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June 9, 2013

Chris asks…

We will be traveling to Australia for January and February, where should we go?

We are retired and can afford to stay in 5 star hotels.

Administrator answers:

At that time of year you should avoid going any further north than Sydney, as it’s too hot, wet and humid further north. Inland is also extremely hot so stay near the coast.

If you’ve got the two months I’d recommend starting in Sydney and visiting the Blue Mountains while you are there, then hiring a car to travel down the south coast which full of beautiful beach towns and dairy country including a few days at Jerivs Bay (Huskisson). There are some fabulous private letting holiday apartments/houses that are nicer than the hotels. Take a side trip to Canberra for a couple of days. As the capital city it has some interesting museums and galleries, Parliament House etc.

Spend some time in the Sapphire Coast NSW around Merimbula, then on to the Gippsland area of Victoria for a while. Visit Melbourne and then on to Tasmania. You can get to Tasmania by car ferry from Melbourne or fly Launceston and hire another car. Tasmania is full of wildlife, historic sites and wilderness and is pleasantly cooler than the mainland at that time of year. Be sure to visit the Port Arthur historic site while you are there.

You should still have some time to visit other areas. At that time of year some good options would include:
Lord Howe Island NSW
Perth and the Margaret River Region
The Hunter Valley wine region near Sydney
Kangaroo Island in South Australia
The Great Ocean Road from Melbourne west along the coast
the gold town of Ballarat and the spa country around Daylesford west of Melbourne

You will need to book accommodation well in advance as it’s school holiday time in January. In fact you might find some accommodation is already booked out.

Have a great time

Steven asks…

Where there any objection to the current land use in Circular Quay, Sydney Australia?

Any legislation or rules that were put to make a specific building code or complete objections to construction.

Administrator answers:

The last real objection to development at the Quay was the construction of what is commonly called “The Toaster” – an apartment/hotel/shopping complex on the east side. When the old buildings came down, the cliffs on the side of the Botanic Gardens with Government House on the top could be seen from the Quay and made a wonderful approach to the Opera House. Unfortunately the view was soon blocked.

David asks…

Trying to find suitable high quality furnished rooms for a group of 25 people visiting melbourne and sydney?

Any help?

The rooms need to be of a good quality (5 star).

Can you recommend any good services? Companies? Places?

Administrator answers:

Most of the normal five star hotels offer group accomodation …

Http:// (apartments)

Nancy asks…

What are any good hotels that are in Sydney?

Looking for a hotel to take my husband out for our anniversary. Going for one night and one day. Price range: $200. Location in Sydney.

Administrator answers:

Try these hotels:

Grace Hotel – (02) 9272 6888

Star City Hotel and Serviced Apartments – (02) 9777 9000

Hilton Sydney – (02) 9266 2000

Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney – (02) 9250 6000

Y Hotel Hyde Park – (02) 9264 2451

Metro Hotel on Pitt – (02)9283 8088

Holiday Inn Hotel Darling Harbour Sydney – 1800 899 960

Betty asks…

What is a good restaurant in the city (Sydney) for a group of 20 people?

I am trying to organise a dinner for a group of 20 people for my birthday and want somewhere where we can fit comfortably. Nice atmosphere and good food is important. Flexible with the type of food…Darling Harbour/City/Kings Cross/Darlinghurst area would be best…Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

So many options, based on my own experience, here are my recommendations.

Darling Harbour/Cockle Bay area:
* Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ – Have been here a few times. I think it’s good value for money. From memory all you can eat between $25-$30. You walk around and pick ingredients that you would like into a bowl and then they cook it for you. I don’t think it’s BYO. Ambiance is OK, and staff were friendly.
China Town:
* House of Guangzhou – Good value for money buffet with a large number of people. Peking Duck pancakes were Delicious. Lots of space if you book early for a large group.
Kings Cross:
* JuJu’s – Fun Japanese restaurant that also has karaoke. You have to take off your shoes before you enter. Ok value of money. Seats are traditional in the floor style. Can get very busy though. No BYO and cash only.
* Gazebo Wine Bar – Near Kings cross police station under the old Gazebo Hotel which is now apartments. Classic wine bar melbourne style. Large and interesting decor. They don’t take bookings after 7pm from memory. They really cram the people in as it’s a mixture of a bar and restaurant. The kitchen is open until around midnight though. Staff are very friendly and great selection of wines.
East Sydney:
* Bar Reggio – Good hearty Italian food. Can get very loud on a busy night and you would need to book. Courtyard would be best for a group of your size. BYO though and good value for money.
* Una’s – In victoria street. German food and lots of it. Service pretty bad but great value for money and a great place to go if you’re starving as the portions are HUGE.
* Victoria Room – One of my fave places. Decor is stunning. Fantastic cocktails and bar and the food is great also. Can be hard to get into on a busy night and prices are middle of the range to high.

