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October 15, 2012

Maria asks…

What have you made if also you there was 14-15 years girl?

In Australia the 14-years girl has appeared in court on charge in a sexual attack on the 16-years boy.
The teenager has been raped and wounded by a knife in one of apartments in Sydney. she was it has been detained on suspicion in group rape. To it it has been given up in the mortgage and after occurrence in court and presentations of charge it has gone again under the guard.
As it has been established, five 14-years girls took part in rape, informs The Sydney Morning Herald. The victim which has recently arrived to Sydney, have given to drink alcohol before beating and under threat of a knife, plugs and scissors to rape.
The teenager have forced to make the sexual certificate with all. The victim eventually managed to run away from torturers. It has been hospitalized with ??????? wound and other damages. The police searches for other 14-years girls …
Please comment dont ignore, what you think about that, what happend?
What if it was your daughter? what you will do?
Answer please …
I mean if thet was your 14 yr old daughter what will u do?! answer please!

Administrator answers:

The age and gender doesn’t matter because battery and assault can happen to anyone anytime. Those perps should be arrested and tried like an adult of any gender. At 14 they are set enough to harm others. Get them for life!!!

George asks…

Hospitality jobs in Australia and Appartments?

I’m planning to go to Australia for about a year I will be in Sydney first and then will be heading to Melbourne. I’m going through an agency called Cultural Embrace and they are directing me to an agency that’s in Sydney and this agency will be helping me find a job in Hospitality in Sydney/Melbourne . . . The position I’m looking into would be as a Front Desk Reservationists at a hotel. Once I arrive to Sydney I will get myself situated and would be going to interviews the next following days or so. My question is if I get a job in a hotel do some hotels provide accommodation to the employees? How much is the pay rate for this position that I’m going for? Are some meals included? I want to be prepared if accommodation is not included or not since I would have to look for a cheap affordable apartment which I don’t mind searching for but I would like to know what to expect. That way I can start hunting closer to the date. If all goes well I plan to leave in February 2009! I hope to get a job as a Reservationist since I do have experience in that area or if not maybe some office work would be good too. I hope anyone can reply back to me who is affiliated in the hospitality field or even in the office work environment. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated . . . I know when I arrive in February it will be hott so I will be prepared for that.
By the way if you guys can give me an area of where appts would be affordable and a nice to live would be great too . . . I’m a very much laid back kind of girl who loves to vintage shop, go to cafés, museums, so forth and once in a while have a drink with friend so if you can point me to the right direction of a laid back area that would be awesome! =)

I will be giving points to the person that responds the best ;)

Administrator answers:

On what type of visa are you coming to Australia? A working holiday visa? That’s the only type of visa that will allow you to come here for a year and work, but it’s intended as a holiday visa on which you can do some work for up to six months with any one employer. It’s not supposed to be used as a work visa with a bit of holiday thrown in.

If you qualify for a working holiday visa, you can get one yourself VERY easily with no fees beyond the visa fee itself, and Australian job agencies are free of charge to prospective employees – it’s the employers who pay. If you have been asked to pay anything besides the AUD$195 visa charge, you’re being ripped off.

And are you sure these people are legit if they haven’t already provided the type of information you’re asking here? If they know anything at all about working in Australia, they would have all of that type of information at their fingertips. I’ve looked at their website and they say that the average wage in Australia is AUD$350 per week. It’s actually more like AUD$1000 per week. The minimum adult hourly full time rate is $14.31 ($543.78 per week and only a few people earn the bare minimum) and the casual rate is $17.17. In the type of jobs you’re looking for, it would be a fair bit higher than that. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Apartments in Sydney are very expensive and you should consider finding shared accommodation. It’s very commonly done by young people in the city and is not particularly difficult to find or arrange. There are many parts of Sydney that are great for the kind of lifestyle you enjoy, but I don’t live there and someone who does will be better qualified to advise you.

Our main job hunting websites are:

Good luck!

Michael asks…

Where is the Perth’s Main City Center location?

Hi all,

I am looking for short stay apartments at the center area of Perth. I don’t know much about the city and I got confused in Google’s massive search result.

When I was in Sydney a few years ago, the city center of Sydney is called just that “City”. Like, central is the main station in Sydney where all rails intersect (and Sydney‘s city centre is not far from there). Another example: If you take bus ’288′ from Macquarie University in Sydney, it states ‘City’ at the electric board in the front of the bus (with Central or TownHall as destination).

Can any of you please point me to any destination point which is located in Perth City center?

Many thanks,

Administrator answers:

These may help…..

Perth trains….

Perth bus….. Http://

……good luck…..

Carol asks…

Hey guys, Is my cover letter awkward………………..????

If so, please guide me with your experience.
This is my first effort taken cover letter, and i am not even native english speaker so it would be awkward in some ways(i guess)
Please help guys!!

