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December 2, 2012

James asks…

Where online can I find studios for rent in Pasadena, Sierra Madre, or South Pasadena?

For under 1,000
I can’t find it :(

Administrator answers:

In Pasadena, South Pasadena, and Sierra Madre, landlords often don’t advertise online especially for lower cost or older buildings. Drive around and look for signs on the properties. That is really the best way. 

Another place to look is at PCC, on the boards around campus where people post ads. Near PCC there are quite a few apartments. If you’re going to PCC, go to the Student Affairs Office (T103) to see if they have rental info.

Some of the lower priced apartments in South Pas will be in the Raymond Hill neighborhood (hills behind OSH), State St, and Fair Oaks north of the 110 Frwy, over by OSH. Also, down near Huntington Dr, and on the larger streets. 

There aren’t a lot of studios in the areas you listed, but you should be able to find something $1000, maybe a bit less, if you look around the area. Be sure to look in all of Pasadena, not just the western part, but over near Sierra Madre, too. You might also want to check out Alhambra.

Hot Igloos

Be careful with anything that originates with Craigslist, lots and lots of scams. Google: Los Angeles apartment rental scams, and rental scams

Good luck!

Mandy asks…

Low priced Studios for rent in concord,ca?

I’m looking for low priced studio options in concord, ca. Its OK to get a place nearby concord as well if it has decent connectivity with BART. Any suggestion? 700 $ is the max I can afford. Please guide me here.

Administrator answers:

Only local Rental brokers can help. Contact locally.

Michael asks…

How Much does Nova Dance Studios In Ventura CA Charge Per Hour To Rent?

My friend and i want to practice our pro dance routines and we need to know how much they charge hourly for us to rent out a studio??? thanks PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! (:

Administrator answers:

According to their website, they have hourly rentals and it is dependent on which of their studios you wish to rent and for how long. However, they don’t give prices out online but recommend you call them for prices at 805.650.0438

Donald asks…

any studios for rent for one week in Montreal?

probably in May for 2 persons

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a detailed answer, but to be honest your best bet will be to check out Craigslist.

Another option is to look at the classified ads from McGill University. In May, there are tons of university students who are trying to sublet their apartments for the summer. You will no doubt find someone who is willing to offer you their space for a week. Check out or call the university’s off-campus housing office at 514-398-6010.

David asks…

Does anyone know of a good website to rent studio flats?

Hi There,

I am looking for a website that the agent rents out studio flats with all bills included, you can get them sometimes. I do not want a house share. It needs to be the surrey area. Any help would be great.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Try right move i wldnt trust gumtree me and my partner nearly got scammed by a nigerian scammer so gumtree isnt that safe at all.

Daniel asks…

is there any cheap studios for rent under 600?

Administrator answers:

Actually, yes.
Want to let us know WHERE so we can direct you?

Sharon asks…

Is there anywhere to rent studio space for painting by the hour/day in Chicago?

It would be nice if it was by Lincoln Park but anywhere in the city will do

Administrator answers:

Have you tried renting space in a storage unit? Most do not allow you to work in them, but some might.

Sandy asks…

How i can rent studio or small apartment inside or near from Orlando city for one month vacation?

Administrator answers:

I would recommend checking out craigslist or perhaps call around to extended stay type hotels in the area.

Laura asks…

do recording studios that rent by the hour in los angeles have all the neccesary equipment to produce music?

everything is gonna be done digitally and im looking for a studio with the computers and everything needed to produce electronic type music like hip hop and r and b beats.

im not familiar with this and am wondering if there are classes i could take to learn how to do this.

i know most places ive been looking at charge 25 and hour or 150 for the day. does this usually include the computer and everything needed? thanks

Administrator answers:

I would imagine so, thats why their called astudio

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