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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In San Francisco

June 15, 2013

Nancy asks…

hi people i’m looking for a dance studio to rent it for an hour or two in san francisco ca. 94112?

i know this girl very shy, i want to teach her how to dance salsa but she doesn’t seems ready to hit the clubs and try it out so my last options were one of our places wish she doesn’t wants to do
please if anyone of your guys knows a dance studio in san francisco i could use for a couple hours let me know

Administrator answers:

Try looking in the phone book.
If you cant find one maybe you could teach her at home?

Sharon asks…

Rent a condo for 1 week in San Francisco?

I’ll be visiting San Francisco later in September and would like to rent a condo or studio for a week, do you have websites to suggest?

Thank you so much, I can’t find information on the Web! :)

Administrator answers:


Steven asks…

Spot to rent for workshop in san francisco (telegraph hill/north beach)?

there is any one there that can tell me where i can find a place to rent in north beach san francisco to do my workshops. need to be flat, carpet, cozy, a good space to fit 10 to 15 people sitting in circles with just chairs. like a yoga studio. no tables. thanks

Administrator answers:

I dunno how cozy you need but Fort Mason has rooms they rent out for many uses, and probably cheaper then you’d get from a private source.

Charles asks…

Yoga studio or other venue for rent in The San Francisco Bay Area?

Guys, I am looking for an elegant minimalistic space to host weekly TRANCEnDANCE events (dynamic meditation and ecstatic dance)…
can be:
- yoga studio
- a loft
- modern converted for parties warehouse
- private residency with large unfurnished living room

It must accommodate about 50 people since 6pm till 11pm.
Desired days – Wednesday or Fridays, but open for options.
Desired price – under $200 per event.

Can you please suggest anything suitable in Peninsula / South Bay area?

Administrator answers:

I can’t help you with anything specific. But maybe I can at least get some ideas flowing.

Try finding private organizations that have buildings that aren’t used all the time who may be willing to rent out. Going to the organization and asking may even bring attention to the org that they /could/ rent out their space for income. They may be interested in the opportunity. They may also not be interested, be respectful. One type of place that I think of is churches. I’m not sure of the content of your classes, but if it’s church appropriate, then maybe try talking with a few local churches to rent out some room during their off nights. They get a little extra money, they get publicity, and you get a nice room out of it.

You could also try such places as Masonic Lodges. They’re private buildings that commonly rent out for parties, meetings, get togethers, and sometimes, weekly events such as yours. Find a local lodge and call them up (or check their website), see if they’re willing to rent out.

I’m sure there are many other options, but there are tons of churches and Masonic Lodges everywhere. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a place.

Good Luck!

James asks…

Lowest rent in South San Francisco.?

Hello! I’m going to work for 1 year in San Francisco and will be looking for an app to rent. The company I’ll be working for is in South San Francisco (not very far from the airport). Thereby, the questions:

1. Is it better to look for an app in South San Francisco or the city of SF itself?

2. What’s the cheapest way to get an app.? A studio will do, how much is it?

3. Is it a good idea to look for a roommate and share an app. Will I pay less this way?


Administrator answers:

SSF being so close to SF makes it expensive to live there as well. The further down the peninsula it gets cheaper and the areas are much nicer. Millbrae,burlingame san mateo are all cheaper than SSF as the commute is longer but it is not to long. You can still be in SF in 30 minutes time.

Maria asks…

where do big movie studios house actors while on location in san francisco?

i have a home in the bay area that i would like to rent to movie studios for shooting and/or housing crew and/or actors

Administrator answers:

The W or the Ritz

Lisa asks…

Which neighborhood should I live in if I move to San Francisco?

Where would be the best neighorhood for me to live within 3 miles of downtown?
I’d like a safe neighborhood within easy walking distance of a grocery store and fast food places. My target rent is $1,500 to $1,900 and I don’t care if it’s a large studio or 1 bedroom. I would also need to use public transit to get to downtown. I’m a single straight guy in my early 30′s.

Administrator answers:

Well, I’m sure there are some better suggestions but you could always try to Western Addition, I go to the University of San Francisco which is in the Western Addition and I like it. It’s a little bit quieter than anywhere downtown and there are plenty of stores, I go to the Lucky Market on Fulton and Trader Joe’s on Masonic and I can walk to both (although I usually take the bus because I’m lazy). Also, there are three bus lines I like to call “Old Faithful,” the 5, 31, and the 38 all of which take you to Market Street (but remember that after 6:00 P.M. The 5 will drop you off right in the Tenderloin so if you need to go downtown at night take the 31). You should try going to which you have to register but it’s free, the people in the San Francisco forum all live in San Francisco and they can give you more specific examples. Avoid going to the Tenderloin and stay away from Fillmore Street. Also, although it’s close to downtown, don’t be tempted by the cheaper prices of the Civic Center and Van Ness area, it’s really loud, dirty, and way too close to the Tenderloin for comfort.

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