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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In Miami

April 30, 2012

Susan asks…

how much would it be to rent a studio apartment in miami?

like in downtown or close by the beach??

Thank you all for your answers!

Administrator answers:

The beach will run you 2,500-3,000 a month, a lot more if you have access

John asks…

Where can I rent a studio in the Coral Gables/Coconut Grove area in Miami?

Hey! I am going to be moving to Miami this summer to start a PhD program at the University. I am from Montana and I have never been to Miami and I was hoping to get a little help and suggestions on where I should live.

I have been searching online for the last couple of days, but I am not finding many apartment options. I want to stay under 850 a month. I am HOPING to rent a studio in the Coral Gables/Coconut Grove area. I am also thinking about south Miami, sticking close to the campus. All and all, I want to be in a nice area in between the campus and the bridge accessing Key Biscayne. Any suggestions on potential studio apartments or condos I could rent out? Is there any other areas I should consider?

Any suggestions on areas I should check out and areas I should steer clear from?


Administrator answers:

I will venture to answer your question…(cross my fingers)
900 a month is very low.
If You belong to a sorority ( greek) You may find accommodation among the sisterhood.
Check in the area of The City Of South Miami. It is student oriented area and perhap You may get a room pay for half the rent (university billboard)

if You are enroll already in the college get in contact with You advisor or someone (solid to You)in the city.previous to move.

Helen asks…

Inexpensive Apartments For Rent In Miami Florida?

My mother is 71 years old and is disabled. She was renting a room from a lady and now the lady wants to raise her rent to double what she is paying. I told her she needs to get an apartment but when we looked at the prices of the apartments (1 bedroom or studio), it’s very expensive. Does anyone know if there are any apartment for seniors or disabled people that might be cheaper or rentals that go by your income. The rent increase for my mother is suppose to take affect in January, therefore we do not have a lot of time to get her a place and help her move. I prefer North Miami area or Hollywood, she does not want to move down South Miami.


Administrator answers:

Here’s a list of apartments in North Miami that have “Disability Access” selected:!Disability_Access.php
I wasn’t sure what your price range was to narrow down the search, so there’s a lot in there.

If that doesn’t work, you may want to look on one of the senior housing websites like

Maria asks…

Rough prices to rent in Miami, FL?

Looking for a studio/one bedroom.
What would you say is a good price?

Ps. Not Miami beach *I Don’t have THAT kind of money lol* … anything from the Homestead area to the Hialeah area??
… what’s the average?
High Crime doesn’t bother me to much … It’s just for a year or two until I have kids and move out to like Fort Lad. or Daytona

Administrator answers:

Check craigslist usually $850-$950….watch for the neighborhood.

Carol asks…

Miami Beach Real estate?

I want to buy a condo in South beach for when me and my hubby are empty nesters. What is easiest to rent – studio, 1 bed or 2 bed?

Administrator answers:

In Miami Beach the Prices are a Rip off to outties, they get you really bad,
In Miami you will be paying to have a view facing Miami Beach, somewhere in the 1-2 millon, and in middle beach, or Normandy it is fair, and in North miami beach, market is fair for the place s that are being sold.
Me i would never buy here in Miami i have always rented.
Place is too transient, and it is getting packed in south Beach.

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