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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In New York City

November 10, 2012

David asks…

How will I afford rent in New York City?

ok, well, soon when I move to manhattan, I will of course get my own place. I really want a one bed room, but a studio is ok also. my maximum rent price is $1,300.00. I know that you all think that I will find absolutely nothing at this price in manhattan, but I have found this website that actually has some places in Manhattan in my price range, and even some at a price lower than $1,000.00. At their prices, I will be able to live roommate free…lol…so tell me what you all think of this website and the places. this is the website …also, what is a good college in the city. I was thinking of going to either Pace University, or CUNY? Which will be the best for a chemistry major looking to go into med school after he grads?? Thanks you all..

Administrator answers:

As for the apartments, there was one in West Harlem that looked really nice–it’s above 110th street, but living there is only really a problem if you’re racist.

I mean I would say that living in Washington Heights or something, which is basically all Domnican/Hispanic, or other neighnoorhoods like that in the Bronx, or all Asian neighnboorhoods in Queens, etc., those are only negative for the sheer fact that you’ll be around a bunch of people who don’t speak your language for the most part, and you’ll be isolated to an extent.

But Harlem, especially around 110th street, is mostly black, but it’s not dangerous there at all, and there’s the subway right there, plus Broadway, (and Dinosaur BBQ which is really good). That’s a really good spot in my opinion, I mean I have a friend who loives on 110th off West End (a block west of Broadway), and it’s a fine neighboorhood, with plenty of stuff happening. So that West Harkem really stood out for me, it’s where I would live if I were you haha.

As for colleges, I would reccomend CUNY, just because there are so many colleges. Actually, one CUNY I applied to was City College, which is right there on 138th and Broadway, just a few subway stops away from that apt., and it’s a nice campus, and they had an especially interesting sience building and research stuff there when I visited, so that’s a real possibily I would say.

Damn I’m getting excited for you haha, like that’s exactly what I would be doing if I hadn’t already lived here my whole life. Anyway, good luck with everything.

Nancy asks…

Studio space in New York city or Brooklyn?

Hey everyone, I am looking for a space for my fashion studio either in Manhattan, The garment district, or Brooklyn but close to the city. I would like for it to be under 1,000 rent but don’t focus on that, if you know ANY studios that are good for a designer please send me a link in an answer. Anything will help.

Danke sehr. :)

Administrator answers:

In Brooklyn some trendy neighborhoods similar to Manhattan one’s would be:

Brooklyn Heights
Cobble Hill

These three are becoming pretty hip. They are very close to lower Manhattan. The rents fluctuate but can be either kind of steep or a good deal. I recommend Brooklyn.

Lizzie asks…

This is for ppl who have been to NEW YORK CITY?

It has been my long time goal to live in new york or at least close to the city..I currently live in GA and I am think about moving to the city in july of much money should i start saving for rent for a small studio,any jobs easy to get? any advice
i am 27 and have worked in acct for about 5 years///

Administrator answers:

New York is an amazing city and very difficult city to live. You will have an amzing experience although.

The city is expensive. I am actually in real estate so for a studio in manhattan expect to pay around $1,400 per month. Landlords ask for one month rent and one month security deposit and sometimes last month of rent (so have $5,000 just in case). Or you can find a share in a apartment for around $1,000-$1,400 per month – and you will one month security deposit. Outside Manhattan, like queens and some areas of brooklyn are much cheaper around $1,000 or even less. Dont forget to check some areas of Harlem which i find safe and the rent is cheap.

People are courteus but the same time rude… That’s because people live a busy life and dont have much time to be polite… Don’t take it personally… After a few months or an year you will become just like everyone else.

For jobs get a good job agency or job agent to get your job. No matter what field you are in, the competition is very high because there are the best people from all of the country and the world here!

For jobs like waitress etc… Mostly like you will need to meet someone… It is all about contacts…

So get ready and good luck in NYC!!!!

Thomas asks…

what;s it like to live in new york city?

hmm i would really appriciate if someone would shine some light on my following questions.

i would really love to live in new york, but im not planning on moving there until maybe in 3 and a half years? or less
i have to finish collage first,

what are some safe neighborhoods to live in, that are near new york city? i would really like to live outside of the city but just close enough to have a nice view,

also what would be a reasonable rent payment for a studio or maybe one bedroom apartament?

i would like to live maybe tops 30 minutes outside of the city if not less =)

Administrator answers:

NYC is an awesome place to live. The cost of living however is expensive. My friend has a really small apartment by Time Square and she is spending 1500 a month. But you do save alot of money on transportation.

