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May 9, 2012

Daniel asks…

Help me narrow my college choices by viewing my stats please?

-resides in FL, class of 2012
-African American/Haitian American
-Lower class income so need financial aid
-GPA: 3.04 unwghted 4.30 wghted. SAT: 1720+ ACT: not yet but prob 27
-Other notes: First attended a magnet school for 2yrs in health academy. then transfered for 1 yr(where I will continue onto 2) to a dual enrollment school where minimum of 3.0unwightd is required, therefore my class rank is low because its extremely competitive. However, I’ve accumulated 30 college credits thus far from taking 12 college courses. 3.0 college GPA. I’ve taken maybe 10 honors and 2 APs and 12 college courses thus far in high school.
-100 cc hours at Theaters and film festival,
-8yrs Church choir and dancer, community acting & touring group/organization 2yrs, acting college classes, music college classes, 2 part-time jobs (still have 1), honor roll for 9th and 10th grade, secretary of health club 1yr, won health district knowledge test on nutrition 2nd place (state competition), Gay-straight alliance club 2yrs, performing arts club (stepper, singer) 2yrs. Hobbies: workouts, guitar and piano, recording and producing music for my brother (using home studio)who is an up and coming artist. also promoting him on the web.

-I want to throw in that for as long as I can remember my family and I collect clothes and toys every year and send to Haiti.
-I am really good at tapping into peoples feelings and minds when writing essays so I’m not worried on that part.

I want to major in Theater. Specifically, Acting. BFA or BA.

My choices:
* Boston Conservatory
* Boston U
* Carnegie Mellon U
* Cornell U
* DePaul U
* Emerson College
* Florida State U
* Fordham U
* Ithaca College
* Juilliard
* Marymount Manhattn College
* New York U
* Pace U
* Rutgers NB/Pscataway
* Spelman College
* SUNY Purchase
* Syracuse U
* U Central Florida
* U Florida
* U Mass Amherst
* U Miami
* U Southern Calif
* University of the Arts
I can only dream of attending UPenn….

Any I should remove? Any I should add? Ask me for anymore info on my stats

Administrator answers:

I would get rid of Juilliard. They only take 18 freshman into Drama from all who apply. Many have already worked professionally and are grads of high schools like LaGuardia Arts (the FAME school.) They also cut students if they think they aren’t cutting it. They did that to Robin Williams. It is 100% about your audition and all you need is a high school diploma. They could care less about any extra curriculars too. I know of some professional actors who didn’t make it in. It really is a crap shoot there because of so few spots and so many wanting to attend.
NYU Tisch is a possibility if you nail the audition. It is 50% your audition and 50% academics. They take more students than Juilliard but still are highly competitive. That may be a reach school for you. You should definitely go for Marymount Manhattan , SUNY Purchase, USC, Emerson. Perhaps Fordham and Pace too. Carnegie Mellon might be a reach school too. They also don’t take a lot of freshman into their drama program.
I think it is important to visit the schools you are seriously considering and meet with the department heads. That way you will know if it is a good fit. I also think going to school where the work is, is also a big help. Often they come in to schools to cast.

* any AP or college courses taken outside of your college program usually wont count for a BFA in any art. You need to have the bulk of your work related to your art and at their school. NYU Tisch doesn’t give any credit for AP classes. It is also very expensive.

Helen asks…

Should we move, (do to having kids and pregnant)?

Do you think my family and I should move houses. Currently me,my husband and my two daughters live in an beach studio apartment, very near to the beach. My husband (24/25) and I (23/24) live in Miami. We have a 15 month old daughter, Jaylie and a 4 month old daughter Daniella. We’re not sure, if we should move homes. Our studio apartment, has: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 hallways, office/playroom. I’m pregnant again. Me and Shaun are wondering if we should move.

Reasons why have to move:
*Not sure baby’s gender. Girls have seperate bedrooms currently. If boy born, will have to move the girls bedrooms.
*Slippy floor.

Reasons why not to move:
* Near beach.
* Big.
* Beautiful aparment.
* Kids/Husband and me like it.
Me and my husband and kids, love the beach! My husband excersises on the beach almost evryday.

Administrator answers:

Well, your two daughter’s could share? And keep that spare bedroom for the baby. Don’t rush into things, as for the first few months it’ll be sleeping in your bedroom anyway.

Carol asks…

Where should I go to college: Miami of Ohio or Ohio University?

