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May 29, 2013

Paul asks…

Someone please explain my check stubs to me? 10 points!?

I was trying to get a studio apartment, they said I need to gross about1100 monthly.

I get paid every 2 weeks on Wednesday.( It is exactly 14 days worth of pay on each 2 checks I get every month)

On AVERAGE my checks are close to 500 or close to 600.

My last 2 checks for the month of May were 530.23 & 563.87 before taxes( Apts. check gross not take home)

530+ 563= 1093 so how do I not make almost 1100/month??

**The apt ppl calculate my ytd which is 2018 and divided up by 3 months because thats how long ive been working and came up with around 678/month. Im not understanding these calculations. Even if my ytd does say 2018, i know I make more than 600 odd dollars a month!!! Thats rididculous! I am highly confused**

Administrator answers:

Looks like your $1093 is not $1100/month like they require. Nothing complicated there….

Donald asks…

Ethics question?

Ok let say that you live in a big old house that is turned into apts. The lower half is all one apt and the upper is 4 studios. Everytime the person above your bedroom smokes all the smoke is being pulled into your bedroom by the heating vents, him having his window open is seeming to make matters worse by creating more suction , you are the type of person who #1 doesnt appreciate second hand smoke and #2 you like your bedroom to be your santuary and the last thing you want to smell when you are sleeping is second hand smoke, so you end up covering your vent and do without heat and the manager refuses to intervene
(too lazy and hateful) aside from moving what would you do. Dont you think that he should cover up his vent so the smoke wont come down? Why are some people so cold hearted?
I live in the lower half
Yes I have talked to him about it many times.
So what some of the answers are stating is, I need to keep sleeping in the living if I dont want cancer from second hand smoke. This is a nice house cheap rent that would be perfect for renters who want to be considerate, we all were considerate of each other before this guy moved in!? His dad is the manager also I might add.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, there is really nothing that you can do to stop him from doing what he is… Legally. Obviously, there are equally horrendous things that you can do to make his life hell.

The reality is that whether it is his human right or not, he is a dick. One of the things that aggravates me about the whole “It’s his right” thing is that we endorse freedom for people on only ONE condition (basically). That your freedom not be taken to the point that it harbinges on other people’s rights. Ethically, HE is in the wrong, not you.

It’s my right to drive my vehicle, but it is not my right to drive it in a manner that potentially takes away your rights.

Unless you REALLY like your apartment, I’d suggest moving to an apartment with a decent landlord in a building with a non-smoking policy. The alternative is to terrorize him in the middle of the night, or to do things like put rotten food on his doorstep (the wetter the better, because it will soak into the carpet at his door making all of his visitors smell whatever concoction you have put together.

I would still recommend moving first.

You are NOT wrong to ask for the simple reality of having a safe home. Your landlord is in the wrong for not doing anything about it, and your neighbour is a douche for not being more accomodating.

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