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October 10, 2012

John asks…

Where can I find a good monthly rent in Vienna?

Next year I will come in Vienna for postgraduate studies. As long as my university doesn’t have any solution for student accommodation I have to search by myself a place to stay for 2 years. I’ve checked out some sites, but the rent is quite enormous (around 1500-1800 E monthly). So… do you have any ideas for me, better site with apartments and studios rent, prices, cheaper districts? Thank you in anticipation.

Administrator answers:

Österreichische Studentenförderungsstiftung >>>>
Herzlich Willkommen bei der Nr. 1 in Immobilien! >>>

Lisa asks…

What is the average for a 1br or studio rent and utilities in downtown Chicago?

I am looking at the loop or Streeterville area, my budget for rent and utilities are $1500/mo is it possible to get something in a decent building (with fitness center, pool etc?) for this price?

Administrator answers:

You might be able to find a smaller studio without a great view at that price. Sometimes location and amenities are worth it.

David asks…

Are there in london or just outside warehouses or big studios to rent for a party or websites that do that?

looking for a venue that has just space to hold a party in possibly in london and one that can hold about 200 people max or even websites that do that

Administrator answers:

Try the schools. If it is when school isn’t in session they love doing that for people.

Laura asks…

Are there any websites for flat or studio rent in Kyoto?

I can’t find any websites that provide rent for falt or studio or appartment in Kyoto, most of them are only for hotels and dorms. Any suggestions guys, I am in need for any tip…Thanks

Administrator answers:

The only way you can rent a flat or studio is if you have a job, a working visa and a bank account. Once you have a job, the company that hires you can help you.

Also check out this site.

Richard asks…

any furnished studios for rent in alexandria ?

i only need a studio coz am single..also reasonable price is recommended…i mean 1000 at there any?

Administrator answers:

Read Al waseet Paper every Friday to find what you need .
It is possible to find what you need at this reange
good luck

Ken asks…

Where else can i look (other than craigslist) for rooms and studios for rent? I want to move out.?

Administrator answers:

The classifieds in the newspaper are where I’d start. Craigslist is Ok but can quickly be outdated plus it’s free advertising and any riffraff can put up an ad whereas the classifieds require someone pay a few bucks and put some effort into the listing. If you are near a university check the classifieds in their paper. Also go to their financial aid department to see if they have a listing of rentals-you’d be surprised the great places I found through these listings-often very nice listings at very reasonable rates. If you are in a larger city sometimes there will by small booklets in grocery store doorways with listings of the major complexes-often more expensive but better quality if you’re into that sort of thing.

Carol asks…

Where online can I advertise studio space in london to rent?

I’ve been using the gumtree, but was wondering whether there were other independent (i.e. not tied to specific projects) websites that allow you to advertise artist studios for rent.

Administrator answers:

Pop into your local college and get it advertised in there¬

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