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June 8, 2012

George asks…

What Chicago neighborhood has decently priced lofts/studio apts for an Art Institute graduate student?

A decent neighborhood, not the ghetto but not too high priced. N, S, E or W side of town? Or downtown?

Administrator answers:

Check out Logan Square. It’s a little West, but it’s getting very nice.

Chris asks…

how much do studio apts go for in San Diego?

i’m looking for a price range, maybe any in specific you may recommend?

Administrator answers:

I found over 900 Studios in San Diego using Cazoodle Apartment Search. You should be able to find something that you will comfortable paying.

David asks…

is it possible to find studio apts for eight hundred dollars or less?

im looking for a studio apt in brooklyn, utilities included for 800 or less. somewhere near a train. thx :)

Administrator answers:

I saw a few on Craig’s list.
Check it out.

Maria asks…

What does the apts mean, like efficiency, studio names,ect mean?

im looking for apt and got confused with all the lingo

Administrator answers:

I teach English and I would say that if you ever come across an unfamiliar term you should ask. Sometimes people get used to using jargon in their job and forget us mere mortals use a different language. I’m not sure about any of the ones you mention. What kind of efficiency? Do they mean heat efficient? I found this website which might have some of the terms in it:

Happy house hunting.

Mandy asks…

student housing/studio apts near Valencia Community College in Orlando?

i plan on moving to orlando in january of 2012 but i’m having a HARD time looking for cheap, all inclusive student housing or studios that are actually inhabitable… can anyone help?
*looking to spend about $450 for the room…
*will settle for a 4/2
*studio would be ideal…. :)

Administrator answers:

Searching for homes can be difficult.
Check out this website for Orlando Homes:
I think it will help you. I hope you find a great place to live within your budget! :)

Steven asks…

What type of apartments usually have the highest turnover? Studio? 1, 2, 3, bedroom apts.?

What type of apartments do long term tennants usually prefer? And why?
I cant choose “best answer” between the two because theyre both good. 1st one answered the “what”, and second one answered the “why” part of my question. So I will have to leave it up for a vote.

Administrator answers:

I agree with the first poster. It is a lot easier for one person in a studio to pick up and move. Less stuff physically to move, and only one life that is affected. The larger the unit, usually the more people that are living there. You start dealing with kids who are in school and their parents don’t want to move them, etc.

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