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Your Questions About Studio Apts In Los Angeles

February 17, 2013

Ken asks…

Hey! Los Angeles residents…help me find an apartment?

I live in Virginia right now and I will be moving to L.A in november but I am looking for a studio or one bedroom apt close to the hollywood area.(i mean….it doesn’t really have to be that close to hollywood)and i know that i can look at apts online but u know how u see pictures of apt on the internet and they look really nice in the photo, but when u go out there to look at them, they look like crap! so I wanna know if anyone knows about any studio or one bedroom apts(that u have seen in person!) that are NOT! in a bad area that are no more than a $1000 a month.

Administrator answers:

“peedle” comment was just plain un-necessary

“seems to me” that “peedle” is some jerk who thinks he owns ANY city in California and thinks anyone who wants to move there, is filth “actor and or singer”
Get over it bro, you don’t own california,so stop acting as if it’s a holy turf. You’re exaggerated california pride is lame.

As far as apartments in LA. They are pretty expensive. I was looking for apt’s in LA, but ended up moving to san diego for school. Good luck trying. TRY CRAIGSLIST!

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