You can purchase a month long ticket for the subways for 75 dollars. Think of how much you are spending right now on a monthly basis with gas, car payments and car insurance. The subways are a great means of transportation by far! Well besides the occasional dude that hasn’t taken a shower in about of month, but that is an entire different story.

If I were you I would life in NYC, not on the outskirts. You can do ANYTHING in NYC. Central park is such a great place to kick it, exercise, pretty much anything you want to do.

Go there on a vacation first and feel it out. You will know where the places to be are.

Michael asks…

How much money do you need to live in New York City?

such as rent for a studio or apartment in any borough…but not a rough neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

$60K/year to afford Manhattan with a roommate (That will allow you $1500/month for rent because they require $40K for each $1k of rent)

$80K/year for Manhattan without a roommate in a Studio

$40K/year to live somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens that is still “safe and fun”.

$120K/year to have a one bedroom by yourself in Manhattan

$300K/year to be married, have a wife/husband at home with a kid and own a 2-bedroom in Manhattan.

Why would someone that doesn’t even know what the subway costs give ANYONE advise on ANYTHING in NYC?

Donna asks…

What’s the process of renting an apartment or studio in New York City?

I’m 16 years old and I’m moving to New York City next year. Although I’ll be self-supporting, I’ll have a bunch of help from my mother in terms of money and everything. But what I’m wondering is, do you really need to make 40x as much money as the place you’re renting before the landlord/management companies would let you rent the place?

Also, what about taxes? and verifiable employment?

I live in Canada right now and it’s much different here. That’s why I’m asking. By the time I’d move there assuming I’d fine a place for about $2000 a month,I’d already have money to rent out the place for a year as well as money for bills and everything… That’s why this is pretty confusing to me.
wait, why? i’d be self supporting… right? also, if i have a job and can pay rent every month why wouldn’t they rent to me?
verifiable employment… why is that? if i move to new york, am i supposed to stay in a $250 per night hotel for a month until i can find a job? i’d go broke by then… that doesn’t make any sense at all. couldn’t i just rent the place and get a job right after i’m settled in?

Administrator answers:

1. No landlord will rent to someone under 18 even with a co-signer in the U.S.
2. You need a job, no criminal background, good tenant history, and good credit.
3. Rent for a studio in Manhattan is $2000 a month.
4. You have to pay a broker or rental agent fee.
5. When you move in you need a large security deposit.

Without the right references if you paid 6 months in advance that might work.

You are supposed to rent a room by the week or month until you get a job, not a hotel room for $250 a night.

Helen asks…

House for rent near new york?

Hello, i’m an italian student that on september is going to come in new york city in order to study in the polytechnic institute of new york located in brooklyn “six metrotech center”.
My problem is finding a little house for me… i have to stay 8 months and i could spend around 1000 dollars per month for the rent of a one-room flat (is it called studio?) . But i have several problems:
1) i don’t know very well new york city and so i don’t know what place are safe ones and what is the distance from my university.
2) finding a single room flat in a safe place in new york city for that price and with a reasonable distance from my university.
3) i was thinking about if i could find a flat in a safe place outside new york city, but that require at most one hour and half to reach my university.

Could you help me? are there any place that could you advice to me?

Administrator answers:

Try the website below. It has many great listings of apartments in your price range. The link is made so that when you click on it, it come up with all the specifications that you asked for, such as price range, so all you have to do is scroll down.

Now, about the problems, I will help you as best as I can. New York City is, believe it or not, the safest major city in the United States. Safer than Los Angeles, Chicago, all of them. I personally don’t know that much about Brooklyn. Manhattan is more my specialty. However, I do have a friend from there and he says that Brooklyn is like a small town in the sense that all the people look out for each other and care for one another. He ought to know, he was born and raised there. Don’t worry.

As for finding a space, the website below should do that. And it is within a good distance of your school. And if you ever need to find out where something is, just ask a local shop owner or a bus driver. Most of the time they’ll show you and/or take you there themselves.

I hope this helps you. Good luck with school and your adventure in the Big Apple.

Sharon asks…

Where in or around New York City is the best place to live?

I am looking to spend around $700-$1000 for rent. I want a nice neighborhood with a studio or one bedroom apartment.
Thank you all…

Administrator answers:


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