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September 21, 2012

Lisa asks…

My cousin doesn’t like me?

I’m really excited because my sister and I are going to meet up Los Angeles in a few days ( I live around San Diego and she lives in Las Vegas), but I’m kinda bummed because she wants to hang out with a cousin that I don’t think likes me and suggested that we spend the night at her house.

I normally wouldn’t care, but last time I went over her house when my brothers came to town was a complete mess. All she did was give me dirty looks and sarcastic comments the whole time. I took my little bro out to Universal Studios with some other family members, while her and my older brother went to celebrate her birthday at a club, and when I came back to her house she locked the room I had been sleeping in and I couldn’t get my pajamas, toothbrush, cleanser, etc. So I feel asleep in the room my little bro had slept in and he slept on a living room couch. Then when they came home in the middle of the night, I figured I’d go get my pj’s, but she said I couldn’t go in there because all her party guest had fallen asleep in the room and I might wake them.

The next day we planned on going to the beach and I was waiting for my bf who was gonna follow her car to the beach, he was about 30 minutes away and she wouldn’t wait for him. I couldn’t wait for him either because I wasn’t familiar with the area and was afraid I’d get lost, luckily he found his way there. When I talked to my bf later he asked me if her and I were related because she is mean to me. I asked him how and he said that he noticed she was always giving me attitude and he noticed that she didn’t offer us any food, her bf did, yet she offered my brothers food.

I told my sis I really don’t wanna spend the nights at her house, but she insist everything will be ok and she will keep an eye on her and say something if she notices she is being mean. I think it would be a better idea for us to sleep at nearby aunts house and we can hang out with my cousin during the day.

I honestly don’t know why she acts like that toward me I’ve never said anything mean to her or done anything disrespectful. My bf says she’s probably jealous because I’m skinny and she’s big, and she is constantly talking about my weight, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The thing that I find really odd is that I get along very well with her sister and brothers, but something is just weird with her.

Administrator answers:

Tell your sister that you well be staying at the Aunts because you have already stayed with the cousin and she was extremely rude. Your sister can’t make her treat you nice and I wouldn’t give her a second chance to make me uncomfortable. She needs to grow up. Ask sister to please back you up on this one.

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