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July 1, 2013

Mandy asks…

Which is the best ISP and package to use in Australia for moderate internet usage?

I use the internet for browsing and searching the web, email, watching videos, downloading movies and music etc. I am looking for:
- fast connection
- wireless
- higher end of medium data limit
- no contract or decent contract if I must have one
- happy to bundle phone into it (not a big user of the phone tho)

I rent in a suburb in Sydney that is covered by all the major ISPs and I have broadband and cable connection available in my apartment.
If you have personal experience I would be very interested.

Administrator answers:


This site will give you a list of all available ISP’s in your area code, and the fact that you are closer to a city, you’ll have a huge amount of choices. Whirlpool is especially for broadband users, and gives loads of information about all sorts :)

Laura asks…

Apartment for rent in Australia?

I need a lead on apartments for rent in New South Wales, Australia. I’m also open to the idea of anywhere else in Australia, as long as I can afford it. I know that Sydney is probably too expensive for me. Melbourne maybe? I need a 1-bedroom, in the city, for around 800 USD per month. Could anybody provide me with any inside leads? I’ve been searching online, but the information is just too focused on expats, and so are the overly-inflated prices! I want some local knowledge on the matter, if you could please help, I would be so grateful, any ideas and leads would be most appreciated, thank you.
I know that Melbourne is in NSW, that’s why I said “I’m also open to the idea of anywhere else in Australia” kindly understand what you read more properly, before answering thinking that you are a smart ass. :)

Administrator answers:

Melbourne is not in NSW – it is in VIC.

USD800 per month is roughly AUD200 per week. If you don’t mind to share with others, you should be able to get a bedroom in Sydney city – but don’t expect too much.

Go to, you can search across all states in Australia

You should be able to find something. Good luck.

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