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January 26, 2013

Helen asks…

My boyfriend and I moved in together but he misses his mom now and wants out?

I lived in my own studio apt and when my boyfriend finished his vocational training and got a job he begged me to move out of my place and into a “real” apartment with him(until he finished his training he had been living with his mom still). He continually talked about it and was very excited when I told him I would move in with him. We looked at apts for a few months before we decided on one place. We’ve lived here two months out of a 12 month lease with both of our names on it. He now misses him mommy very much and wants to move back in with her. He complains of a headache and/or stomachache everyday and he’s driving me crazy because any and everything I do to try and help him/make him feel better he always tells me “that’s not how my mom would do it.”. I was reluctant to move in with him because he is so very attached to his mom and has never been away from her for more than a weekend(seriously he hasn’t and he’s 20 years old) but I thought he’d be okay now since he is a grown man. I was wrong but not only does this actually affect our relationship(if he won’t move out of his mom’s house then how are we supposed to have a life together? I’m not moving into his mom’s house with him.) it affects me financially and my housing situation because I CANNOT afford this place every month out of my single paycheck and I can’t move back into my old place(I’ve checked and it’s already been rented out to someone else). What does he expect me to do if he decides to run home to mommy?

Do you think I could talk him into staying here or should I just let him leave but still have him pay his half of the rent (just the rent not the other bills) until I can terminate the lease in 10 months(he doesn’t want to pay the early termination fee but he wants out of the apartment and knows I can’t afford this place myself)?

Administrator answers:

Talk to his mommy — she probably didn’t want him to move in with you. Tell her you’ll give her her little boy back if she’ll give you a lump sum for HIS share of the rent.

Or ask your deadbeat baby boy?

Oh,and — DUMP this whining child. He isn’t looking for a partner, he wants a substitute Mommy he can go to bed with.

You could take him to court if his name is on the lease. Or you could try to find a replacement roommate, which would be a major pain but still better than a 20-year-old toddler.

Look at the bright side–at least you didn’t marry this jerk.

Mandy asks…

apt inspections? PLEASE HELP :( ?

i was sitting here watching tv and all the sudden got a knock and i recognized the girl from the leasing office so i got dressed real quick and answered she said she was here for an inspection and she was with some guy and they came in (i live in a studio) and they really just came in kind of did a circle and left they didnt go into the laudry room, bathroom, or closet and then left but why did they do this?!?! am i in some kind of trouble or under suspicion?

btw. my apt is very very clean the only thing is i have a large make up stain in front of the mirror that would have been visible..i just have lived in apts for years and have never had this happen she did have a bunch of keys with her so im assuming that she would have just come in with out my knowledge if i werent here. i have been late multiple months on rent however i have always gotten the money in no problem and am not past due in anyway now

Administrator answers:

You don’t have anything to worry about. Usually apartment inspections are done to make sure they are in compliance with building and rental codes, not you.

Typically, they check expiration dates on the fire extinguishers, make sure your smoke detectors work and some change the filter on the furnace. They just want to make sure you aren’t in violation of any fire codes and you are fine.

HOWEVER, you should have gotten notices before the inspection (my old apartment posted a sign in the rental office every June that inspections are being done and they said that was enough). They are required to give you notice before entering the apartment.

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