I just got back from touring both.. and I am rather torn.

OU is pretty laid back, has a decent campus, and is known for being thee top party school in the nation. They also offer the major I wanted to go into, photojournalism. Despite the campus in some areas was rather unkept (student homes and older buildings). Lastly, it’s 2 hours away from where I currently live.

Miami has a supremely gorgeous campus. They students are wealthy, high class, and were quite nice. They don’t offer that exact major but they do have a studio arts major and journalism. Greatly, it is 4 hours away from where my parents live.


Administrator answers:

Well the hawks aren’t a good football team in division 1 but campus upkeep does matter. From what u described i’d go with miami ohio

Charles asks…

itinerary for honeymoon in orlando, miami and jacksonville – is it good?

Hi there,

My fiancee and I are honeymooning in florida in a fortnight for 2 weeks, and have the following itinerary drawn up. We want to see some ‘off the beaten track’ things, so hopefully this has some. Can you give me some feedback if its a good itinerary or if theres anything else we could add?

day 1 – arrive, pick up car, food shopping at walmart (SO excited) and relax in villa
day 2 – trip to Mount Dora for:segway tour, lunch, vintage train ride, shopping, dinner, ghost tour
day 3 – brunch, harry p leu gardens, lunch, ripleys believe it or not, olive garden
day 4 – universal studios, bahama breeze for dinner
day 5 – trip to tampa/clearwater for: see ybor city, lunch, clearwater beach, shopping, dinner, pier 50 sundown party
day 6 – tubing at kelly park, relax at villa, hoop dee hoo revue
day 7 – leave v early and travel to miami for: swimming in venetian pool, lunch at coral gables, miami beach, little cuba, baseball game, drinks, hotel stay
day 8 – leave v early, drive down to key largo (or bit before), everglades safari airboat tour, travel to fort lauderdale, people watch there, then travel back to orlando
day 9 – john f kennedy space centre, daytona, dinner at dennys
day 10 – boat tour at winter gardens, see area, shopping & lunch at mall at millenia or florida mall, fork & screen at night
day 11 – relaxing at villa in pool and with BBQ (memorial day)
day 12 – leave early to travel to st augustine for: castilla de san marcos, lunch, pirate museum, chocolate factory, then stay overnight in st augustine or jacksonville beach area
day 13 – visit kingsley plantation, travel to st marys in georgia, submarine museum & lunch there, then travel back to orlando
day 14 – universal studios islands of adventure, last minute shopping
day 15 – travel home

Phew! What do you think?


Administrator answers:

That’s a great good plan and hope you both will enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. You can also include some calm and interesting outdoor activities like fishing, theatre to watch movie and so on.

Hope you find it useful :)

George asks…

Some geography questions!?

1. Name the area (much larger than Mexico) with the most inaccurate name of any territory in the world. (Hint: this is easy. The name was clearly thought up by an overzealous travel agent.)

2. There is a mainland country of 11,000 sq. miles (about the size of Maryland) whose nation’s capital is located on an island out in the ocean. What is its name?

3. Find another capital separated from the mainland out in the middle of a sea. This country is about 17,000 square miles and has a population of about 6 million. Although the bulk of the country is located on the mainland, its largest city and capital is out on an island. Hint – this is in a sea.

4. Everyone knows about the problems on the island known as Ireland, but there are several other islands in the world with almost as many headaches over divided loyalties. The one we are looking has, like Ireland, been legally separated into two halves for political purposes. What is its name?

5. What is Red, White , and Blue, Black, Yellow , and wet all over?

6. I am one of the world’s largest countries (Top 20), but I was completely landlocked until 1885 when I bought a tiny sliver of coastline about 20 miles wide to provide access to the sea. Who am I?

7. Hi. My name is ________ and I used to be a pretty good quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Now in retirement I got a cushy job as one of the world’s smallest countries. Where do I live?

8. I am an enormous land mass bigger than Saudi Arabia, Libya, or Mexico, but no one will let my gymnastics team into the Olympics because I am not a country. Who am I? (Hint : Not Antarctica, not Arctic Circle).

9. My name is Lake Superior, but I am feeling Erie because I am considered only the 2nd largest Lake in the world. Who’s occupying First Base in the Lake Department?

10. About time, an easy one. I am a Top 20 in population country consisting of 13,000 islands. What’s my name?

11. Over-Population is of course the Earth’s most pressing problem. China averages 300 people per square mile, but that feels like living on the Moon compared to India’s staggering 672 people per square mile. Then again, Japan averages 865 people!! Have you seen Tokyo lately??