I could continue (love eating out), but hope that gives you some general direction. Happy Birthday!

Helen asks…

Where is the best location to get a hotel in Sydney?

I am looking at getting one near The Rocks or Darling Harbour? Would that be a good idea or will I just be stuck in tourist traps? Is there any other location that will still give a view of the bridge or the opera house other than those two areas?

Administrator answers:

If you want a view of the bridge and opera house then you need the Rocks. You’ll get nice views of the Harbour from Darling Harbour but probably won’t include the Opera House.

This area is the most expensive given the views but you might be able to pick up a bargain on if you are prepared to wait and book 3-4 weeks out.

Here are my recommendations for the best hotels with a view. You can see more ideas at

ones are

The intercontinental
Sheraton on the park
The four seasons
The Shangri La Hotel
Quay West Apartments
The Marriott Sydney

Have a great trip,

Looking for real Australia travel tips and destination guides by a local? Visit

Paul asks…

What is a good budget estimate for a month in Oz?

I will in Australia for all of October, and I’m wondering what a good estimate might be. I will backpacking part of the time, and going as cheaply as possible until I splurge for the last leg in Cairns. I’ve estimated the following so far:
$2000 for air (w/ Quantas pass for domestics)
$80 a day for food, hostel, & entrance fees.

Is this reasonable?

Administrator answers:

That’s a good estimate – depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a friend.

$20 food
$10 ground transport [ local buses / passes etc ]
$20 -30 accommodation [ in case of seasonality ]
$30-50 incidentals [ entrances, clothing etc ]

if you want to drive $40 plus petrol , say $30-40 per day.

Check out these official tourism sites on Australia, NSW , QLD etc via this link:

For accommodation use this site where you can sort and filter your options by location , price , star rating and last minute or year round – you save a lot booking at the last minute , except in peak times.

Remember a hostel price is per bed – a hotel is per room [ up to 3 ] or serviced apartment [ up to 4 or more ] … And locating properly can save you money and time.



Just in case some folks in other language come in here , i’ve linked some equivalents:

German Site:

French Site:

Spanish Site:

Italian Site

Cairns will certainly burn your budget as the excusrsions don’t come cheap, but by looking over those TourismRanking links you’ll see what’s on offer.

Don’t miss the Daintree with a qualified botanist guide [ essential ] – it’s a World unique experience as of course is the Barrier Reef.

Hope this helps

Sandy asks…

where’s the best place to spend christmas in new south wales, australia?

I am trying to find the best place to spend xmas day within 1-2 days of Sydney. There are 4 of us travelling, and would need cheapish accomodation (hostels!). Looking for good atmosphere, preferably a beach too!

Administrator answers:

Byron Bay or Sydney

Byron is more predicable with weather – but the temps going to likely be above 22C maybe higher in Sydney

In Sydney the hot spots for Christmas are Bondi , Coogee and Manly. Plenty of free concerts, bbq’s on the beach etc etc. You can research some info via these links to the official tourism sites of Australia and NSW via this directory:


There is a lot of serviced apartments in the City Centre which are vacated over Christmas. Book early as everyone heads to the coast for the hols. Remember, most hostels are per person. Hotels and Apartments are per “unit” or room and may work out better value with amenities.

To help you have a look through this site where you can sort your options by price, location, star rating [ 1-3 stars for your budget ] . 3-4 star apartments might work out at around A$70-80 a night, which for 4 could work out well.

4 people x 4 return transport costs; x 4 breakfasts means that getting something with inclusions might work out better value than some hostels. But there are hostels here to compare with:

Example Apartment:
Byron Bay:

Click on the sort links to arrange location , price and star ratings etc.

Hope this helps – best of luck with all the advice and your plans.

Sandra asks…

What’s the best place to live in Australia?

My family is wanting to move to Australia, but the thing is that my 80 year old grandparents are also moving with us. We’re looking for a place where they can live happily, while I (13 years old) can go to school and my mother can work. We don’t want to move somewhere where it gets too cold or too hot. We do have family in Sydney (I believe), but they don’t know what to tell us since they rarely get to go anywhere(They own a hotel). Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

I would deffinately have to say the Gold Coast. The weather is very pleasent and its a great area for teenagers to live. There are also alot of events for people of all ages. On the Gold Coast you can live in almost any style of housing you want to. High rise buildings, apartments, houses, in the mountains and not too far away its possible to live on farmland. For more in formation chech out

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