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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In Las Vegas

December 21, 2012

Thomas asks…

Inexpensive and nice areas to live in Las Vegas?

I might be moving to Las Vegas for work soon, and I’m currently researching on good neighborhoods to rent. Would greatly appreciate your suggestions!

What I’m looking for:
1) A quiet neighborhood, away from the city/casinos.
2) Preferably with plenty of greenery/scenery (I used to live in Pasadena, CA, and I loved it there)
3) Preferably in/close to artistic communities, galleries, art studios.
4) Would be great if it had a “small-town” feel, with plenty of local, small businesses and shops.

Administrator answers:

I like Henderson and Summerlin areas, anywhere further from North Las Vegas, the better!

Maria asks…

anyone renting a studio in las vegas.?

i´m living in gdl, mexico, but i travel to the states every 2 or 3 months, looking for a place with bills included, will pay my rent every month in check or bank transfer

Administrator answers:

Put an add in the Las Vegas Review Journal

John asks…

How is being an artist in Las Vegas?

Hi. I’m an artist living in Boston area. I paint, make jewelery, and also custom designs for houses- like tiles, murals, renovation old furnitures and many other things. Living here is OK, exept I hate snow and I have to work full time job in other proffecion. I’m a household manager and nanny. Living in Boston area is so expencive that just my artwork is just not enaugh for paying bills. And becouse I have a full time job I don’t have enaugh time for my art anymore. And this is making me miserable. So, me and my husband are thinking to move to Vegas. We got married there 2 years ago and fell in love with it. We are thinking to buy or rent some place for my art studio and start bussiness. My husband works in a moving company. So he could look for a similar job over there. How is it to live there for artists? How hard is to start a new live there? Did someone had a similar experience?

Administrator answers:

Go for it ….i’m right behind you!

Sandy asks…

From hawaii…where would you move?

I am currently living in honolulu hawaii….i’ve been here for a little over 3 years now and quite frankly, im getting pretty bored out here. Not to mention the cost of living, it’s just ridiculous!!!! i have a 400 sq ft studio that i rent for 1200 per month…which i was lucky to get at that price, owner is a friend……anyways…ive been thinking about moving and wanted some of your opinions. I am a bartender and have been for almost 8 years now. 27 years old, no kids….hmmmmmmm…what else….oh …i’ve already lived in Florida, Arizona, and New York, Korea, Germany….i was in NY the longest but i dont really care to return there, not to live anyway…great to visit but looking to move someplace new…. I’ve been thinking about Austin Tx as a possiblity…but i’ve never been there…or maybe Las Vegas…i just dont know!!!! help!!!!!!!!
Aloha and Mahalo everyone!!!!

Administrator answers:

Give Las Vegas a try. Lots of action and you will be tipped very well if you are good.
Check out Dallas, they have some get bars and restaurants.
Georgia is a growing area.
Caribbean?? US Virgin Islands?

Maybe you should consider a different part of Hawaii. Maybe Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island.

Good Luck.

Lizzie asks…

Where in the USA would be a good place to move to for a 26 year old?

I’m 26 years old and live in the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles. I grew up in the LA area. The Southern California area is getting more and more traffic every day and I can’t stand it anymore. People here keep getting ruder and ruder. Jobs are hard to come by. With my current job I can’t afford to rent a studio apartment for $1000 a month nor a room for $800 a month. My parents are tired of putting a roof over my head. Saying good bye to Los Angeles and Southern California may be my next answer. Where is a good place to live with job opportunities and affordable housing? Would one reccomend Phoenix, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver or Salt Lake City?

After getting my BA from California State University Northridge I’m stuck working at Macys. Thats right with a BA degree I’m unable to get a real job in this overrated city called Los Angeles. Young people keep moving here from other parts of the country like flies. Thats why the job market is competive.
MY BA degree is a major in radio broadcasting and a minor in marketing.

Administrator answers:

Seattle area. Job market and housing market will always be strong! Great area to live with plenty of things to do!

Steven asks…

Help finding the right Southern California Inland Empire area for me. (Riverside County)?

Ok, I currently live in Las Vegas, NV and I am looking to move to Riverside County area. Now many people have said that it is hot hot hot out there, now it gets VERY hot in Vegas, 100+ degrees during most of the year, so that will not be a problem. I am basically looking for something in Riverside County that can be afforded on a very fixed income, a rent for 1 bed, 1 bath or studio around $500-$1200.I would prefer the area be somewhat safe, among a middle class. I am just looking for a decent area to live as a young man. Now I am looking into areas around or near Riverside. Here is a list I have compiled of the areas/places I am looking into:
-Riverside, CA – People say this isn’t the best area although I have found that there are some nice suburban areas and it is very affordable. While they do say that there are areas that can be very very bad/ghetto, although I’m not sure of what area/neighborhood is bad (please specify what areas are bad).
-Menifee Valley, CA (Romoland, Homeland, Sun City, Menifee Area) – This area is very nice and somewhat costly from my research. I know I would come to like this area do to the fact that my grandmother lives there and I do like the area but it is somewhat on the pricey side.
-Perris, CA – I have also researched this area and it seems nice but I have read that you have to drive a 5 mile distance to get anywhere related to shopping. And it is also cheap and but I heard some parts can be bad.
-Hemet, CA – I have read up on this area, it can be quiet good and bad but mostly bad. I am not 100% sure on that but if someone could elaborate.
-Moreno Valley, CA – After the research I have done here Moreno Valley, CA can be a really bad place although there are new homes being built. I prefer to stay away from here due to it being too far inland.
-Corona, CA (not really looking, due to higher prices) – Now I have done research about this area to. It can be rather pricey. I have not really found a good neighborhood in which I can afford in that area.
Please if you have any recommendations on cities for me feel free for any cities that might be good for me. Also, if someone could please give me a description on each of these areas. I prefer if someone could give me an outlook on each city on the employment rate, crime rates, average rent rates, and a brief description on demographics. An area with smog and congestion is NOT a problem. I kind of like them both haha.
Thankyou (:

Administrator answers:


I would suggest Perris, Corona, and Temecula. Temecula and Perris areas have been especially hard hit by the economic times, but are nice places… Should be lots of housing in you price range. Temecula will be a lot cooler!


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