12. By comparison, Canada averages about 7 people a square mile and Australia about 6. The largest country on Earth, Russia, averages about 33 people. One country, however, gets my vote for hell on earth with the cataclysmic average of 40,000 people per square mile.
Can you name it?

13. While we are on the subject of population, based on the United Nations web site, these are the 14 most populated metropolitan areas in the world. Oops ! I accidentally slipped in the 26th largest metropolitan area in the world. Which is the smallest city on the list??

(Hint: the 14th Smallest City on the list is Calcutta which is an amazing 5 million people larger than our secret city!!)

01. Calcutta, India
02. Istanbul, Turkey
03. Jakarta, Indonesia
04. Moscow, Russia
05. Mexico City, Mexico
06. New York City, U.S.
07. Bombay, India
08. Sao Paulo, Brazil
09. Seoul, South Korea
10. Tokyo, Japan
11. Beijing, China
12. Los Angeles, U.S.
13. Cairo, Egypt
14. Osaka, Japan
15. Manila, Philippines

14. Europe has Big Ben, but Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America all have something real Big that Europe doesn’t have. What is it ?

15. Bellaire, Texas, the world-famous home of SSQQ Dance Studio (which sponsors this web site), is a tiny city completely surrounded by the enormous city of Houston.

16. It is not uncommon for a city to be surrounded, but can you name the two larger countries that actually have two (or three) smaller separate countries that exist completely within its borders? (Please note: one of the 4 “contained” countries does share a single border with another country)? What are the names of the 2 large countries and the 4 smaller countries?

17. It is a little known fact that there is also a third country surrounded as well by one of the two large countries above. Can you name it?

18. So everybody has heard of the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. Big deal. Anybody want to guess where the longest River-Canal connection in the world is located?

19. Which country’s Flag is almost completely identical to the State of Texas Flag !?! The nerve of those rude copycats!! (Or did we copy theirs? Hmm.)

20. Russia, the United States, Spain, Angola, and Azerbaijan all have a unique problem in common that none of the other 190 countries are burdened with. What is it?

Administrator answers:

1. Greenland
2. Equatorial Guinea
3. Denmark?
4. Cyprus
5. Don’t know
6. Democratic Republic of the Congo
7. Nauru
8. Greenland?
9. Caspian Sea
10. Indonesia
11. Don’t understand the question
12. Monaco
13. Cairo, Egypt?
14. Don’t know
16. Large countries- Italy and South Africa
smaller countries- San Marino, Vatican City, Lesotho, Swaziland
17. No
18. China?
19. Chile

I tried to answer all but I can’t…

Donald asks…

Amateur photographer looking to build portfolio?

Would it be wise to do an open shoot on the streets or in a studio?

i dont have a personal lighting set up in my home but, do you think a photo studio would allow me to use their setting to shoot? Should i get a job at a studio? I live in Miami so i’m always walking around with my camera. I’m hoping to make a little money doing shoots so i can get better lenses. I have a Nikon D40 with a 35-80mm AF manual lens. Any help is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Find out what kind of photography interests you more… There can be several opportunities.

1. You may join a photographer as an assistant and earn while you learn photography from him.

2. Go to popular stock photography websites and see what kind of photos sell more.. Try capturing similar photos and put them in the stock pile.. You will surely find buyers there.

3. Wedding photography is another lucrative option. Contact studios nearby and enquire about their requirements.

4. Send low resolution images to photography magazines and newspapers and see if they are interested in your photos. Once they confirm, send them your high res pics and also talk about payments.

5. Participate in photography Contests that give out cash prizes.

Now, regarding portfolio, it would depend on where you are going to show them. I would suggest you to make your own which you may customize.

A. There are flip and stick kind of photo albums… Bit expensive.. But worth investing. Take about 10-20 pages book.. Not more or less…

B. Print the best of your pics at 8X10 or 8X12 size

C. Customize your portfolio.. Say you are going for wedding photography, put the shots relating to the theme. If showing them to a magazine, replace these photos with your landscapes or still life photos.. Cater your client with the kind of photos they are looking for.

D. Print few post card size photos… May be with a collage of 3-4 photos from your collection with your Name and Contact Details and hand then to your clients so that they may see that card later and remember your work and perhaps give you a project to execute..

All the Best!

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