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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In Manhattan

August 17, 2013

Mark asks…

Are you a female living in Manhattan looking to rent a room/space out?

could be a private room, or a one bedroom or studio split……looking to move to the city asap, must go cheap for the first few months, this would only be temp unless things worked out.

Administrator answers:

Look in the real estate ads on for possibilities.

Daniel asks…

How much would be the rent for a studio, loft or 1 bedroom apartment Between E23th and E57th street?

In Manhattan that is. Im trying to find out how much the average rent for one of those three is in that area.
Do you think I would be able to find one under 1500$ a month?

Administrator answers:

A 1 br or a loft: no.

A closet size studio: maybe.

Lisa asks…

How does the cost of living in Brooklyn compare to Manhattan and to other cities?

Everyone is aware of the sky-high rents in Manhattan, for example. But how do the rents and overall cost-of-living in Brooklyn compare to Manhattan, or cities like Chicago or Boston?

What would be an average rent for a studio/efficiency or 1-bedroom in a relatively safe neighborhood of Brooklyn?


Administrator answers:

Look on Craigslist, and see hundreds of data points for yourself. My guesses about the best deals you will find:

Safe neighborhood of Brooklyn, far from Manhattan: $900/mo for a studio, $1100 for a one-bedroom.

Trendy and convenient neighborhood of Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, etc.): $1400/mo for a studio, $1700 for a one-bedroom.

Susan asks…

I need an apartment to rent around manhattan?


I need to move to a new apartment next month. I really want my own place, it can be a basement, a studio or like a second floor in a house but i do not want roommates and i want to be able to put load music whenever i want.
I prefer long term but I dont mind something temporary for up to 6 months if its furnished. I want to be close to manhattan, i can be in brooklyn(close to the city), the bronx, new jesey as long as im close and i have buses and trains around me.

I dont want to spend more than 500, I’ll spend 600 at the worst case because its all i can afford right now.

Does anybody have an idea where i can look, i’ve tried craigslist but no luck.
Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Administrator answers:

$500? Impossible without some kind of government assistance.

Maria asks…

To a native of manhattan:Is it really impossible for a european to live and study in nyc?

Hey all. I am thinking about moving to ny to study next fall. The annual income of my family is around $ 170000. Is it possible for me to live and study there? I wanna rent a studio or something in manhattan. What are the costs in a nice (not classy, just safe and clean) area? Is it better to buy a studio (since i will be studying for totally 6 years or more there) or just rent one? And is there anything wrong with pets? I mean, i wanna move in with my golden retriever. How about finding a roomate for a bigger place? And what about subbleting? What do u think? I am a little freaked out here, so please, help!!!
what about the costs of a studio?? i mean, to buy one.

Administrator answers:

Buying is the best option. Prices will vary depending on the neighborhood. Right now Harlem has many new developements that cannot be sold. As previous poster stated, you will very likely gain a huge profit with market values at all time lows now. However, lending is very strict now and mortgage companies are requiring large down payments. Based on your families income and with your tuition, I’m not sure if this is economical.

Renting may be more affordable. But again, this depends on the neighborhood. “Safe and clean” is more expensive; Upper West Side, Midtown, etc. Rents for a studio in a “Sketchy not so filthy” neighborhood start at $1400.

Pets; forget about bringing a golden retriever. If you do get an apartment, it will be the size of a shoe box. Who will walk the dog when your cramming for exams or out partying all night with your new NY friends? Dog walkers charge a minimum of $20 p/walk. Be fair to the dog and have it stay home.

Roomates. The cheapest of all your options. If you don’t mind living with strangers and/or potential nut jobs, you can probably get a great apartment for under $1000 p/month. Google roommate finders for companies that strictly do roommate services or check out craigslist.

Subletting is risky; short term and you can get kicked out at a moments notice.

Good luck.

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