle of Hollywood, it’s OK. But still you want to be careful, like anywhere in LA. North of Hollywood Bl. Is mostly apartment buildings, some businesses, an afterschool program, the area looks fine, kept up. South of Hollywood/Sunset is a post office, park, a few apts mixed in with small houses, the houses are in good repair, lawns mowed, etc. Geisha House is on the corner of Cherokee & Hollywood Bl, very trendy restaurant.

My bff lives a few blocks from there, several members of her family have had homes there forever and they really haven’t had any problems. The kids walk to school and haven’t had anything bad happen.

It used to be fun to watch the cops have hooker races up Wilcox, where the station is. We’d hear Last one to the corner gets busted! Click click click click, high heels on the concrete. But the cops don’t get to have fun anymore and the area has been cleaned up quite a bit. The city put a lot of money into low interest loans for residents and businesses to make the area look nicer and it’s worked.

It’s Hollywood, it’s strange, but if you’re careful, aware of your surroundings, don’t do dumb stuff like walk alone at night, have good locks on the doors and an alarm on your car, you should be fine.

Safety stats:
Google Map the address and then drag the little yellow man (on the left) over to the address to see the street, this works for most streets in LA. At least you’d get an idea.

Good luck!

Mandy asks…

Is it true that these ‘writers on strike’ live in small Los Angeles apts?

I’m confused about these ‘writers on strike’ in Los Angeles. I don’t know if i must have sympathy or not. Which of the following statements IS THE MOST TRUE:

-writers leave on low budget, mostly in tiny apts, few own homes

-writers make a high living (salary can reach $200k as a rumor says) and live near Mulholland drive and in the various Hollywood and Studio City Hills (just like big actors, CEOs and entertainment executives)

PS: I am sadly learning that Jay Leno does NOT make his own jokes, there are reruns, it sucks…

Administrator answers:

Not at all, most are what are called “above the line” meaning they’re pretty much one of the backbones of that area. And they make a pretty penny. 6 figures in alot of cases.

Lizzie asks…

I am moving to Cleveland Ohio and need a place to stay for 6 months..?

I am moving to Cleveland, Ohio and need a place to stay for 6 months.. I will be working at Cleveland State University.. I really need a 1 bed room or studio.. I called Edgewater Apts but I heard it’s crap.. Does anyone have any suggestions? I move in 2 weeks.. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You might want to check Lakewood:

You might want to check sublets & temporary:

If you want to live closer to CSU, consider the Statler Arms on Euclid Avenue. It’s within walking distance (relatively long walk) during daylight hours, but it’s also near a 24/7 RTA Healthline bus rapid station, which also has a station in front of CSU.

Other options in the CSU area include the Osborn on Huron Road and Reserve Square. The Osborn (formerly Huron Square) may be preferable to the Statler, but I doubt you can get a 6-month rent.

Does Cleveland State have a housing office? If so, they probably could help you with some ideas.

You likely would find the website useful if you haven’t used it already. Obviously, your big problem may be obtaining a six months rental.

Enjoy Cleveland! The winter will be nasty if you’re not used to it, but you should enjoy spring and early summer.

Daniel asks…


Found online some cheap studio apts under $1000 in zips-90068, 90028.

I recall hearing HHills is very expensive to live.

What could be the catch?

*photos of apts. were included in listings, so likely not a scam

Administrator answers:

No catch. You just get what you pay for. They are small studio apartments probably in older dumpy buildings with few frills. They might even be backyard studios or converted spaces.

A photo doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. People use fake and stolen photos all the time. NEVER send any form of cash that you can’t cancel to someone you don’t know.

Yes, the hollywood hills are VERY expensive to live in if you want a decent place. And $1000 for a studio ain’t exactly cheap on the grand scheme of things (a studio in Compton is $500). While nicer places have studios starting at $1500, you can find cheaper places if you look.

Steven asks…

Celebration FL apartments?

are there studio apts in celebtration fl? I’ll be by myself and i cant afford a 1 bedroom, and i hear its really safe there and it’s close 2 disney. if there are any studios do you know the name of the apartment complex?thanks

Administrator answers:

The most affordable studios and 1 bedrooms are out by clermont, and winter gardens.

Or up off of 27 near Animal Kingdom. You can get a 1 bed room for around 430 – 500 a month there.

I hope this helps!

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