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December 6, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Moving out at 18 in California? HELP?

My cousin is turning 18 next march. she is on independent study and works a 12pm-9pm schedule (minimum wage) and has money saved up. she lives 40 minutes away from San Francisco with her parents. she wants “freedom”, and the whole usual “18 speech”. Her goal is to go to Santa Monica College in southern cal next year.. but EVERYTHING in L.A. is expensive. decent studio apts run 1200/month. if for some reason this plan does work, she’ll need help. L.A. is NOT the place to move to at a young age. very expensive.

can someone tell me if her plan is possible? pros/cons of L.A.?bare minimum paycheck per month to afford it? (outskirts of L.A. like Culver City, around there)

thank you soooo much. no rude comments please
also, can someone tell me the costs of

and any other monthly bills that average out in L.A.

Administrator answers:

Well, the Bryn Mawr alumni magazine says choose a college based on who you want to be rather than who you are.

California has a huge bunch of schools better than or equal to SMC, thus you could ask your friend if there are any other towns she would think about as their schools have the same admissions criteria as SMC

she could go to then look up something like “grooviest” or something. Http://

also she could look up high school rankings, as weird as it sounds, if she moves to the city with the best HS at all of california the culture of the people around her may be really nice, the area in pretty impressive shape. Like with this map, any green place is likely a better place to live. Http://

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