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October 27, 2012

Mary asks…

San Jose California : can I afford it ?

I am considering moving to either san jose, or santa cruz, Ca. Are there many one bedroom or studio apts (preferably one bedroom) in the $600 to 650 /month range?

Administrator answers:

Sorry – I don’t think so. My 2 bedroom apt from a couple years back ( I know you’re looking for a 1 bdrm, just using this as a pt. Of reference )
was $1675 in an average neighborhood. Right now we are renting a 3 bedroom townhouse at $2300 a month and that is a pretty low price.

Lisa asks…

Ocean View Apts In Ca?

Price is not an issue. I need a at least studio apartment with an ocean view that I can sign a 3-6 month lease that allow cats.

Anyone know any?

Administrator answers:

Sunset Realty handles all the choice rentals on San Diego’s beach areas….Pacific Beach, Mission Beach & Point Loma all have massive rental properties…Better get in before June ….Summer rates, And friendly lease terms dissapear quickly when summer arrives…Also check out “The Reader” ( a locals paper widely used by ocean dwellers and landlords…Cats are no problem at with most properties at the beach…Good Luck!

Donald asks…

Splitting heating system for 2 apartments?

we have a rental property with 2 apts on the 1st floor -a 3 bedroom & a studio. Right now they are both heated by one forced hot water by gas heating system. Both have separate thermostats.We would like to separate the two so tenants can pay their own utilities but are reluctant to incur the expense of installing a new boiler just for the studio. Are there any less expensive options?
A few years ago,a plumber had said that even a hot water heater would be sufficient to heat that small studio apt but I am not sure how that works or if that is a viable option.
Please advise. Thanks,

Administrator answers:

Electric resistant heaters (baseboards) are relatively inexpensive to install if you have the space in your electric service panel to add the circuit.

Richard asks…

reasonable apts in north hollywood?

I’m going to be moving to california to jump start a career, but I need a little help. I want to live by the studios, but at a good price. I’m even willing to live with a roommate. Could someone help me out?

Administrator answers:

North Hollywood has some nice areas and some bad areas. Also, North Hollywood is not adjacent to Hollywood like it sounds – it’s actually a couple towns over. Housing in the Valley towards Hollywood (NoHo, Studio City, Valley Village, etc) is probably going to be $600-800 for a bedroom, and $1200+ to live alone.

Your best bet is to check Craigslist for temp housing – Find a place for 2-3 months until you decide what area you want to be in, or meet some people you really want to live with.

I’m not sure if you’re an actor or trying to do a technical job, but getting a studio job is incredibly difficult. The major film/tv studios (WB, Paramount, Fox, etc) are all union and you generally have to have a LOT of experience here in town or some major connections to get those gigs. Plus, a lot of work is outsourced to other production companies (or boutique companies who do graphics, makeup, audio, etc). A lot of those companies are not in Hollywood (there’s a lot of sound in Burbank and the west side, for example)

If you’re an actor, I can pretty much guarantee that all productions on the lot are union (SAG/AFTRA). You may have better luck connecting with some indie studios/production companies to find work.

Also – when I first moved out here someone told me it takes 6 months just to make the connections to START to look for work. There’s a lot of truth in that – you really need a good nest egg before you move out here. I read not long ago that unemployment is over 25% (including seasonal unemployment) so it’s especially important to be prepared if you’re serious about staying out here. I’ve met a lot of talented people who have come and gone because they couldn’t afford to stay and do what they loved to do.

Maria asks…

Help needed- Renting in St. Leonards, NSW?

Am most probably moving into St Leonards suburb in Sydney. I am moving from Wellington in NZ and looking at the real estate sites the apartments on Seargent St and Herebert St look really beautiful. My only dilemma is that I haven’t been to St Leonards so was wondering if you guys could help me and give me some feedback of the area vis-a-vis crime rate, transport, shops like grocery stores, westfield etc. I would be travelling to CBD daily for work (mon-fri) so please do tell me if its worthwhile renting in St. Leonards (looking only for studio apts for myself).. Also, what is the procedure for renting an apartment in Sydney like how to submit application for apartments one is interested in? Can it be done online??

Administrator answers:

St Leonards is a very nice area, lots of cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery stores. There is no westfield, the closest shopping centre is in chatswood (5 minute drive). Transport is really good from St Leonards, the train to the CBD takes about 15 mins and they come every 15 or so minutes in peak hour.There are also alot of buses that go to the CBD, and buses that go to Manly beach.
You can apply for an apartment online, but i would go to a real estate agent, the best way to find an apartment is on

Good luck!

Chris asks…

I’m a Chinese planning to live in Detroit to make music. Is it dangerous for an Asian? Any advise?

This plan of mine is simply for the sake of experience. I am a professional electronic music producer making techno tracks and I just wanna do my work living in Detroit for a period of time. Like a year or two. I’m looking at some rental apts along Woodward Ave to set up my studio. It would be nice to hear opinions or any advice from musicians or producers in the area, or from anyone for that matter. Cheers.

Administrator answers:

You will find a very active music scene and one that has thriving electronic music environment. It sounds like you are looking for a work/live type of place with space for you to set up a booth. However, I don’t really suggest Woodward Ave. It doesn’t have a cohesive vibe to it. You need something like a artist colony. Look in the Eastern Market area.

The FD Lofts have some very nice spaces. It was once a horse hospital for the Fire Department and was rehabbed in 2007. Check out this link on youtube some of the vids are painfully amateurish, but you can get an idea.

Background info with links

PM me if you have any questions.

Oh, I have no idea about the Chinese thing. But I’m a white guy and I don’t have any troubles.

Betty asks…

Off Base Housing close to NAS in Pensacola, FL?

I will be moving to Pensacola, FL in a few weeks and I have been looking up apts/studios in the area.
I am looking for something really, really close to NAS. Something like 1 or 2 miles away, anyone know of any decent places in that area? Or a helpful website.
So far, I found nothing and I would like ideas of places to check out so I am not so lost when I arrive.

Administrator answers:

The are quite a few places around Pensacola NAS area. Try checking the Pensacola newspaper at or the fort walton based paper The ft walton paper also will have a military section as they have Eglin airforce base there and a ton of new people are moving in the area. Both papers will have lots of ads for military personel. Also each base has a housing liason-the Eglin bases liason lives down the street from me so I know they coordinate new arrivals and help with off base housing as well as buying and selling advice. ALso in pensacola there are lots of apartments around the University of West Florida Area. So if you can’t find what you need closer to the base there is always a ton of apartments a few miles away. If you do live on base and haven’t been there yet, Pensacola NAS is a beautiful place. It looks more like a resort than a military installation. We go there frequently for field trips to the museum, lighthouse and old fort.
Best of luck to you!

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