Dear Sir/Madam

Recently, I have just finished the 6weeks of clinical experience in a private x-ray centre, which involved communications and teamwork with patients and colleagues and also currently working as a child-carer in a private college in Strathfield. Therefore, I am fairly familiar with working in a group environment and treating people in a good manner. I have previously worked as a cashier in Gloria jean’s and butchery shop, a hamburger maker in McDonalds, a private biology tutor, an apartment cleaner and a student radiographer.

Not only do I have lots of work experience, but I also am persistent and reliable.

I have been staying in Australia since the year 2003, and now I am currently attending university of Sydney (Bachelor of diagnostic radiography).

Now, I am searching for a dynamic part-time or casual position. My working available hours are specified on the following page. Since, I have a work experience in a tough and dynamic place such as butcher shop, I am fairly confident with myself in learning and following the tasks given with prompt and efficient ways.

Although, this year is my 9th of staying in Sydney, I am still holding a student visa which allows me to work 20hours per week. (No limits during the holidays)

Thank you for your time and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Your faithfully

Thank you guys!! :)
I would like to apply for the position_________ advertised in the Sydney university career website. I have experience working in a variety of areas such as private college, hospitals, cleaning industry and butcher shop etc. Assuming that the position requires good skill in _____, I am fairly confident with myself of working in _____as a ____.

I am currently employed as a _____________, which involves a lot of interaction and communication with people.

How about this~?
and also could you please guide me what to write after current job explanation?
Thank you guys!

Administrator answers:

I would leave out the fast food experience and the visa info. Just list all specific to that job you are applying to. I am also a Radiologic Technologist and here is how my cover letter looks:

Attention: Radiology Department
To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in a position in your Radiology Department. I possess experience and knowledge in areas your department is looking for. I am confident I would be a valuable asset to your team. For your evaluation I have attached a copy of my résumé outlining my skills and qualifications.

I would like the opportunity to tell you about my experience and how my skills will contribute to the successful day to day running of your department. Please accept my rèsumè for your review and consideration. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience regarding this position. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing this exciting opportunity.


So use what you like from that to make yours flow more because yes it does sound a little awkward I think you can hone it some more. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Can anybody help me interpret this dream?!!!?

Last night I dreamt that I was flying over sydney (I live in Northern Ireland) in an aeroplane but it was flying really low and instead of seeing the opera house etc we could see this massive fairground, that was lit up really brightly and was really colourfull. I should prob say it was night time(as are all my dreams of the last couple of months). Anyway, while I was looking down at the funfair I was wishing i was there too, and the next thing I knew i was, looking up at the rides instead of down. Me and a couple of my friends(i cant remember who now though)decided to go on this one massive ride that flung u about all over the place on long arms etc, and while we got flung upside down into the sky i started to come loose in the seat and i could feel myself hanging being held properly by only my leg that had caught in the seat belt thing. Anyway the ride finished and i was still in one piece. The next thing that happened was that I was looking for a b&b to stay at, and now i was alone, but aware i was travelling in a big group of people on a holiday type thing, and there were a couple of faces of friends from my childhood there too. Anyway I found a b&b that i was to stay at for the night, and went into my room. It was daytime when i was searching for the b&b. Then while I was inside I was aware in my dream someone was on my tail and i didnt know why so to speak so I hotfooted it out the back door of the room it was still daytime. Next thing I was living in an apartment with my daughter in the city centre, not sure what city i was in but it was in England somewhere as the people had english accents. It was night time again, and it was very dank and grim looking. There was a loud bang outside and I went out the door to investigate, this was not into an ordinary landing, but rather an outside set of metal stairs, with rain water protruding through the metal. Anyway I hear lots of footsteps running and pounding on the stairs above and wait there until about 15 youths appear on our level, they are all dressed in tracksuit bottoms and baseball caps etc like chavs. They start mouthing and messing about and at first I just appease them and respond normally, but then things take a turn for the worse and they start attacking me, verbally at first, and then I realise my little girl is behind me, I push her back into the apartment and close the door so she cant get out meanwhile the youths are coming at me and it is obvious what they are going to do. Then as things are getting more dangerous my landlord (who is dev outta coronation street lol) arrives with the police to save me, and he apologises for putting me in that position as he knew that those people lived near his apartment in the city centre!!! Then people are all asking me how I survived and how I handled the situation etc, my daughter and I were both fine and I woke up!!! Can u even attempt to decipher any of that lol, sorry it’s so long!! Thanks, I think i’m going insane :-D

Administrator answers:

No your not insane. We fight in the spirit realm. To me it looks like you were interceding for your little girl. You were standing in the gap for her. Guard her mind by showing and instilling the good things in life. Keep her from watching bad tv, movies etc. And pray for her. Seek the Lord. God bless you.

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